13 Varieties of Garlic to Plant This Fall

Garlic is a staple in my kitchen and plenty of others, tossed into virtually any dish I can squeeze it into (besides maybe desserts). The style of recent garlic is a must have and much superior to store-bought pastes. However you may get much more taste from this important ingredient when harvesting straight out of your backyard. Fall is the perfect time to plant garlic; many scrumptious varieties await!

Rising your personal garlic opens a world of potentialities for colour, dimension, and taste. You may tailor your selection of selection to your backyard atmosphere and particular tastes however be warned – when you develop your personal, grocery retailer garlic received’t ever match up.

There are a lot of scrumptious fall garlic varieties to select from. Or, in case you have the house and a garlic obsession, you may at all times attempt rising all of them.

Hardneck vs Softneck: What’s The Distinction?

When looking for garlic varieties, you’ll discover choices labeled both hardneck or softneck. These distinctions should not simply visually descriptive – explaining the distinction in progress behavior of the central stalk or neck – however in addition they affect rising zones, shelf life, and (most significantly for enthusiastic dwelling cooks) taste.

Hardneck garlic is the hardier of the 2, appropriate for rising in cooler climates. They develop finest in USDA Zones 4-8, needing round six weeks of temperatures under 45F to create full bulbs. You may develop hardneck garlic in barely hotter zones in case your winter temperatures drop low sufficient or with the assistance of synthetic vernalization over winter.

Evident within the title, hardneck garlic has a stiff central stalk that extends into the bulb. Flowering stalks (referred to as scapes) pop up in spring, supplying you with somewhat style of the garlic bulbs that may are available summer season. One of many nice advantages of hardneck garlic varieties is their complicated taste, mixed with bigger cloves that offer you extra to work with within the kitchen.

You’ll in all probability acknowledge softneck garlic, the sort most frequently offered in grocery shops for its lengthy shelf life. As they don’t want temperatures to drop too low for bulbs to type, these varieties are finest for gentle to heat climates. USDA Zones 6-10 are splendid, however softneck garlic can develop virtually wherever (bar the coldest areas).

13 Varieties Of Garlic To Plant In Fall

Particular flavors, from gentle to scorching, largely come all the way down to selection. When you’ve chosen one of the best kind on your zone and storage wants, you should definitely select a range with a taste you’ll get pleasure from. That’s the bonus of rising your personal, in spite of everything.


Usually mistaken for garlic, this selection is extra intently associated to leeks however widely known and grown.

Most likely probably the most well-known and generally grown garlic selection, Elephant garlic is, funnily sufficient, not technically garlic in any respect. This species (Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum versus Allium sativum) is extra intently associated to leeks however is commonly grouped with garlic for its related form and makes use of.

This plant’s foremost attraction is the bulbs’ dimension, from which they take their title. The flavour is splendidly gentle and much like leeks, appropriate to be used in a wide range of dishes. The bulbs, made up of 1-6 huge cloves, are additionally splendid candidates for roasting.


A close-up of many Music garlic bulbs in a large wicker basket. The Musical garlic bulb is comprised of multiple cloves, typically ranging from 4 to 6 cloves, arranged in layers within the bulb. These cloves have a classic creamy-white appearance and are enclosed by a papery skin.
‘Music’ garlic, a big Canadian selection, is thought for its large bulbs, candy but peppery taste, chilly resistance, and excessive yield.

One other huge fall garlic selection (that’s truly garlic) is ‘Music.’ This distinctive title stems from Canadian garlic grower Al Music, who introduced the range dwelling from Italy within the Eighties, explaining why it is likely one of the most generally grown varieties in Canada as we speak.

This hardneck garlic develops large bulbs with 4-6 cloves and a candy, peppery style that turns into even sweeter when roasted. These in chilly climates will recognize ‘Music’s’ spectacular chilly tolerance and its excessive yield.

Silver White

Close-up of two Silver White garlic bulbs on a burlap surface. The Silver White garlic bulb is composed of multiple cloves, typically ranging from 8 to 12 cloves, arranged in layers within the bulb. These cloves are encased in a papery skin and have a classic creamy-white appearance.
‘Silver White,’ a gentle and versatile softneck garlic, enhances dishes with its traditional taste.

Traditional in each look and taste, ‘Silver White‘ is a flexible garlic that tastes nice baked, roasted, and even eaten recent. The style is gentle, by no means overwhelming the senses, however nonetheless including that important garlicky punch we’re all after.

As a softneck garlic, ‘Silver White’ lasts as much as a 12 months in storage, with flavors intensifying because the months go by. The malleable stems are additionally nice for braiding, serving to to increase their shelf life.

‘Silver White’ has been stabilized as a softneck selection for near 100 years, but when it experiences colder circumstances than it has change into tailored to, it will possibly typically revert and act as a hardneck, full with producing a scape. This makes this selection a good selection regardless of the place within the US you’re!

German White Stiffneck

Close-up of two German White Stiffneck garlic bulbs with a few cloves in front, against a white background. A German White Stiffneck garlic bulb is made up of several cloves, usually 4 to 6 cloves, arranged in layers. The bulb itself has a rounded shape, reminiscent of a traditional garlic bulb. The cloves are covered with a pinkish-cream papery husk.
The hardneck garlic ‘German White Stiffneck’ options putting white bulbs with crimson wrappers.

‘German White Stiffneck‘ is a hardneck garlic selection that originates from – you guessed it – Germany. The bulbs emerge a brilliant white, encasing cloves lined in brilliant crimson wrappers that create a beautiful distinction.

Whereas hardnecks usually choose the chilly, ‘German White Stiffneck’ particularly appreciates chilly winters to assist the plant produce its giant bulbs. The flavour is described as sturdy however not scorching, splendid for avid garlic lovers.

Chesnok Crimson

Close-up of a bulb of Chesnok Red garlic on a wooden table next to the cloves. The Chesnok Red garlic bulb is made up of multiple cloves, typically ranging from 8 to 12 cloves, arranged in layers within the bulb. These cloves are covered by a pinkish papery skin and exhibit a classic creamy-white appearance.
Plant the Russian ‘Chesnok Crimson’ garlic for vibrant colour and wealthy taste, a hardneck kind fitted to cooler climates.

If colour is what you’re after, you may’t go flawed planting ‘Chesnok Crimson.’ This selection hails from Russia (Chesnok is Russian for garlic) and options deep purple stripes on the bulbs and particular person cloves, shortly standing out subsequent to different varieties.

In a position to stand up to chill nicely, ‘Chesnok Crimson’ is a hardneck garlic splendid for gentle to chilly areas. Roasting or baking is really useful to deliver out the refined sweetness of the remarkably flavorful cloves.

Creole Crimson

Close-up of a Creole Red garlic bulb on a white background. The bulb consists of several cloves, usually 8 to 12 cloves, arranged in layers within the bulb. Each clove is encased in a pinkish papery skin, contributing to the overall presentation of the bulb.
‘Creole Crimson’ is a heat-tolerant hardneck garlic with crimson clove wrappers that thrives in gentle winters.

Whereas ‘German White Stiffneck’ and ‘Chesnok Crimson’ develop higher in cool zones, Creole Crimson is a hardneck selection that doesn’t thoughts some warmth. This garlic actually shines in areas with gentle winters, however these in hotter zones who need to attempt rising hardnecks ought to undoubtedly give ‘Creole Crimson’ a attempt.

The ‘crimson’ within the title comes from the clove wrappers, shining a deep purple-red by way of the crisp white outer peel. Lasting a powerful 10-12 months in storage, this selection is appropriate for braiding with out scapes, permitting you to benefit from the recent shallot-like taste for months on finish.

Inchelium Crimson

Close-up of two Inchelium Red garlic bulbs on a wooden surface. The Inchelium Red garlic bulb is made up of multiple cloves, typically ranging from 10 to 20 cloves, arranged in layers within the bulb. These cloves are encased in a thin papery skin and have a classic creamy-white appearance.
Crimson is a top-quality softneck garlic with sizable, flavorful cloves that take longer to treatment.

Whereas its unique origin is unknown, ‘Inchelium Crimson‘ is called after Inchelium, Washington, and the Colville Native American Reservation the place it was found. This softneck garlic is taken into account by many to be superior in dimension and taste, producing 8-20 giant cloves with a powerful garlic style.

Keep watch over the bulbs when storing. They’ll take barely longer to treatment because of their bigger dimension, however the growth in taste is nicely well worth the wait.

Spanish Roja

Close-up of a Spanish Roja garlic bulb with one clove on a white background. These cloves are encased in wrappers that exhibit a distinctive pinkish-red coloration, creating a visually striking appearance. The cloves of Spanish Roja garlic are known for their robust flavor.
‘Spanish Roja’ is a cold-loving hardneck garlic with visually interesting cloves that delivers a flavorful, mildly spicy style.

One of the stunning garlic varieties in the marketplace, ‘Spanish Roja‘ develops lovable white bulbs with purple stripes, opening to disclose warm-toned yellow cloves dotted with purple. Regardless of this heat colour, ‘Spanish Roja’ is a hardneck garlic that develops one of the best bulbs in chilly areas.

Believed to be launched to Oregon way back to the 19th century, ‘Spanish Roja’ is a longtime heirloom that lasts 4-6 months in storage. The straightforward-to-peel cloves pack a punch in taste, good for individuals who like somewhat warmth.

Romanian Crimson

Close-up of six bulbs of Romanian Red garlic on a white background. The Romanian Red garlic bulb is comprised of several cloves, typically ranging from 8 to 12 cloves, arranged in layers within the bulb. The cloves are purplish pink in paper wrappers.
This sort, prized for its sturdy taste, provides warmth that enhances sauces and cooked dishes.

‘Romanian Crimson‘ is one other garlic sought-after for its spectacular taste. It is likely one of the hotter choices on this listing, with a long-lasting taste that works nicely in sauces. For those who’re feeling courageous, you may attempt recent cloves, that are most appreciated for his or her depth and hearth in cooked dishes.

‘Romanian Crimson’ bulbs are giant, with round 5 cloves per bulb. Fortunately, you don’t want to make use of a lot within the kitchen to take advantage of its pungent taste.

Sicilian Artichoke

Close-up of a Sicilian Artichoke garlic bulb on a white background. The Sicilian Artichoke garlic bulb is made up of numerous cloves, ranging usually from 12 to 16 cloves, arranged in multiple layers. These cloves are enclosed within a papery outer peel, with each clove having a smooth, creamy-white appearance. The bulb itself has a classic rounded shape, reminiscent of the traditional garlic bulb, with a slightly flattened base and a tapering top at the point where the stem emerges.
‘Sicilian Artichoke,’ a balanced softneck garlic, provides a gentle but subtly spicy taste appropriate for varied dishes.

These in search of somewhat extra steadiness in taste will recognize ‘Sicilian Artichoke.’ This softneck selection has a refined spiciness however is mostly gentle, good for a spread of cooking situations. It has the steadiness in its taste of storebought garlic, heightened by its complexity and longevity.

‘Sicilian Artichoke’ produces white bulbs that may develop tinges of purple, relying on the local weather they’re planted in. Braid the stems for storage to maintain your harvest for as much as 8 months lengthy.

Montana Zemo

Close-up of four Montana Zemo garlic bulbs on a white background. A Montana Zemo garlic bulb consists of a bunch of cloves, usually 4 to 7 cloves arranged in a circle. These cloves are relatively large, covered with pinkish-white husks.
‘Montana Zemo,’ named after its origin, thrives in chilly climates, producing sizable bulbs with 4-7 flavorful cloves.

Developed on the base of the Mission Mountains in Northwestern Montana, it’s straightforward to see the place this hardneck selection will get its title. This origin additionally offers ‘Montana Zemo‘ an affinity for chilly climates, creating probably the most strong bulbs in decrease USDA Zones.

The ‘Montana Zemo’ bulbs are giant, with 4-7 cloves filled with taste. Though the flavour is powerful, there may be little aftertaste or warmth when eaten recent. As soon as cooked, the cloves tackle a refined sweetness and change into a lot richer.

Ajo Rojo

Close-up of two Ajo Rojo garlic bulbs with three cloves, in front of a white background. The Ajo Rojo garlic bulb is made up of several cloves arranged in layers. These cloves have a bright white outer skin that reveals pinkish-red clove wraps. Each clove has a bright appearance due to the pinkish-red coloration of its wrappers.
‘Ajo Rojo,’ a hardneck selection, showcases vibrant colour with crimson clove wrappers.

Shade is the star of the present when rising ‘Ajo Rojo.’ The title interprets from Spanish to ‘crimson garlic,’ describing the pinkish-red clove wrappers beneath a brilliant white outer peel. Whereas the cloves are scorching when eaten uncooked, the flavour turns into rather more refined and even creamy after cooking.

‘Ajo Rojo’ is a hardneck appropriate for rising in hotter areas. It received’t develop a scape when temperatures are greater, permitting you to braid the stems to retailer for nearly a whole 12 months.

Nootka Rose

Close-up of two Nootka Rose garlic bulbs on a wooden surface. A Nootka Rose garlic bulb consists of several cloves, usually 8 to 20 cloves, arranged in overlapping layers. These cloves have a unique appearance, featuring pinkish-red stripes on their outer wrappers. The bulb itself has a distinctive shape, similar to that of a traditional garlic bulb, with a slightly flattened base and tapering towards the top.
This versatile softneck heirloom thrives in varied climates and types as much as 20 striped pinkish-red cloves.

‘Nootka Rose‘ is a softneck heirloom from the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. It is likely one of the most adaptable garlic varieties you may develop, dealing with a spread of climates nicely and never encountering many issues.  

The bulbs are shaped by as much as 20 cloves in overlapping layers, striped with a pinkish crimson. The gentle stems may be braided to retailer for a powerful 12 months.

Planting Garlic

Close-up of a gardener's hand planting garlic cloves into the soil in a garden. Garlic cloves are the individual segments that make up the garlic bulb. The clove is covered with a thin papery brownish-pinkish skin.
Select and plant varieties within the fall with correct spacing for profitable garlic planting.

Regardless of which garlic selection (or maybe varieties) you select, you ought to be able to plant them out straight in fall. For these in heat climates trying synthetic vernalization for hardnecks, refrigerate for not less than two weeks earlier than planting out to encourage the bulbs to develop.

Don’t wait too lengthy to get the cloves within the floor! The roots want time to ascertain earlier than temperatures drop too low. Purpose to plant round 4-6 weeks earlier than the primary laborious freeze in cooler climates.

Area every clove round 6-8 inches aside, with row spacing relying on the scale of the range you’ve chosen. Make sure the pointed facet is going through up, burying the clove round 4 inches deep. To keep away from freezing the bulbs, cowl them with a layer of natural mulch.

The bulbs might be prepared to reap round 7-9 months after planting, relying in your local weather and which sort you’re rising. Harvest when the tops change colour or fall over, putting the plant in a heat and ethereal location to dry.

Last Ideas

Whether or not you’re an avid garlic lover that appreciates intense taste otherwise you choose milder and extra refined garlic scents, there are a lot of choices to discover. The season could also be lengthy, however the enhance in taste and the joy of rising these bulbs make the method all of the extra worthwhile.

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