2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One – Sfr-Fresh


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are upon us! There may be nothing extra entertaining than playoff hockey and this primary spherical has some very fascinating matchups. I believe the East has better potential for upsets with extra full groups all through. The West although may get fascinating with some skids and streaky groups having entered the playoffs this season.

Minnesota Wild (2) VS St. Louis Blues (3)

Head to Head: Blues: 3-0-0, Wild 0-1-2

Wild: 305 Targets(fifth), 249 GA (sixteenth), 3.7 G/GP(fifth), 2.99 GAA(thirteenth), 2,666 Photographs(eleventh), 11.4 Shot%(2nd), 2577 SA(fifteenth), .903 SV%(seventeenth), 882 PIM(thirtieth), 53 PPG(twelfth), 20.5 PP%(18th), 76.1 PK%(twenty fifth), 2 SHG (thirtieth), 1,846 Hits(18th), 1,115 BLK(fifteenth),47.6 FO%(twenty seventh).

Blues: 309 Targets(third), 239 GA(eleventh), 3.77 G/GP(third), 2.89 GAA(eleventh), 2,492 Photographs(18th), 12.4 Shot% (1st), 2,591 SA(sixteenth), .908 SV%(eighth), 611 PIM(third), 65 PPG(2nd), 27 PP%(2nd), 84.1 PK%(fifth), 9 SHG(sixth), 1,656 Hits(twenty eighth), 1,004 BLKs(twenty sixth), 50.2 FO%(14th).

This could be probably the most even matchup within the first spherical. The Blues and Wild are neck in neck in virtually each class aside from Particular groups and FO%. The Blues had been prime half in FO% whereas the Wild ranked within the backside six. The Blues had been the one crew within the NHL to be ranked within the prime 5 on each the Energy play and penalty kill which needs to be scary for a Wild crew that gathered the third most penalty minutes. Each groups ranked in the course of the league in shot makes an attempt however had been ranked 1 and a couple of in shot share because of their prime quality pictures from the slot. The wild had six guys with 20+ targets and 9 gamers having 10 or extra whereas the Blues lead the league with 9 20+ purpose scorers and 10 with 15 or extra. The wild have Talbot and Fleury in internet will the Blues have Husso and Binnington. Each Wild goalies have been lights out whereas Binnington has struggled mightily this season. Anticipate Husso vs. Talbot to be the principle goalie matchup.

Verdict: These groups are extraordinarily comparable however the wild’s greatest weak point is their lack of self-discipline and horrible particular groups play whereas the Blues Power occurs to be their self-discipline and robust particular groups play. Blues in 5.

Edmonton Oilers (2) VS Los Angeles Kings (3)

Head to Head: Oilers: 3-1-0 Kings: 1-2-1

Oilers: 285 Targets(seventh), 251 GA(seventeenth), 3.48 G/GP(seventh), 3.02 GAA(nineteenth), 2,7090 Photographs(tenth), 10.2 S%(eleventh), 2,647 SA(twenty first), .905 SV%(thirteenth), 666 PIM(tenth), 61 PPG(sixth), 26 PP%(third), 79.4 PK%(seventeenth), 11 SHG(T3rd), 1,853 Hits(fifteenth), 1,018 BLKs(twenty fifth), 51.3 FO%(eighth).

Kings: 235 Targets(twentieth), 232 GA(ninth), 2.87 G/GP(twentieth), 2.79 GAA(eighth), 2,865 Photographs(fifth), 8.2 S%(thirty second), 2,341 SA(2nd), .901 SV%(nineteenth), 635 PIM(sixth), 40 PPG(twenty fourth), 16.1 PP%(twenty seventh), 76.5 PK%(twenty second), 11 SHG(T3rd), 1,667 Hits(twenty seventh), 1,667 BLKs(seventeenth), 52.2 FO%(fifth). 

The Oilers are a much better crew in each offensive class however the Kings’ measurement and protection may very well be hassle. The Oilers have a stable prime two strains, behind that may be a huge query mark. The Kings don’t have any standout strains however none which are worse than the others both. The entire stats level to Edmonton to win however they playoffs aren’t their associates.

Verdict: Oilers win in 6

Colorado Avalanche (1) VS Nashville Predators (WC2)

Head to Head: Avalanche: 1-1-2 Predators: 2-1-1

Avalanche: 308 targets (4th), 232 GA(tenth), 3.76 G/GP(4th), 2.80 GAA(tenth), 2,872 Photographs(4th), 10.7 S%(T6th), 2,625 SA(nineteenth), .912 SV%(seventh), 742 PIM twenty first), 67 PPG(1st), 79.7 PK%(fifteenth), 6 SHG(sixteenth), 1,764 Hits(twenty third), 1,764 BLKs(twentieth), 47.3 FO%(twenty eighth). 

Predators: 262 Targets(thirteenth), 250 GA(sixteenth), 3.20 G/GP(thirteenth), 3.01 GAA(seventeenth), 2,439 Photographs(twenty fourth), 10.7 S%(T6th), 2,646 SA(twentieth), .906 SV%(twelfth), 1,035 PIM(thirty second), 63 PPG(T4th), 24.4 PP%(T5th), 79.2 PK%(18th), 2 SHG(T30th), 2,470 Hits(1st), 2,470 BLKs(eleventh), 51.2 FO%(tenth). 

If Saros wasn’t damage, I’d be predicting a primary spherical upset over the Stanley cup favourite. The Predators are removed from disciplined as they lead the league in PIM and their PK doesn’t assist repair that subject. The Avalanche’s offense is excessive powered and dynamic however Nashville has the scale to maintain them in line. 

Verdict: If the predators can steal a recreation and have Saros come again for recreation 3, in poor health take Nashville in 7. If not I’ll take the Avalanche in 6. Both approach, Colorado goes to be banged up by the top of it.

Calgary Flames (1) VS Dallas Stars (WC1)

Head to Head: Flames: 2-1-0 Stars: 1-2-0

Flames: 291 Targets(sixth), 206 GA(third), 3.55 G/GP(sixth), 2.49 GAA(third), 2,908 Photographs(third), 10 S%(twelfth), 2,374 SA(fifth), .913 SV%(T3rd), 744 PIM(twenty second), 54 PPG(T9th), 22.9 PP%(tenth), 83.2 PK%(sixth), 7 SHG(T12th), 1,836 Hits(twentieth), 956 BLKs(thirtieth), 51.1 FO%(eleventh).

Stars: 233 Targets(twenty first), 244 GA(14th), 2.80 G/GP(twenty first), 2.93 GAA(14th), 2,486 Photographs(nineteenth), 9.4 S%(T19th), 2,545 SA(thirteenth), .904 SV%(T14th), 551 PIM(1st), 54 PPG(T9th), 22.5 PP%(eleventh), 79 PK%(nineteenth), 7 SHG(T12th), 1,850 Hits(sixteenth), 1,170 BLKs(ninth), 54.8 FO%(2nd). 

The Flames are far and away a greater crew and this needs to be a positive win for them. The Flames have too good of an offense for the celebs to maintain up with particularly because the Stars’ chemistry has been on and off. The celebs stellar FO potential may make it fascinating although in the event that they flip in FO wins within the offensive zone

Verdict: Flames in 5.

Carolina Hurricanes (1) VS Boston Bruins (WC1)

Head to Head: Hurricanes: 3-0-0 Bruins: 0-3-0

Hurricanes: 277 Targets(ninth), 200 GA(1st), 3.38 G/GP(ninth), 2.41 GAA(1st), 2,798 Photographs(ninth), 9.9 S%(thirteenth), 2,310 SA(1st), .913 SV%(T3rd), 758 PIM(twenty third), 51 PPG(thirteenth), 22 PP%(thirteenth), 88 PK%(1st), 4 SHG(twenty fifth), 1,804 Hits(twenty first), 858 BLKs(thirty second), 53.9 FO%(4th).

Bruins: 253 Targets(fifteenth), 218 GA(4th), 3.09 G/GP(fifteenth), 2.64 GAA(4th), 2,962 Photographs(2nd), 8.5 S%(thirtieth), 2,356 SA(third), .908 SV%(T9th), 809 PIM(twenty fifth), 50 PPG(T14th), 21.2 PP%(fifteenth), 81.3 PK%(ninth), 5 SHG(twenty second), 2,205 Hits(third), 1,017 BLKs(twenty sixth), 54.2 FO%(third.

This Sequence has recreation 7 and a possible upset written throughout it. You may have a excessive powered, speedy crew in Carolina going up in opposition to a bruising crew from Boston. Neither crew will thrive taking part in the opposite’s recreation so that is going to come back right down to who is ready to power their type of recreation to be performed. The largest be aware although is Anderson is out for the Hurricanes leaving the door extensive open for the Bruins. 

Verdict: When doubtful all else fails, go together with the higher particular groups play. Carolina had one of the best PK within the NHL and it ought to make its presence recognized right here. If Anderson comes again, Carolina in 7.

Toronto Maple Leafs (2) VS Tampa Bay Lightning (3)

Head to Head: Leafs: 2-2-0 Lightning: 2-1-1

Maple Leafs: 312 Targets(2nd), 252 GA(18th), 3.80 G/GP(2nd), 3.04 GAA(twentieth), 2,835 pictures(seventh), 11 S%(T4th), 2,511 SA(ninth), .900 SV(twenty first), 702 PIM(fifteenth), 63 PPG(T4th), 27.3 PP%(1st), 82.1 PK%(eighth), 13 SHG(1st), 1,746 Hits(twenty fourth), 972 BLKs(twenty ninth), 55.1 FO%(1st).

Lightning: 285 Targets(eighth), 228 GA(sixth), 3.48 G/GP(eighth), 2.74 GAA(sixth), 2,535 Photographs(seventeenth), 11.2 S%(third), 2,441 SA(seventh), .907 SV%(T9th), 901 PIM(thirty first), 62 PPG(fifth), 23.9 PP%(seventh), 80.6 PK%(eleventh), 7 SHG(T12th), 2,125 Hits(4th), 1,044 BLKs(twenty second), 50.1 FO%(fifteenth). 

The Lightning try to three-peat whereas the Leafs are hoping their offense could make up for they lack of goalie play. The Leafs have one of the best FO% within the NHL and if they will flip offensive zone FO into targets, they will steal this sequence.

Verdict: The Pat Maroon (3 straight cups) impact will carry over for at the very least yet one more sequence, Tampa in 6.

New York Rangers (2) VS Pittsburg Penguins (3)

Head to Head: Rangers: 3-1-0 Penguins: 1-3-0

Rangers: 250 Targets(seventeenth), 204 GA(2nd), 3.05 G/GP(seventeenth), 2.46 GAA(2nd), 2,392 Photographs(twenty eighth), 10.5 S%(T8th), 2,528 SA(eleventh), .919 SV%(1st), 675 PIM(thirteenth), 55 PPG(eighth), 25.2 PP%(4th), 82.3 PK%(seventh), 8 SHG(T9th), 2,094 Hits(fifth), 1,167 BLKs(tenth), 48.1 FO%(twenty fourth).

Penguins: 269 Targets(eleventh), 222 GA(fifth), 3.28 G/GP(eleventh), 2.67 GAA(fifth), 2,849 Photographs(sixth), 9.4 S%(T19th), 2,576 SA(14th), .914 SV%(2nd), 566 PIM(2nd), 50 PPG(T14th), 20.2 PPpercent19th), 84.4 PK%(third), 3 SHG(twenty eighth), 2,010 Hits(tenth), 1,094 BLKs(sixteenth), 51.1 FO%(twelfth).

This sequence would’ve been some of the intriguing ones a month in the past however the Penguins appear to have forgotten play hockey whereas New York has remained probably the most underrated crew all season lengthy. The Rangers have a mixture of grit and offense that the Penguins gained’t be capable of management. The Penguins Pk may try to regulate the Rangers Powerplay however even that gained’t be sufficient.

Verdict: Rangers in 5.

Florida Panthers (1) VS Washington Capitals (WC2)

Head to Head: Panthers: 2-1-0 Capitals:1-2-0

Panthers: 337 Targets(1st), 242 GA(T12th), 4.11 G/GP(1st), 2.91 GAA(T12th), 3,062 Photographs(1st), 11 S%(T4th), 2,515 SA(tenth), .904 SV%(T14th), 832 PIM(twenty seventh), 64 PPG(third), 24.4 PP%(T5th), 79.5 

PK%(sixteenth), 12 SHG(2nd), 2,050 Hits(seventh), 995 BLKs(thirty eighth), 48.2 FO%(twenty third).

Capitals: 270 Targets(tenth), 242 GA(T12th), 3.29 G/GP(tenth), 2.91 GAA(T12th), 2,577 Photographs(14th), 10.5 S%(T8th), 2,378 SA(sixth), .898 SV% twenty third), 631 PIM(fifth), 48 PPG(sixteenth), 18.8 PP%(twenty third), 80.4 PK%(twelfth), 8 SHG(T9th), 2,068 Hits(sixth), 1,150 BLKs(twelfth), 47.1 FO%(thirtieth).

This sequence may very well be fascinating however I believe not. The Panthers have been lights out all season lengthy they usually they determined so as to add Claude Giroux they usually solely made them deeper. Their greatest subject is their FO% however the Capitals are even worse. Panthers ought to management this sequence and I wouldn’t be stunned to see a sweep.

Verdict: Panthers in 4.

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