27 Beautiful Plants For Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are the proper addition to any backyard. It doesn’t matter you probably have full solar or shade; there are nice plant decisions for each location. You’ll be able to cling your baskets exterior your entrance door, beneath a coated porch, or off of a fence put up. The choices are limitless.

So what’s the downside with hanging baskets? First, shopping for them totally grown from a backyard middle could be costly. A number of work, preparation, and supplies go into creating these stunning hangers. However it’s simply as simple to plant your personal hanging baskets at residence.

Listed below are 27 stunning vegetation so that you can think about planting in your hanging baskets this rising season! We’ve categorized these as thrillers, spillers, or fillers, so you know the way greatest they’re utilized in your panorama.

Full Solar Loving Crops


This can be a low-maintenance plant with lance-shaped leaves that blooms in numerous shades.
  • Use: Thriller
  • Plant Measurement: 1-2 ft tall, 1- 1 ½ ft extensive
  • Colour: Purple, White, Pink

Angelonia, often known as Angelface,  is a foolproof backyard magnificence. The flowers bloom on tall spiked stems. The leaves are lance-shaped and keep near the soil line. These fairly flowers bloom in shades of purple, blue, white, and pink.

This can be a taller plant for a dangling basket, however it will likely be beautiful if you happen to plant it by itself with a spiller. There isn’t a deadheading required for this plant. It solely requires gentle fertilization all through the season and is a good candidate for the occasional foliar feed.

Dwarf Morning Glory

Close-up of a Dwarf Morning Glory flowering plant. The plant has a dense and undersized shape. It has small lanceolate leaves, green in color, which are arranged alternately along the stems and create dense foliage. Dwarf Morning Glory produces delicate and attractive flowers that are the highlight of the plant. The flowers are bright blue and tubular with a contrasting white centre.
This plant gives true blue flowers with dense, silvery inexperienced foliage.
  • Use: Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 4-8 inches tall, trails as much as 16 inches
  • Colour: Blue

Dwarf morning glory, with the favored selection ‘Blue My Thoughts,’ affords gardeners the truest blue flowers round. The foliage is dense and silvery inexperienced, whereas the flowers resemble star-shaped petunias. The blue flowers pair properly with nearly any coloration mixture you throw its manner, from lime inexperienced, orange, or yellow to purple or pink.

These annuals do want constant moisture, however they love the warmth. As soon as established, they’re drought-tolerant however will develop greatest with constant moisture.

Establishing these vegetation may take just a few weeks of constant watering. Dwarf morning glory doesn’t require deadheading and can bloom all summer time lengthy.

Fan Flower

Close-up of a flowering Fan Flower plant in a large decorative pot outdoors. This is a hanging, spreading plant with thick, juicy leaves of an elongated shape, dark green in color. The flowers are five-petalled and fan-shaped, hence the common name of the plant. They are bright purple. The flowers are held on one side of the stem, creating a cascading effect.
This can be a versatile plant appropriate for flower beds and hanging baskets.
  • Use: Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 8-14 inches tall, trails as much as 2 ft
  • Colour: White, Pink, Blue

Fan flower, often known as Scaevola, is a good plant so as to add to your flower beds and your hanging baskets. Coming in stunning shades of blue, pink, and white, fan flowers could be planted on their very own in a dangling basket or as a spilling accent.

Fan flower is low upkeep and requires no deadheading to proceed blooming all summer time. This annual can also be warmth and drought-tolerant, making it a terrific alternative for hotter climates.


Close-up of a flowering lantana plant in a plastic hanging pot on the porch. The plant itself is a shrub or herbaceous perennial with a spreading growth habit. The leaves of lantana are ovate or lanceolate and are arranged oppositely along the stems. The leaves are medium to dark green in color and have a slightly rough texture and serrated edges. Lantana produces profuse and colorful flowers that form in tight clusters known as umbels. The flowers are small, tubular, with four or five fused petals. Flowers are pink, pale pink and yellow.
This is a perfect plant for full-sun hanging baskets, providing a variety of colours.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: As much as 2 ft excessive, Trails to three ft
  • Colour: Pink, Purple, Yellow, White, Orange, and Multi-colored

Lantana is the proper plant on your full-sun hanging baskets. With so many colours to select from, lantana matches in simply with most backyard kinds.

This plant is barely fragrant. The flowers bloom in clusters of small flowers. Whereas the expansion behavior of lantana is upright, it would creep a bit and can be utilized as a filler or a spiller if you do not need an excessive amount of size.

Be ready to deadhead your lantana if you wish to see continued blooming. Except for that, lantana may be very low upkeep. This plant is drought and warmth tolerant and might thrive by the hardest of summers.


Close-up of a Love-Lies-Bleeding plant in the garden. The plant is an annual herbaceous plant with vertical growth. Love-Lies-Bleeding is known for its long, drooping buds that dangle from the stems like dangling tassels or ropes. These flowers are a bright burgundy-purple hue. The leaves are large, oval, dark green, with pointed tips.
This plant excels in hanging baskets with heart-shaped leaves and trailing “tassel flowers”.
  • Use: Thriller, Filler, Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 2-5 ft tall, 1-2 ft extensive
  • Colour: Pink, Pink, Inexperienced

Love-lies-bleeding is a wide range of amaranth that’s beautiful within the panorama however much more so when planted in hanging baskets. The center-shaped leaves are a light-weight shade of inexperienced, whereas the “tassel flowers” could be in shades of purple, pink, or inexperienced. These distinctive flowers will drip and path over the sting of your hanging basket.

This plant could be grown from seed, or starter vegetation can be found at most nurseries. Love-lies-bleeding is drought tolerant however will develop greatest with common watering in addition to fertilizing.

Except for that, love-lies-bleeding doesn’t require a lot upkeep and can stay stunning properly into the autumn.

Moss Rose

The plant forms low, spreading mounds of succulent foliage. The leaves are cylindrical, fleshy, and come in a variety of bright colors, including green, red, and variegated forms. The leaves are clustered along the stems and provide an attractive backdrop for the flowers. The flowers are cupped and have a silky texture reminiscent of delicate rose petals, doubled in various shades of purple, red and white.
This can be a robust and exquisite plant with succulent foliage and vibrant flowers.
  • Use: Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 6-8 inches tall, 1- 1 ½ ft extensive
  • Colour: Pink, Yellow, Peach, Pink

Moss rose, often known as portulaca, is an especially robust and exquisite plant. The foliage of this plant is succulent, whereas the brightly coloured flowers are the star of the present. These flowers will open throughout the day and shut at evening.

Moss rose may be very tolerant of poor soils in addition to drought. The moss rose will carry out at its greatest with constant moisture, so don’t skip watering fully. They don’t actually like fertilizer and don’t want deadheading to rebloom all season lengthy.

Decorative Oregano

Close-up of Ornamental Oregano in the garden. Origanum rotundifolium is a versatile herbaceous perennial with round, grey-green leaves with a slightly hairy texture. The ornamental oregano produces clusters of small tubular flowers that are held above the foliage on tall stems. Flowers are pale lilac
The sort of oregano is a phenomenal perennial herb with purplish pink flowers and mushy inexperienced foliage.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 8-10 inches tall, 1-2 ft extensive
  • Colour: Inexperienced, Pink

Decorative oregano is a perennial herb that’s surprisingly stunning. This plant produces discreet purplish pink flowers, and its foliage is a mushy inexperienced with hints of pink. Don’t be fooled. The sort of oregano is strictly decorative and isn’t for culinary functions. You’ll nonetheless get hints of the standard oregano aroma, although.

Decorative oregano grows greatest in sunny areas and is comparatively drought-tolerant. Do your greatest to maintain the soil moist, nevertheless. If you’re rising this plant as a perennial, in the reduction of stems within the spring to encourage new progress.


Close-up of flowering petunias in a large hanging pot in the garden. Petunias are popular annual flowers. The plant has elongated oval-shaped leaves, green. The leaves are smooth and somewhat fleshy, creating a lush backdrop for the flowers. Petunias produce a variety of tubular bicolor flowers in soft pink with a deep pink center surrounding a yellow throat.
Petunias are the last word alternative for hanging baskets, requiring solar and deadheading.
  • Use: Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 6 inches to 1 foot tall,
  • Colour: Pink. Pink, Purple, Yellow, White, Orange

The petunia is the G.O.A.T. of the hanging basket. When you’ve got the solar and the persistence to deadhead, you don’t have to plant the rest in your hangers. The petunias will do all of it. Discrete inexperienced leaves and stems help the multitude of trumpet-shaped blossoms that the petunia plant will produce.

Petunias must be fertilized commonly to supply the specified quantity of blossoms. You will get forward of this by including some slow-release fertilizer to your hanging basket on the time of planting. However if you happen to foliar feed your vegetation commonly anyway, simply hit them with the hose.

Some forms of petunias, equivalent to supertunias, don’t must be deadheaded. Should you should not have certainly one of these varieties, you will have to remain on high of your deadheading or your plant will cease producing flowers. If the plant will get too leggy, give it a hair minimize, and it’ll develop again properly.


Close-up of about eight hanging pots of growing strawberries outside. Strawberries are a low-growing perennial plant that produces tasty and juicy fruits. The plant has green serrated leaves, forming a dense mat or cluster, creeping along the ground. The leaves are trifoliate, meaning they consist of three leaflets attached to a central stem and have serrated edges. Strawberries produce small sweet fruits, red in color. The fruits are soft, juicy, have a characteristic sweet taste. They are slightly elongated, with a textured surface and small seeds dotting the outer skin.
Mix magnificence and fruit by including strawberry vegetation to your hanging baskets.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 1-2 ft tall, 1-2 ft extensive
  • Colour: Pink, White, Pink

Why not fill your hanging baskets with stunning flowers AND fruit? Strawberry vegetation produce enticing leaves and flowers with the added bonus of scrumptious jewel-colored fruit. Add these vegetation to your hanging baskets on their very own or in a combo planter with coleus or decorative grasses.

Strawberries like persistently moist soil. Many kinds of strawberries will rebloom all season lengthy and don’t require any deadheading (plus, if you would like the fruit, you don’t need to deadhead them!). Flippantly fertilize your strawberry vegetation all season lengthy.

String of Pearls

Close-up of a String of Pearls succulent plant in a black hanging pot against a blurred background. String of Pearls is a unique succulent plant known for its hanging stems covered in small, round leaves that resemble tiny green pearls.
The string of pearls succulent is a surprising and low-maintenance alternative for hanging baskets.
  • Use: Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 1-2 ft tall, 1-2 ft lengthy
  • Colour: Inexperienced

Don’t depend succulents out of the hanging basket recreation! They’re beautiful and low upkeep! The string of pearls appears to be like fairly like a string of inexperienced pearls. These stems will spill out and over the sting of your basket, making a dramatic and completely different look to your baskets.

It could be tough to plant a string of pearls with different vegetation as a result of you will have to develop this succulent in a succulent potting soil, and it’ll must be saved solely barely moist. String of pearls is simple to propagate and a fast grower. Merely snip a stem and stick it into some succulent combine. You will notice roots inside a month.

Vinca Vine

Close-up of a flowering Vinca Vine plant against a blurred background. It is an evergreen plant with long pendulous stems, glossy variegated lanceolate dark green leaves with cream edges. Vinca Vine flowers are small and bell-shaped, in a shade of purple.
Vinca is a traditional spiller with inexperienced or variegated leaves and purplish-blue spring flowers.
  • Use: Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 3-6 inches tall, 8 inches to 1 foot trailing
  • Colour: Inexperienced

Don’t overlook Vinca when you find yourself procuring on your hanging baskets. It’s a traditional spiller for a cause. You could find vinca vine with stable inexperienced leaves or variegated leaves with both white or yellow variegation.

Within the spring, you might even see some purplish-blue flowers, however as soon as summer time rolls round, these flowers can be gone, and this plant can be grown solely for its foliage.

Vinca Vine is drought tolerant and doesn’t require any trimming or deadheading. This plant will completely creep out of your hanging baskets giving it the proper drama your basket wants.

Partial Solar or Partial Shade Loving Crops

African Daisy

Close-up of a blooming African Daisy in a large clay pot in a sunny garden. The plant has large daisy-like flowers with rounded button centers surrounded by elongated oval soft purple petals. The leaves are small, lanceolate, glossy green.
African daisy, or osteospermum, is a vibrant, low-maintenance plant with colourful daisy flowers.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 1 foot tall, 1 foot extensive
  • Colour: Pink, Yellow, Pink, Purple

The African daisy, or osteospermum, is a full plant with brightly coloured daisy flowers. The foliage is made up of a mound of inexperienced leaves. Every daisy is borne by itself stem. African daisies are warmth tolerant and in addition present vivid, colourful fall curiosity.

This can be a very low upkeep annual. African daisies don’t like having moist ft. You need to permit the highest of the soil to fully dry out earlier than watering once more.

Due to this, you’ll want to plant with different drought-loving vegetation, equivalent to lantana. You do not want to deadhead, however you’ll be able to trim the plant at any level within the season if you happen to really feel prefer it!


Close-up of flowering Bacopa plants in dark brown clay flower pots outdoors. Bacopa, also known as Sutera, is a delicate plant with small leaves and clusters of graceful flowers. The plant has small rounded leaves that are green giving them a lush and compact appearance. The leaves are arranged opposite each other along the stems, creating a symmetrical and neat appearance. Bacopa produces many small, white, five-petalled flowers.
Bacopa, or Sutera, is a surprising, low-maintenance annual with plentiful flippantly coloured flowers.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 4-12 inches tall, trails as much as 2 ft
  • Colour: White, Pink, and Purple

This prolific blooming annual can be coated in excellent flippantly coloured flowers all season lengthy. Plant bacopa, often known as Sutera,  by itself or in a mix hanging basket. Both manner, these flowers is not going to disappoint you. Bacopa is advisable as a filler plant however may also be used as a spiller.

Bacopa is superbly simple to take care of. There isn’t a have to deadhead. This plant will maintain pumping out new flowers for you all season lengthy. Should you encounter drought throughout your summer time, you could discover petals and flower buds dropping out of your plant. Don’t worry. Bacopa will get well inside just a few weeks.

Black Eyed Susan Vine

Close-up of a flowering Black Eyed Susan Vine plant in a hanging flower pot in a greenhouse. The plant has lush green heart-shaped leaves with a slightly serrated edge. The leaves are arranged alternately along the vine. Black Eyed Susan Vine produces bright funnel-shaped orange flowers with a distinctive black center, reminiscent of the black-eyed susan flower.
This summer-blooming vine can climb trellises or spill dramatically from hanging baskets.
  • Use: Thriller or Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: Trails as much as 8 ft
  • Colour: White, Yellow, Orange

Black-eyed susan vine is a extremely enjoyable summer-blooming vine. You’ll be able to prepare this vine to climb up a trellis or plant it in your hanging basket as a dramatic spiller.

If you’re rising this vine in your hanging baskets, it could even climb up the chains of your basket. This being stated, it would additionally cling to close by vegetation so select a spot the place there’s nothing for the vine to seize onto.

Very low upkeep, the black-eyed susan vine is available in vivid shades of orange or yellow in addition to white. Deadheading will not be a required job to maintain this vine blooming all summer time.

Boston Fern

Close-up of a Boston Fern in a hanging pot on the porch. The Boston fern is distinguished by its large, curved branches that are made up of many small, leaf-like structures called feathers. These feathers are arranged along the leaves, creating a delicate and airy appearance. The leaves of the Boston fern are bright green. The leaves are pinnately compound, which means they are divided into smaller leaflets that give the leaves their characteristic shape.
The Boston Fern is a well-liked plant with lush, feathery fronds.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 2-3 ft tall, 2-3 ft extensive
  • Colour: Inexperienced

For a traditional look, strive planting Boston ferns in your hanging basket. I really like Boston ferns hanging from a coated porch. They develop fairly massive and refill a very good quantity of area. The Boston fern is made up of enormous fronds which might be stuffed with small leaflets. The Boston fern will tackle a phenomenal upright and arching form because it grows.

Cling your Boston fern basket in an space with oblique gentle. Too little solar will trigger the leaflets to undergo, whereas an excessive amount of solar will trigger the leaflets to burn.

Maintain the soil moist all through the rising season, particularly throughout sizzling streaks. Boston fern is a good plant alternative for those who dwell in humid climates!

Diamond Frost

Close-up of a flowering Diamond Frost plant. This annual plant has small, lanceolate, dark green leaves with smooth edges. The plant blooms with an abundance of small white flowers.
Diamond Frost euphorbia has enticing inexperienced foliage and dainty white flowers.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 1- 1 ½ ft tall, 1- 1 ½ ft extensive
  • Colours: White

This number of euphorbia is an absolute must-have in your hanging baskets, window packing containers, or containers. It’s the equal of the infant’s breath in a bouquet of roses. The foliage of diamond frost is enticing and inexperienced, whereas the dainty white flowers are the star of the present.

Tuck this annual into any of your hanging baskets and containers for a wonderful filler, however additionally it is distinctive when planted by itself.

Diamond frost doesn’t require any deadheading and is warmth and drought-tolerant. You shouldn’t want to chop diamond frost again, but when it does get too massive on your hanger, you’ll be able to trim it again at any time, and it’ll proceed to flower.


Close-up of a Dichondra plant in a large decorative flowerpot in a sunny garden. It is a low-growing plant that forms long curly stems covered with small, round, silver-green leaves with a velvety texture.
With its silvery inexperienced fan-shaped leaves, Dichondra is a enjoyable and dramatic spiller for hanging baskets.
  • Use: Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 2-6 inches tall, 2-4 ft trailing
  • Colour: Silver, Inexperienced

Grown for its fairly foliage, dichondra makes a extremely enjoyable addition to your hanging bakers. This can be a dramatic spiller, so be sure to have loads of room for it to path or be able to trim the plant as wanted.

Dichondra has silvery inexperienced fan-shaped leaves that embellish its lengthy trailing stems. Add dichondra to any mixture planter that wants a spiller.

Dichondra is drought and warmth tolerant. You’ll not have to deadhead or trim this plant except it grows too lengthy on your area. Dichondra is a fast grower who will simply spill out of your baskets.

Ivy Geranium

Close-up of a flowering Ivy Geranium plant in a hanging pot, on a brick wall of a house, in a sunny garden. This creeping plant has deeply lobed and glossy green ivy-like leaves. The foliage forms a dense and lush canopy hanging from a hanging container. Ivy Geranium produces clusters of bright white flowers. The flowers have a five-petal shape and a delicate appearance.
The ivy geranium resembles commonplace zonal geraniums and is right for hanging baskets.
  • Use: Filler, Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 1-2 ft tall, 1-3 ft extensive
  • Colour: White, Pink, Pink

Ivy geraniums have massive leaves with blossoms that resemble the usual zonal geraniums that you could be be used to. The distinction between these two vegetation is that ivy geranium has a phenomenal trailing behavior that lends itself very properly to hanging baskets.

Deadhead your ivy geraniums and trim the stems in case your plant appears to be like a bit leggy. It will maintain the plant tidy whereas encouraging new blossoms that can final you the whole summer time season. Maintain ivy geraniums watered however don’t soak the soil and make it soggy. Don’t permit the soil to dry out.


Close-up of a blooming Lobelia in a white hanging pot against a blurred garden background. Lobelia leaves are small and bright green in color, spear-shaped. Lobelia produces a variety of charming flowers in shades of blue, purple, and white. The flowers are small and tubular, forming clusters.
This flowering magnificence provides intrigue to hanging baskets with its small foliage and wonderful blue, white, or purple flowers.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 8-12 inches tall, 8-12 inches extensive
  • Colour: Purple, Blue, White

Lobelia is a frilly filler on your hanging baskets. The foliage is small and accents the flowers very properly. Lobelia affords stunning blue flowers for gardeners which might be in search of that mushy hue, however it additionally is available in white and a deeper purple.

Lobelia has a repute for bolting within the warmth. Nevertheless, there are new varieties out there which might be far more warmth tolerant. Whereas lobelia doesn’t wish to have moist ft, you will need to maintain the soil persistently moist to help in warmth resistance.

Except for watering, lobelia may be very low upkeep and can proceed blooming for you with out deadheading.


Close-up of three small white hanging pots with a growing Oxalis plant against a blurred background. The plant has short stems with trifoliate leaves. The leaves are heart-shaped, smooth, with a slightly serrated edge. They are purple in color with bright pink centers. Oxalis produces delicate and graceful bell-shaped flowers in soft purple.
This plant is simple to develop and has purple shamrock-like leaves with delicate flowers.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 6 inches to 1 foot excessive, 1 foot extensive
  • Colour: Deep purple foliage, white or pink flowers

Oxalis is famed as an easy-to-grow houseplant, however it additionally makes a phenomenal addition to your hanging baskets. The leaves of oxalis are just like shamrocks and are a deep shade of purple. This plant will produce small pink or white flowers which might be delicate and candy however not the plant’s important attraction.

Oxalis doesn’t wish to dry out fully. The plant will droop. The excellent news is that it’s going to usually pop proper again after a very good watering or rain.

Swedish Ivy

Close-up of a Swedish Ivy in a large clay pot in the garden. It is a creeping plant commonly used in hanging baskets and container gardens. The leaves of Swedish ivy are small, rounded, dark green in color and have a slightly hairy texture. The leaves grow in opposite pairs along the trailing stems, producing dense and lush foliage.
This easy-to-grow foliage plant fills hanging baskets and cascades over the sides.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 6 inches to 1 ½ ft tall,
  • Colour: Inexperienced

Swedish ivy is a foliage plant that can be utilized as a filler in your hanging baskets. As this plant grows, it would finally creep over the edges of your container, making a little bit of a spilling impact. The leaves are inexperienced or variegated with a white edge and a beautiful scallop form.

That is an easy-to-grow annual that likes moist soil however not soggy ft. As your Swedish ivy grows, you’ll be able to trim or pinch the plant again to take care of form and measurement. Add Swedish ivy into any of your mixture planted hanging baskets for an ideal filling accent plant with drama.

Candy Potato Vine

Close-up of Sweet Potato Vine in a large hanging pot in a greenhouse. Ipomoea batatas, is a powerful creeping plant with large green heart-shaped leaves. The leaves have a glossy texture and smooth edges.
This plant will excel as a spiller for containers, showcasing enticing hand-shaped leaves and petunia-like blooms.
  • Use: Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: Trails as much as 80 inches
  • Colour: Inexperienced, Darkish Purple, Tri-colored

Candy potato vines make the proper spiller on your containers and hanging baskets. This plant is grown primarily for its foliage however will produce small flowers just like petunias. The leaves are heart-shaped and out there in inexperienced, deep purple, or tricolored pink, white, and inexperienced varieties.

This plant may be very simple to take care of and is usually grown indoors. It doesn’t require deadheading or trimming except it grows too lengthy on your basket. The candy potato vine pairs properly with most different vegetation, including textural and coloration drama.


Close-up of Verbena bonariensis in a white hanging pot by the window. It is a herbaceous plant with long thin stems that stand upright and are covered with narrow, lanceolate and serrated leaves that are silvery green in color, giving the plant texture. The plant has clusters of small tubular flowers that are bright purple.
These warmth and drought-tolerant annuals could require deadheading to take care of steady blooming.
  • Use: Thriller and Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: Verbena bonariensis: 1-2 ft tall, 1 foot extensive. Trailing verbena: 6 inches to 1 foot tall, 1-2 ft extensive
  • Colour: Pink, Purple, White, Peach

Two fashionable kinds of verbena can be utilized in hanging baskets. Verbena bonariensis is an upright rising annual with robust stems and purple flowers. This could be nice used as a thriller. The opposite selection, trailing verbena, is available in many colours and is a phenomenal spiller.

These annuals are warmth and drought-tolerant. Chances are you’ll have to deadhead any spent flowers to maintain your hanging baskets blooming. There are some varieties available on the market, equivalent to superbena, which might be self-cleaning and don’t require you to deadhead them. Simply pay attention to what selection you’re buying so you’ll be able to greatest care on your flowers.

Shade Loving Crops


Close-up of a Caladium Hortulanum 'Rosebud' plant in a large plastic green pot outdoors. The plant has large, heart-shaped bicolor leaves with bright pink-red centers and dark green edges.
With its vibrant heart-shaped leaves, Caladium thrives in hanging baskets, preferring moist however not soggy soil.
  • Use: Thriller
  • Plant Measurement: 1-2 ft tall, 1 foot extensive
  • Colour: Inexperienced, White, Pink, Pink

These stunning foliage vegetation would make a surprising hanging basket all on their very own. Caladium is a bulb plant and ought to be planted within the late spring or early summer time.

Should you missed this window, don’t fear. Backyard facilities usually have full-grown vegetation so that you can buy. The leaves of foliage are massive and heart-shaped and are available in a wide range of colours and coloration combos.

Caladium loves the nice and cozy climate and doesn’t like dwelling in soggy soil. Maintain the soil moist however permit it time to dry a bit in between waterings. Whereas caladium does greatest in shady circumstances, you could have to maintain your basket within the solar to maintain the plant heat, relying on the place you reside.


Close-up of a flowering Fuchsia in a large hanging pot with a decorative wicker planter. The plant has dark green oval leaves. The flowers are bell-shaped, pink and purple.
Trailing fuchsia is right for shady hanging baskets, requiring shade and dappled daylight to thrive.
  • Use: Thriller or Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: Upright: 1-2 ft tall, 1-2 ft extensive. Trailing: 4-8 inches tall, 1-2 ft extensive
  • Colour: Pink, Purple

Fuchsia is a wonderful plant on your shady hanging baskets. There may be each an upright fuchsia and a trailing fuchsia. Both would work in your hanging baskets, however trailing fuchsia might be the higher possibility. This annual produces distinctive drooping flowers in vivid shades of pink and purple.

Do your greatest to maintain your fuchsia within the shade. Whereas this annual does like some dappled daylight, it doesn’t like the warmth. No deadheading is required to maintain your fuchsia blooming all season lengthy whereas including much-needed coloration to your shaded areas.


Close-up of a young Heuchera plant in a large clay pot outdoors. The plant has medium, lobed, rounded leaves with a distinct vein pattern. The foliage comes in a variety of shades of green, purple, bronze and silver.
Coral bells are versatile perennials with enticing foliage requiring minimal upkeep.
  • Use: Filler
  • Plant Measurement: 1 foot tall, 1-2 ft extensive
  • Colours: Inexperienced, Deep Purple, Reddish Orange

Heuchera, or coral bells, is a well-loved perennial. I usually like to make use of perennials in my containers and plant them in my flower beds within the fall. Heuchera is primarily grown for its foliage, making this plant a wonderful accent to any annuals you could choose.

This can be essentially the most low-maintenance plant on my record. Except for water, heuchera doesn’t want you to do something. This plant will flower, however these flowers are inconspicuous.

If you don’t like them, you’ll be able to deadhead them, however they may add good curiosity to your hangers. Take away any unattractive leaves as you would like. Simply don’t overlook to plant this reliable perennial in your beds earlier than the soil freezes.

Tuberous Begonia

Close-up of a blooming Tuberous Begonia in a hanging pot in a garden. The plant has large, serrated dark green leaves. The flowers are large, double, rose-like, orange-yellow.
Tuberous begonias are warmth and shade tolerant with ornamental trailing flowers, excellent for shade-loving hanging baskets.
  • Use: Spiller
  • Plant Measurement: 8-12 inches tall, 8-12 inches extensive
  • Colour: Pink, Orange, Pink, White

Stunning begonia flowers will shortly fill your hanging baskets if you happen to go for tuberous begonias. I’ve used tuberous begonias in my hanging baskets greater than as soon as, and so they by no means disappoint.

They’ve the identical environmental wants as your commonplace begonias, however tuberous begonias have extra ornamental flowers with a trailing behavior.

These vegetation are tolerant of warmth in addition to shade and don’t require any deadheading. Tuberous begonias are a terrific possibility for these hangers that get a bit extra shade than “partial” shade.

Ultimate Ideas

When deciding on vegetation on your hanging baskets, you’ll want to choose vegetation, varieties, and colours you’re keen on. Take into accout the place you can be viewing your basket from.

Chances are you’ll not want or desire a spiller if you happen to should not have the area or if you can be having fun with your hanging basket from eye stage. Equally to a thriller, you could not have sufficient room for a taller plant. Every hanging basket has its personal distinctive want and function!

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