29 Perfect Houseplants To Give As Gifts This Year

Giving presents is an artwork. Some individuals have the power to select the right private present. Others don’t (myself included). For these within the latter class, I’ve discovered the perfect resolution that has by no means acquired a nasty evaluate – gifting houseplants.

Whether or not it’s a birthday, vacation celebration, or just a bit deal with, houseplants can brighten somebody’s day immediately.

There may be threat in gifting one thing that wants care and a focus, however that concern is straightforward to work round. You may present low-maintenance, virtually impossible-to-kill houseplants to inexperienced persons, reserving the extra distinctive species for avid houseplant collectors.

These 29 houseplants are appropriate for a spread of individuals and conditions, preserving your gifting record lined year-round.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are extremely low-maintenance and adaptable to varied environments.

The quintessential houseplant present, peace lilies are the primary plant I consider when there’s a special day. Their basic look and stark white flowers swimsuit any house, and so they’re virtually the right measurement – sufficiently small to position wherever however massive sufficient to make an influence.

Peace lilies have fantastic symbolism, together with therapeutic, hope, and prosperity. However in the event you don’t subscribe to any of these plant meanings, you could be happy that also they are remarkably simple to take care of and tolerant of many environmental situations. Simply don’t neglect to water if you wish to keep away from unhappy and wilting leaves.

Snake Plant

A close-up of potted snake plants, nestled in a stylish gray pot, adorning a windowsill in a cozy home. The juxtaposition of the potted flora against the natural light is a harmonious display of indoor greenery.
You may select between compact or tall varieties to fit your out there house.

If the meant present receiver has by no means cared for houseplants and is aware of subsequent to nothing about how you can get them proper, that is the plant to decide on. Snake vegetation can develop in low gentle to virtually full solar, solely want watering each couple of weeks (even much less in winter), and thrive when given little consideration.

There are a number of cultivars to look out for with totally different shapes and colours. They will additionally stay compact or develop fairly tall, so tailor your option to essentially the most appropriate selection for the house. Snake vegetation are nice for any plant newbies, excluding maybe your mother-in-law, due to their widespread identify, mother-in-law’s tongue.


A close-up of a potted peperomia plant, highlighting its lush leaves and striking red stems. This combination of colors and textures creates an enchanting botanical composition, adding life and vibrancy to the space.
This genus boasts many charming species, every that includes distinct textured leaves and vibrant hues.

For these indecisive gift-givers who need extra selection with the identical ease of care, peperomia is the reply. This genus is filled with attention-grabbing species with uniquely textured leaves and vibrant colours. There may be a lot selection between vegetation you can place two totally different ones collectively and never even know they’re associated.

The vegetation are much more stunning when in flower, producing tall flower spikes that tower over the leaves. However you’ll be able to place them in a barely darker spot and simply take pleasure in them for his or her engaging foliage.


A potted monstera plant is showcased, nestled in decorative, nature-inspired pots. The vibrant greenery stands out amidst a backdrop of various other potted plants, forming a delightful indoor garden scene.
Improve your monstera present by rooting a slicing in a classy vase earlier than presenting it.

The earlier explosion in houseplant reputation arguably began with two species – Ficus lyrata and Monstera deliciosa. However as stunning because the fiddle leaf fig is, it does have a popularity for being a little bit fussy and, by extension, not essentially the most welcomed present. Fortunately, the identical doesn’t apply to the monstera.

Whereas a typical monstera makes a terrific present alone, you’ll be able to take it to the subsequent degree by rooting a slicing in an ornamental vase and gifting that. With some additional care, the cuttings can keep within the water indefinitely, or the giftee can transplant the slicing right into a container of their selecting.

Jade Plant

Beside a windowsill, a potted jade plant thrives. Its succulent leaves and robust stems catch the sunlight, accentuating its natural beauty against the indoor setting, bringing a touch of nature into the room.
Jade vegetation require rare watering as they retailer extra moisture of their leaves.

Monsteras are appropriate for a lot of interiors, with a smooth and natural look. However if you need one thing a little bit extra structural, the jade plant is ideal. This succulent handles indoor situations extremely nicely and develops thick branches that make it look virtually like a small tree – bonsai with out the technicalities.

As a bonus, jade vegetation don’t want watering typically, holding extra moisture of their leaves and stems for instances of drought. They make a splendidly low-maintenance present for any forgetful waterers.

ZZ Plant

 A potted ZZ plant takes center stage with its dark green foliage in white pots, harmonizing with the white walls and the warm glow of a room lamp. Other potted plants add depth and character to the room's decor.
The ZZ plant boasts gorgeous shiny leaves and resilient, arching stems.

Persevering with the record of easy-care houseplants, the ZZ plant is one other one to fall into the ‘virtually unimaginable to kill’ class. They actually don’t appear to be it, with gorgeous shiny leaves and lengthy arching stems. However these robust beauties can deal with something you (or your giftee) throw at them.

So as to add a little bit of drama to your present, search for Raven ZZ vegetation. The leaves emerge as vibrant inexperienced however slowly transition to a deep, virtually black shade appropriate for minimalist or monochromatic interiors.

Chinese language Cash Plant

A close-up of a potted Chinese money plant, with its unique circular leaves and slender stems, poised in elegance. Lush green plants in the background provide a lush backdrop, enhancing the charm of the setting.
This charming plant is favored not just for its aesthetics but additionally for its simplicity in cultivation.

One other social media favourite, you’ve in all probability seen the Chinese language cash plant many instances on-line. This plant is beloved for its rounded leaves and distinctive development behavior, circling a central stem in a spherical form.

Together with being simple to develop and beginner-friendly, Chinese language cash vegetation are additionally the present that retains giving. The vegetation produce small pups close to the bottom of the principle stem that may be separated and replanted to develop much more of those lovable vegetation.


A close-up of an anthurium plant, featuring radiant red flowers and lush green leaves. The vivid contrast of colors and textures creates a captivating botanical display, making it a visual delight.
When giving it as a present, the number of flower colours lets you choose a customized choice for the recipient.

The anthurium is a standard houseplant staple that by no means disappoints. The fantastic thing about giving this plant as a present is that the flowers (or, extra particularly, the waxy, modified leaves surrounding the true flowers) are available in many various colours, permitting you to tailor your option to the giftee for a private contact.

These vegetation want vibrant oblique gentle to supply their distinctive flowers, however past that, they’re not fussy or tough to take care of.

Ponytail Palm

A close-up of a Ponytail palm, showcasing its long, slender leaves. In the background, the view extends to the outside of the house, blending indoor and outdoor elements seamlessly.
This plant resembles a fairy story creature, that includes curled leaves sprouting from a bulbous base.

For the whimsical beloved one in your life, discovering a present that matches their character could be onerous. Enable me to current the right reply – the ponytail palm. This plant appears to be like like one thing straight out of a fairytale, with curled leaves rising from an inflated base.

Ponytail palms develop a number of ft tall, however their measurement could be restricted by the container they’re stored in. Search for smaller vegetation if the receiver has restricted house of their residence.

String of Hearts

A close-up of a String of Hearts plant, displaying its lush green leaves with whitish surfaces. Nestled in a brown pot with rich brown soil, it creates a natural and serene focal point in any indoor space.
String of hearts is regularly introduced as a present for romantic events like Valentine’s Day.

If the widespread identify wasn’t sufficient of a clue, string of hearts is typically gifted on Valentine’s Day or any romantic event. The vines have tiny heart-shaped leaves with gorgeous patterns that catch the attention with out overwhelming an area.

Though the vines are normally left to path out the perimeters of a container, you may as well practice them alongside a wire construction. My string of hearts is wrapped round a heart-shaped wire body for max influence.

Hoya kerrii

A close-up of a potted Hoya kerrii reveals vibrant green leaves nestled in rich brown soil. The petite pots offer a cozy home for this charming succulent, adding a touch of nature to your space.
These massive heart-shaped leaves retain water, giving them a plump look.

The identical form on a bigger scale, curiosity in Hoya kerrii spikes dramatically round Valentine’s Day annually. The leaves of this species are massive and virtually completely heart-shaped, retaining water to provide them a plump look.

You’ll typically see these vegetation offered as single leaves, however it’s essential to notice these received’t ever flip into full vegetation. To present the actual factor, search for the vine. In case you’re completely happy to stay with an lovable leaf that can final some time in soil by itself with out a lot consideration, these tiny vegetation in smaller pots are excellent.

Spider Plant

A close-up showcases a hanging spider plant in a pristine white pot. Its cascading green tendrils create a refreshing contrast against the pot's purity, while a lush backdrop of various green plants adds depth to the scene.
The spider plant is a pet-friendly selection that makes an ideal present for any event.

For giftees with pets, navigating which vegetation to provide as presents could be onerous. So many vegetation are poisonous to pets – some even simply by being touched. The spider plant is a pet-friendly choice appropriate for gifting on any event.

Even when pets are usually not a priority, spider vegetation nonetheless make superb presents. The arching strappy leaves look nice in hanging baskets, and the vegetation are usually not fussy, superb for newbie gardeners.

African Violet

A close-up of an African Violet captures the striking beauty of its blue blossoms, elegantly complemented by the deep, velvety hue of its leaves. This enchanting plant brings a touch of nature's mystique into your space.
These charming vegetation are beloved globally for his or her lush leaves and beautiful flowers.

To stay to a standard houseplant with an avid fanbase, you’ll be able to’t go unsuitable with the basic African violet. These lovable vegetation are appreciated worldwide for his or her fluffy leaves and stylish flowers in a number of shiny colours. Purple is a standout, however there are additionally pink or pearly white varieties.

African violets are usually not simply nice presents for his or her appears to be like but additionally for his or her compact measurement. They require a little bit extra consideration than the beginner-friendly mentions however ought to be no hassle for knowledgeable houseplant house owners.


Nestled in a brown pot filled with dark soil, the Stromanthe plant boasts leaves adorned with intricate white markings and mesmerizing maroon undersides. Its unique foliage is a captivating addition to any indoor garden.
A superb indoor addition for including a novel contact to bouquets is the stromanthe.

The triostar stromanthe is a colourful marvel. The patterns and colours on the leaves look virtually painted on, making a terrific present for creative sorts or foliage lovers. Additionally they aren’t as widespread as different intricate patterned vegetation like calatheas or marantas (an in depth relation).

If the present receiver typically performs round with minimize flowers from the backyard, stromanthe is a superb indoor addition to the enjoyable. The leaves are eye-catching fillers in bouquets, particularly when paired with different tropical vegetation.

Solid Iron Plant

A potted cast iron plant on a cemented floor with intricate designs showcases lush green leaves and sturdy stalks. This resilient plant's presence adds a touch of tranquility to your space, even amidst modern surroundings.
For these infamous for his or her plant-killing tendencies, the forged iron plant affords a glimmer of hope as a present.

Giving houseplants as presents is just not normally advisable for so-called ‘black thumbs’ that kill all their vegetation. Nonetheless, the forged iron plant could also be how you can flip that round.

Evident within the widespread identify, forged iron vegetation are remarkably robust. They will deal with low gentle, lack of vitamins, missed watering, and lots of different care mishaps with out hassle. Getting this proper may be the factor that will get the houseplant bug to chew.

Cash Tree

A close-up showcases a potted money tree with its intricate stems and lush green leaves. The stark white wall in the background complements the plant's simplicity and beauty.
These bushes will keep shiny and strong with common publicity to vibrant gentle and occasional watering.

In Feng Shui, the cash tree is believed to deliver its house owners luck, success, and prosperity. You couldn’t ask for higher symbolism for a present than that, particularly for commencement or profession celebrations. Younger bushes are comparatively small – sufficiently small to suit in your giftee’s desk with out hassle.

The shiny umbrella-shaped leaves are well-suited to any house, made much more dramatic when the central stems are braided. They may keep shiny and powerful year-round with a vibrant spot and occasional watering.


Placed on a white table, a potted moth orchid exhibits its graceful leaves. The brown soil provides a warm foundation for the elegant and delicate orchid.
Probably the most generally gifted orchid selection is the Moth orchid, readily discovered all over the place.

Once you consider gifting and vegetation, orchids are in all probability the primary vegetation to pop into your head. With intricate flowers and a shocking look, it’s not onerous to see why. Regardless of their delicate look, orchids are additionally not tough to handle in the event you perceive their native environments.

Moth orchids are essentially the most generally gifted kind, out there virtually wherever. However if you wish to present one thing a little bit totally different, search for a much less widespread orchid kind or one with a placing shade. The additional effort will make all of the distinction to the receiver.


A close-up of a potted pothos reveals its trailing leaves adorned with intricate white markings. The backdrop of tiled walls adds a touch of modernity to this natural beauty.
One of many unbelievable facets of gifting pothos is the varied vary of cultivars out there.

Unbelievably simple to develop, pothos is the right vine for newbies to houseplant development. These vegetation are vigorous growers, trying their finest in hanging baskets the place the vines can cascade near eye degree.

The fantastic thing about selecting pothos as a present is the range between cultivars. You may select the basic golden pothos with flecks of yellow or the brilliant neon pothos for a pop of shade. The variegated varieties, like Marble Queen, are notably common amongst houseplant collectors.

Chook’s Nest Fern

Situated beside a windowsill, a potted bird's nest fern flaunts its verdant and finely textured leaves. The earthy brown pot harmonizes with the natural aesthetic.
Chook’s nest fern is a resilient indoor plant that’s simple to take care of.

Ferns might look like carefree gifting choices, however they’re typically harder to maintain completely happy indoors than individuals understand. I’ve struggled with delicate ferns prior to now, however one species I’ve by no means had any issues with is the chicken’s nest fern.

Chook’s nest fern fronds are an eye catching vibrant inexperienced, unfurling from the middle to create a beautiful nest form. They deal with decrease gentle ranges nicely and don’t require as a lot watering or excessive humidity as different species to look their finest.

Philodendron Tortum

Against a light green wall, a potted Philodendron Tortum exhibits its intriguing branches and lush green leaves, while a brown pot anchors it within the space, adding a touch of warmth and contrast.
Frequent philodendrons are sometimes prompt for newcomers and gift-givers on account of their low upkeep.

Philodendrons are generally advisable for inexperienced persons or given as presents for ease of care. However for knowledgeable houseplant growers, a typical philodendron species is probably not as thrilling to obtain as a present as one of many rarer sorts.

Philodendron tortum is the right center floor between widespread philodendrons and extremely uncommon (and expensive) ones. They’re comparatively simple to search out and have a novel, spindly look that you just don’t see in different philodendrons or different varieties of houseplants.

Mistletoe Cactus

A close-up of Mistletoe Cactus with slender long stems, branches, and leaves that cascade gracefully. The plant is adorned with tiny white berries, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance.
Preferring vibrant oblique gentle, this species naturally thrives in jungles.

Regardless of the complicated widespread identify, this plant is just not associated to mistletoe, neither is it a cactus in the way in which it’s possible you’ll acknowledge. Mistletoe cactus is an epiphytic cactus with cascading stems that make a novel present or addition to houseplant collections.

This species is accustomed to rising in jungles, preferring vibrant oblique gentle over the complete day of solar you may anticipate from a cactus. This makes it nice for rising indoors, notably in hanging baskets. It would additionally produce lovable white flowers in the appropriate situations, adopted by berries.

Aloe Vera

A close-up of a potted aloe vera, showcasing its thick, succulent leaves that store precious moisture. The brown pot provides a rustic backdrop, complementing the aloe's natural beauty.
Aloe vera, a unbelievable starter succulent, is a unbelievable present selection for any occasion.

Though succulents aren’t nice for rising indoors, they make good presents for anybody with a vibrant patio, balcony, or perhaps a sunny windowsill indoors. Succulents profit from a restricted want for water, which is superb for newbies who are usually not accustomed to common plant care.

Aloe vera is a superb beginner-friendly succulent that makes a beautiful present for any event. The vegetation are additionally recognized for his or her well being advantages and are sometimes utilized in DIY magnificence merchandise.

Rat Tail Cactus

Nestled on a window sill, a rat tail cactus displays its long, trailing stems adorned with tiny, delicate green leaves. The cactus thrives in a charming brown pot, harmonizing with its surroundings.
This unconventional cactus could appear a bit outlandish in comparison with extra conventional selections.

This cactus is a bit more off the wall than conventional choices, which makes it excellent for gift-giving. The considerably off-putting widespread identify comes from the look of the lengthy and skinny stems, typically cascading over container sides.

This species additionally produces vibrant and attention-grabbing flowers in the appropriate situations, however their distinctive kind is simply as thrilling when the plant is just not in flower.

Moon Cactus

A close-up of a moon cactus reveals its vibrant green body adorned with tiny thorns for protection. Atop the cactus, a stunning yellow flower adds a burst of color and contrast to this unique succulent.
To make the present extra individualized, search out one within the recipient’s most popular shade.

In case you’ve seen a cactus with a neon high that nearly appears to be like unreal, it’s in all probability a moon cactus. This plant is 2 cacti in a single – the colourful species grafted to a inexperienced cactus for chlorophyll. Once you give this plant as a present, it truly is the perfect of each worlds.

These compact cacti add a novel pop of shade and attraction to any house so long as they’ve sufficient solar to look their finest. Search for one within the giftee’s favourite shade to make the present extra private.  

Thanksgiving Cactus

On a brown table, a potted Thanksgiving Cactus displays lush green leaves and vibrant pink flowers. The blue pot provides a striking contrast, making this display a delightful centerpiece.
To make sure you’re getting the appropriate one as a present, rigorously examine labels and determine options earlier than shopping for.

Gifting in the course of the holidays could be difficult, however it’s made a lot easier with the Thanksgiving cactus. This attention-grabbing species is known as as a result of it usually blooms round Thanksgiving, creating a beautiful spectacle that may double as Thanksgiving décor.

This plant is commonly combined up with different Schlumbergera (together with the one mentioned subsequent). In case you’re on the lookout for this species specifically as a present, examine labels and look out for identifiers earlier than buying.

Christmas Cactus

Gracefully situated on a brown table, a potted Christmas cactus showcases its lush green leaves. As it blossoms, delicate pink flowers add a touch of festivity to the room.
With the suitable care, this specific Schlumbergera species blossoms from late December to February.

The Christmas cactus receives immense consideration over the vacations due to its seasonal flowers that pop up in December. It’s the extra sought-after of the Schlumbergera species, flowering in late December and persevering with by February with the appropriate care.

In case you’re gifting a Christmas cactus across the holidays, it’s very important to make sure you’re coping with the appropriate species. Gifting an Easter cactus accidentally will in all probability result in disappointment when there are not any flowers to take pleasure in over the vacations.

Norfolk Island Pine

Against a white wall, a potted Norfolk Island Pine stands tall, with its textured stem adorned by lush, feathery leaves. The brown pot accentuates the natural beauty of this elegant indoor tree.
An exquisite different to a standard Christmas tree, this distinctive tree is commonly grown indoors.

Houseplant presents are usually compact and manageable, making life simpler for the gifter and the giftee. However that’s not a strict rule. The Norfolk Island pine will make a large influence if you wish to go all out on presents, particularly across the holidays.

This tree is likely one of the few typically grown indoors as a houseplant. It makes a terrific alternative for a Christmas tree that can be utilized 12 months after 12 months. Plus, they nonetheless look nice in empty corners lengthy after the vacations finish.

Zebra Haworthia

A close-up of Zebra Haworthia plants potted in a pristine white pot. The leaves are adorned with striking white markings, and the brown soil within the pot provides a nourishing environment for these unique succulents.
When you have an even bigger plant with some offspring, you’ll be able to divide them to supply a number of presents.

The lovable zebra haworthia is a compact plant that makes a no-fuss present for succulent lovers. The spiked leaves add construction and texture to an area, making an influence regardless of their small measurement. They’re additionally simple to take care of in the event you give them loads of direct daylight.

When you have a bigger plant with just a few pups, you’ll be able to separate them to create a number of presents. They make nice get together favors, even for friends who might not have expertise with houseplants.


A close-up of Echeveria potted succulent plants highlights their exquisite rosette-shaped leaves. These lovely succulents thrive in small pots filled with nutrient-rich soil, ready to add charm to any space.
The one concern when cultivating echeveria is the potential for overwatering and decay.

The ultimate entry on the record is one other succulent – echeveria. Its geometric form and easy, plump leaves immediately determine this genus. Many species even have a silvery-purple tone that enhances elegant and fashionable giftees nicely.

The one dangers when rising echeveria are overwatering and decay. However with a little bit forewarning, even plant newbies will discover preserving their echeveria alive a breeze.

Ultimate Ideas

Gifting vegetation is usually a minefield in the event you don’t know what to search for. These 29 houseplants supply a spread of options to ship the right present you realize the receiver will adore.

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