30 Types Of Marigolds You Should Be Growing

There are such a lot of sorts of marigolds accessible to the house gardener, it might be onerous to know the place to start out! Folks plant marigolds for a lot of causes. They’re nice companions within the annual vegetable backyard, as they entice useful bugs. 

Not solely are they good in the summertime backyard, however they’re used everywhere in the world for ceremonial and medicinal functions. In Mexico, they’re vital for Dia de los Muertos floral preparations. In India, they symbolize give up to the divine and are employed in auspicious days within the Hindu pantheon. 

Extra than simply stunning flowers, marigolds are utilized in culinary arts. They’ve been valued for hundreds of years as medicinal vegetation amongst indigenous peoples of Central America. They’re a premier plant within the manufacturing of pure yellow dye, and marigolds bloom in seasons usually seen as interstitial factors on the earth’s seasons.   

You could surprise, which number of marigold is greatest? What are the 2 sorts of marigolds? What sort of marigolds are good for gardening? Effectively, fear not as a result of we’ll cowl this, and 30 of essentially the most gorgeous types of marigold on the market.  

The 4 Main Varieties of Marigolds

A single Crackerjack African marigold

We’re not speaking concerning the pot marigold, or what is understood botanically as Calendula officinalis. As an alternative, the main focus is solely on marigolds within the Tagetes genus. It’s not that we don’t love and admire Calendula officinalis or another vegetation deemed pot marigold, however to maintain issues easy, we’re honing in on the next 4 main sorts of marigolds. 

French Marigolds

What’s the distinction between marigolds and French marigolds? As a result of French sorts are marigold flowers, there’s little distinction in any respect. All the marigolds within the Tagetes patula species are included on this kind. They’re characterised by a smaller stature, and their yellow and orange flowers.

These flowers hail from Mexico and Guatemala, seemingly disregarding their identify. Nonetheless, it’s by way of the French colonial botanists that these marigolds have so many cultivars. After they’re not used as bedding vegetation in a flower mattress, they’re prized for his or her use in dyes and important oils. 

African Marigolds

Often known as the Aztec marigold and typically known as American marigolds, African sorts come from Mexico, within the states Michoacán, Veracruz, and Puebla. They’re deemed ‘African’ as a result of they first arrived in southern Europe from North African sources. All African sorts are from the species Tagetes erecta.  

Traits of those marigold flowers embrace their tendency for inflorescences to take a seat in a solitary style on slender stalks. Their colours vary from yellow to purple, and they’re identified to have been utilized by Pre-Hispanic peoples in numerous rituals. At present they’re used ceremonially and in business and culinary settings. 

Signet Marigolds

The signet marigold is the widespread identify for marigolds within the Tagetes tenuifolia species. Its origins additionally lie in Mexico, throughout your entire nation. At present you’ll discover naturalized signet marigold vegetation in Columbia, Peru, and elements of Central America. Probably the most putting attribute of signets is how they produce clusters of small single flowers. 

Frequent makes use of of signets contain their placement as companions in backyard beds and in pest deterrence normally. They’re a number of the commonest medicinally-valued marigold flowers and have been historically used to deal with abdomen and gastrointestinal illnesses.  

Triploid Hybrids

A cross between the French marigold and African marigold, these hybrids are a number of the most attention-grabbing sorts of marigolds on the market. They’ve numerous completely different shapes and colours and have a tendency to have the next adaptability to completely different climates than their mum or dad species. 

They work properly in gardens which are topic to excessive summer season warmth. Additionally they don’t set seed after their flowers fade, therefore why they’re known as mule marigolds. Triploids do higher in heavy rain intervals than different marigold sorts as properly.

Marigold Varieties

Crackerjack African marigolds
Crackerjack African marigolds.

Now that we’ve lined the key sorts of marigolds, let’s focus on particular marigold varieties. We’ve gathered collectively an inventory of (depend them!) 30 varieties so that you can select from. 

Crackerjack African Marigolds

The Crackerjack Combine Marigold seed packets we promote in our store embrace a mix of yellow flowers and orange ones with double-petal preparations. These vegetation produce massive flowers on vegetation that reaches 2 to three toes tall and 1 to 2 toes huge at full maturity. They’re suited to all USDA rising zones and bloom in summer season lasting till the primary frost.  

Kilimanjaro White African Marigolds

Kilimanjaro African marigold
Kilimanjaro African marigold.

With uncommonly cream-colored double flowers, Kilimanjaro marigolds are a cultivar that took 21 years to develop! The two ½ inch blooms are nice for planting in flower beds and in lower flower preparations. Their cultivation resulted in a sweeter aroma than different marigolds and a barely bitter peppery taste. Growers from throughout North America have had success rising Kilimanjaro.   

Phyllis African Marigolds

This Botanical Pursuits selection was named by one of many firm’s founders, Judy Seaborn. Because it produces vibrant yellow flowers that remind her of instances spent on the native nursery along with her mom Phyllis, Judy named the range after her. This African marigold has putting skinny, clustered petals that give it a chrysanthemum look. The vegetation attain 2 toes tall and 1 foot huge.

Favourite Mix French Marigolds

If you wish to attempt planting marigolds however you don’t know which to decide on, there’s a fantastic mix of a number of French marigold vegetation on the market for you. This mix’s single-flower vegetation have blooms starting from gold to yellow, purple, and bicolor purple. Sitting at a smaller stature of 10 to 12 inches, this mix is ideal for these new to marigold gardening.  

Lemon Drop French Marigolds

If you would like a stable stand of the French marigold in your backyard, and yellow is your most well-liked shade, Lemon Drop won’t disappoint. Even smaller than the mix we simply mentioned at 6 to 12 inches tall, the double yellow blooms of those compact vegetation virtually dominate their darkish inexperienced foliage. These marigolds are nice for containers and small pots. 

Naughty Marietta French Marigolds

Naughty Marietta French marigold
Naughty Marietta French marigold.

These attention-grabbing backyard marigolds have blooms that resemble tickseed, with darkish maroon facilities and yellow edges. The flower is claimed to resemble Jeanette Anna MacDonald, the star of the 1935 musical romance Naughty Marietta. The fuzzy vegetation of this cultivar bloom 2-inch flowers in summer season that final till the primary frost. It’s a fantastic selection for individuals who need a putting French marigold of their backyard.  

Purple Metamorph French Marigolds

This French marigold selection has stark maroon blooms that sit atop sturdy stems. In hotter climate, the petals tackle splashes of yellow, and when the climate cools the splashes metamorph and disappear! As a taller selection that stands 2 to three toes, make use of these in vegetable gardens or alongside cottage backyard borders.    

Gem Mix Signet Marigolds

Lemon Gem signet marigold
Lemon Gem signet marigold.

Perhaps you’d prefer to fill your backyard with the small single flowers of a signet selection, however you don’t know what to decide on. This Gem Mix is ideal for you! Its flowers bloom in shades of purple, yellow, and orange. One seed produces a bushy plant that’s comparatively brief in stature, at about 12 inches tall. Vegetation that produce flowers which are purple typically tackle yellow ideas too. 

Lemon Gem & Tangerine Gem Signet Marigolds

Tangerine Gem signet marigold
Tangerine Gem signet marigold.

Just like the final signet mix we touched on, Lemon and Tangerine gems present two splashes of shade in vibrant yellow and copper-orange. This explicit pairing of gem vegetation loves full solar and dry soil in a rock backyard. They’re even smaller than the final gem mix, at 8 to 12 inches at fullest maturity. 

Mexican Tarragon Signet Marigolds

Mexican Tarragon signet marigold
Mexican Tarragon signet marigold.

Often known as Mexican mint marigold, this marigold has a putting spicy tarragon taste that has been in comparison with anise in its leaves. As an alternative of hailing from one of many aforementioned species, Tagetes lucida is the botanical identify for the Mexican marigold. I personally love to move to any close by Mexican tarragon plant and snag a leaf to style its wealthy taste. This marigold deserves a spot in your herb backyard and reaches 1 to 2 toes tall and roughly 13 inches huge.

Safari Scarlet French Marigolds

Safari Scarlet French marigold
Safari Scarlet French marigold.

Safari Scarlet blooms are nice as lower flowers with golden-edged double blooms with purple facilities. Topping out at 10 inches tall, this dwarf selection is usually utilized in edging, bedding, and even in containers across the backyard. Whereas some marigolds recognize moist climate, these want well-draining soil. 

Inca Yellow Signet Marigolds

Inca Gold marigold
Inca Gold marigold.

If you would like golden seas of pom pom blooms, Inca Yellow is your marigold! These develop to 16 inches at full maturity and produce delicate fern-like foliage. Although they’re signets, that are usually smaller, the double blooms of this selection develop as much as 4 inches throughout. Younger vegetation are likely to have a lot brighter yellow blooms that age right into a golden orange. 

Mary Helen African Marigolds

One other vibrant gold selection, Mary Helen marigolds attain as much as 3 toes tall and 1 foot huge. With an identical bloom to Inca Yellow, these pom pom flowers sit atop thick, leathery foliage. The flat blooms are very massive and are good in edging, companion planting, and container placements. 

Discovery Yellow and Discovery Orange African Marigolds

Discovery Yellow marigold
Discovery Yellow marigold.

Should you like the concept of Inca Yellow or Mary Helen, however you want a dwarf selection, Discovery yellow is a good alternative. At as much as 10 inches tall with yellow pom blooms, Discovery is a good container plant, and even a companion plant that borders your vegetable backyard. Although the plant is smaller, the blooms nonetheless attain 2 ½ inches throughout. 

The orange model of this marigold is rather like Discovery Yellow. Principally, each function of this plant is similar: small stature (as much as 10 inches), 2 ½ inch blooms, and pom pom-shaped double flowers. It has all the identical prospects to supply your backyard, together with a slight variation in shade, with orange because the function. 

Candy Cream African Marigolds

Sweet Cream marigold
Candy Cream marigold.

That is a type of marigold sorts with extra refined hues than most. Referred to as Candy Cream as a result of blooms’ mild yellow, off-white shade, these vegetation develop anyplace from 14 to 18 inches tall. The big blooms open 3 inches huge however haven’t any scent as a result of intensive cultivation course of wanted to engineer them. They’re additionally a number of the harder marigolds to search out.  

Mr. Majestic Double French Marigolds

Mr. Majestic marigold
Mr. Majestic marigold.

Now that we’ve touched on extra refined colours let’s get again to pops of depth that emit from the small blooms of Mr. Majestic. These vegetation dot the backyard with variations of maroon and yellow flowers which have a pronounced stamen of their middle. They’re particularly fitted to blocking out these root-knot nematodes. For the stature of this French marigold, you may anticipate very massive blooms at 2 inches huge.  

Nosento Lime Inexperienced African Marigolds

One other mild yellow to mild inexperienced number of the African marigold, Nosento Lime Inexperienced is a type of sorts of marigolds that brings refined hues to the backyard. Whereas the 3-inch blooms could not produce a lot scent, you’ll nonetheless have entry to lemon-scented foliage that grows as much as 3 toes tall. Nosento Lime marigold seeds are straightforward to search out at in style seed distributors too!

Purple Cherry French Marigolds

Red Cherry marigold
Purple Cherry marigold.

Now that we’ve lined a number of yellow and orange varieties let’s focus on one of the vital vibrant French marigold varieties on the market – Purple Cherry! Not solely do you get the advantage of dwarf vegetation that develop not more than 10 inches tall, however you additionally get pretty purple double blooms with pronounced yellow facilities. Spent blooms readily produce seed for the following season, too.

Give these vibrant flowers full solar and considerably dry soil and this long-blooming marigold selection will placed on a present from summer season to the primary frost. Purple Cherry is a low-maintenance flower that’s nice for set-it-and-forget-it gardeners.   

Strawberry Blonde French Marigolds

Strawberry Blonde marigold
Strawberry Blonde marigold.

If you would like shades of pink, Strawberry Blonde is a wonderful marigold for you. This dwarf marigold reaches 8 to 10 inches tall and has pretty blooms that change shade with the seasons. Cooler climate encourages wealthy violet pinks, whereas hotter climate ushers in yellow hues. Good in any space you’d prefer to domesticate mounding marigolds, this one does greatest in moist soil and supplies the backyard with pastel sundown colours.   

Inca Primrose African Marigolds

Just like Inca Signets, this large-flowered plant grows to a barely smaller stature at 12 inches. The plant produces fewer blooms than Inca signet varieties however are a lot bigger and open to 4 inches huge. Inca primroses are identified for his or her warmth tolerance and the sunny impact they bring about to containers and backyard beds. 

Tiger Eyes French Marigolds

Tiger Eyes marigolds
Tiger Eyes marigolds.

If attention-grabbing blooms are your go-to, Tiger Eyes is ideal. With absolutely double flowers with a chrysanthemum-like orange prime on a extra sparsely-petaled maroon base, these will certainly carry a splash of uniqueness to the cultivation area. This heirloom reaches 12 inches tall and spreads simply as huge. The gorgeous flowers attain about 2 inches throughout. 

Little Hero French Marigolds

Little Hero marigold
Little Hero marigold.

One other tremendous dwarf member of the Tagetes patula species, Little Hero doesn’t get taller than 8 inches. The sunshine yellow blooms pop in backyard areas amidst sparser-than-normal foliage, providing a sea of gold. This border plant may adapt properly to small containers, making it nice for small-space gardeners and container gardeners alike. 

Irish Lace American Marigolds

This American marigold doesn’t truly come from one of many 4 species we mentioned within the sorts part however is definitely a part of the Tagetes filifolia species. Composed of principally needly, fern-like foliage, the flowers are extremely small white specks that stipple their inexperienced plenty. This marigold has a robust foliage scent and taste that’s generally utilized in teas and meals flavorings. 

Jedi African Marigolds

Need large poms of orange majesty? Jedi has you lined. These giants develop to about 4 toes at full maturity, producing blooms that may open to six inches every! Opposite to the semi-unpleasant scent that African sorts can delay, these have a wealthy, citrusy odor. Extra for present and odor fairly than use in meals, these marigolds are nice for again backyard borders. 

Fireball French Marigolds

Fireball marigold
Fireball marigold.

If you would like a smaller plant and might’t determine between shades of orange, purple, and every little thing in between, you must attempt to develop Fireball marigolds. Regardless of the small stature of the plant, which grows to 12 inches at most, the flowers are 2 ½ inches huge. Sow these alongside contrasting colours for a beautiful pop of crimson-orange. 

Vanilla African Marigolds

Vanilla marigolds
Vanilla marigolds.

Whereas not as gorgeous as Lemon Gem, Vanilla contributes one other refined trace of yellow to the realm it’s planted in. The buttery-yellow ball-shaped flowers develop on upright foliage that rises to 12 inches. Like different mild yellow sorts, the flower will not be as aromatic because the darkish inexperienced leaves, emitting a candy and anise-like perfume.  

Southern Cone Marigolds

Southern Cone marigold
Southern Cone marigold.

Southern Cone hails from the species Tagetes minuta. One other a type of marigolds that has dense foliage and sparse, white flowers, the plant originated in southern elements of South America however is now naturalized everywhere in the world. It has generally been used medicinally amongst Maya Quechua peoples, who sprinkle the herb in teas, cooking, and medicines. 

Although it has tiny flowers, the plant branches as much as 2 meters tall. Domesticate it as a prized herb in your cottage backyard, and use its leaves to taste meals and teas. The flowers are nice as filler in lower flower preparations too.    

F1 Zenith Marigolds

It is a triploid hybrid selection for individuals who can’t determine what shade they need. The carnation-shaped flowers are available in pops of orange and yellow. With a regular top of 14 inches, you’ll really feel such as you’re rising a considerably conventional marigold. Should you deadhead them in summer season, you’ll get much more golden and bronze pops in fall, simply in time for harvest celebrations.

Nema Management Marigolds

Particularly bred for his or her skill to manage root-knot nematodes, Nema Management can be pretty above floor too! These small, yellow, pincushion-like flowers are greatest planted as a canopy crop a season or two earlier than planting your solanaceous crops which are susceptible to nematode infestations. They can be planted amongst these crops for subsequent season’s pest management. 

Golden Guardian Marigolds

This selection is very comparable in stature and shade to Nema Management. They each develop as much as 2 toes tall with small, 2-inch blooms. This explicit selection has proven a 99% success fee of controlling nematodes over a 3-month span. The tiny blooms on upright stems are positive to carry a way of pleasure and calm to your veggie backyard! 

Steadily Requested Questions

Zenith marigolds
Zenith marigolds.

Q: Which number of marigold is greatest?

A: We definitely can’t determine! Take a look at this checklist above and use your backyard that will help you select one among these pretty cultivars. 

Q: What are the 2 sorts of marigolds?

A: There are French marigolds and African marigolds, however there are additionally two different important sorts: signet and hybrid marigolds. We even cowl a pair that don’t fall into these classes. 

Q: What’s the distinction between marigolds and French marigolds?

A: French ones usually bloom barely longer than different marigolds. Nonetheless, it actually will depend on which marigolds you’re evaluating. 

Q: What number of colours of marigolds are there?

A: There are various shades of orange, yellow, and purple, with some situations of white and inexperienced. There are additionally some flowers that show a number of colours.

Q: What kind of marigolds hold bugs away?

A: On the finish of this piece, we cowl two cultivars particularly bred to manage root-knot nematodes. Take a look at Nema Management and Golden Guardian marigolds.

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