79 Riddles for Kids They’ll Love

As a mother, you understand how necessary it’s to entertain your children. It’s even higher for those who can present studying alternatives within the course of. So, we’ve put collectively this record of riddles for teenagers to assist get these little brains ticking. These foolish and brain-teasing puzzles will present them with hours of leisure and foster creativity and significant considering expertise. Let the riddle-solving start! Are you able to guess the solutions?

79 Riddles for Youngsters

11 Meals Riddles for Youngsters

1. What’s the best approach to make a banana cut up?

Lower it in half

2. What makes a tortilla chip dance?

Once you play the salsa

3. What did the mommy tomato say to the newborn tomato?

You higher ketchup

4. What sort of room has no doorways or home windows?

A mushroom

5. What two issues are you able to by no means eat for breakfast?

Lunch and dinner

6. What can’t you employ till it’s damaged?

An egg

7. What has eyes however can’t see?

A potato

8. The place are you able to discover ways to make the most effective ice cream?

Sundae faculty

9. When does a farmer dance?

When the beet drops

10. What do they serve at birthday events in heaven?

Angel meals cake

11. What’s a tree’s favourite drink?

Root beer

9 Animal Riddles for Youngsters

1. What sort of music do rabbits like?

Hip hop

2. Why can’t a leopard conceal?

As a result of he’s at all times noticed

3. What day do chickens worry essentially the most?


4. Why are fish so sensible?

They’re at all times in faculties

5. What fish value essentially the most?

A goldfish

6. Why shouldn’t you play video games within the jungle?

There are too many cheetahs

7. What did the duck put in its soup?


8. Why did the rooster run away?

He was hen

9. What occurs when a frog’s automotive breaks down?

It will get toad away

9 Climate Riddles for Youngsters

1. What’s a twister’s favourite recreation?


2. What goes up when the rain comes down?

An umbrella

3. What can clap with none arms?


4. How do hurricanes see?

With one eye

5. What sort of bow can’t be tied?

A rainbow

6. What grows if you feed it however dies for those who give it water?


7. What did the bottom say to the earthquake?

“You crack me up!”

8. What falls however is rarely injured?

The rain

9. What can run however not stroll?


9 Math Riddles for Youngsters

1. What did the impolite triangle say to the circle?

You’re pointless

2. What’s a math trainer’s favourite dessert?


3. What is greater when it’s the wrong way up?

The quantity 6

4. What did one math e book say to the opposite?

Man, I’ve acquired a whole lot of issues

5. Why was six afraid of seven?

As a result of seven ate 9

6. Why can’t you may have a nostril that’s 12 inches lengthy?

As a result of then it might be a foot

7. What month of the yr has 28 days?

All of them

8. Are monsters good at math?

Not except you Rely Dracula

9. What are 10 issues you’ll be able to at all times depend on?

Your fingers

7 College Riddles for Youngsters

1. What can fill a room however takes up no area?


2. Which planet is sort of a circus?

Saturn, as a result of it has three rings

3. What will get sharper the extra you employ it?

Your mind

4. What phrase is spelled fallacious in each dictionary?


5. What constructing has essentially the most tales?

A library

6. The place does Friday come earlier than Thursday?

Within the dictionary

7. Why couldn’t the pirate discover ways to learn?

He saved getting misplaced at C

34 Humorous Riddles for Youngsters

1. What will get wetter the extra it dries?

A towel

2. The place would you are taking a sick boat?

To a dock

3. What stays within the nook however travels everywhere in the world?

A stamp

4. What’s one thing you’ll by no means see once more?


5. What doesn’t ask questions however continues to be answered?

A doorbell

6. What are you able to catch however not throw?

A chilly

7. I’ve arms however can’t clap. What am I?

A clock

8. What query are you able to by no means reply “sure” to?

“Are you asleep but?”

9. How do billboards talk?

Signal language

10. Why are there no secrets and techniques within the financial institution?

There are too many tellers

11. What sort of avenue does a ghost like finest?

A lifeless finish

12. Why are ghosts such unhealthy liars?

As a result of you’ll be able to see proper via them

13. What can run however can’t stroll?

Your nostril

14. What has no life however can die?

A battery

15. What begins with T, ends with T, and is filled with T?

A teapot

16. What’s at all times working however by no means will get drained?

A fridge

17. What do you name somebody with no physique and no nostril?

No one is aware of

18. Why did the physician lose his job?

He didn’t have sufficient endurance

19. How will you take a shower with out water?

You sunbathe

20. I’m at all times coming however by no means arrive. What am I?


21. What belongs to you however is used extra by different individuals?

Your title

22. What has enamel however can’t chew?

A comb

23. What’s taken earlier than you get it?

An image

24. What spends all its time on the ground however doesn’t get soiled?

A shadow

25. What phrase begins and ends with E however solely has one letter?


26. What’s tall when it’s younger however brief when it’s outdated?

A candle

27. What’s black and white and browse throughout?

A newspaper

28. What has many keys however can’t open any doorways?

A piano

29. What can’t discuss however can reply?

An echo

30. What do you name witches who stay collectively?

Broom mates

31. What has a head and a tail however no physique?

A coin

32. What sort of cup doesn’t maintain water?

A hiccup

33. What has 13 hearts however no different organs?

A deck of playing cards

34. What are you able to break even for those who by no means contact it?

A promise

We acquired chuckle from these! We hope you and your little one get pleasure from fixing these riddles for teenagers collectively as a lot as we did!

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