8 Tips for Breastfeeding Distracted Babies

Breastfeeding is an attractive and evolving expertise shared between a mom and her child. Nevertheless, as your toddler begins to discover the world, breastfeeding distracted infants could make the method a bit difficult. You would possibly end up extra uncovered than you’d want as your child turns into simply distracted.

It’s frequent for breastfeeding classes to change into shorter and extra frequent as infants change into fussy or draw back attributable to their curiosity. Should you’re experiencing these moments, know that you simply’re not alone. On this put up, we’ll delve into why infants get distracted whereas breastfeeding and supply helpful tricks to information you thru this section.

As infants attain round three to 6 months of age, their curiosity and consciousness of their environment begin to blossom. This newfound curiosity on the earth can rapidly take priority over feeding, leaving many mums questioning why their toddler all of a sudden loses focus throughout breastfeeding classes. Some frequent causes for a child’s distraction embody:

  • Infants are naturally drawn to motion and colors, and as they change into extra visually perceptive, they could change into captivated by objects or folks of their subject of view.
  • Loud noises or different family actions can simply seize a child’s consideration, main them to drag off the breast to analyze the sounds round them.
  • As infants develop and develop, they could change into extra concerned with practising their motor abilities, corresponding to grabbing objects or rolling over, diverting their consideration from nursing.
  • The discomfort of teething could cause infants to be fussy and unwilling to nurse, because the stress on their gums might make feeding uncomfortable.

8 Suggestions for Breastfeeding Distracted Infants

Whereas it may be difficult breastfeeding distracted infants, there are a number of sensible suggestions that may provide help to cope throughout this section :

  1. Create a peaceful surroundings: When doable, discover a quiet, comfy, and dimly lit area for breastfeeding to minimise distractions.
  2. Remove noise: Cut back background noise as a lot as doable, and if wanted, use a sound machine or gentle music to create a chilled ambiance.
  3. Use a nursing cowl: In fact, you don’t must cowl up, however a nursing cowl will help restrict visible stimulation to your child, permitting them to focus extra on feeding.
  4. Feed earlier than distractions set in: Quite than watching the clock, observe and reply to their cues, feeding your child earlier than they change into too hungry or too drained to concentrate on nursing. An excellent tip is to feed your child as they’re waking from a sleep or whereas they’re half asleep.
  5. Supply extra feeds: Should you’re involved about your provide as a result of shorter classes, providing extra feeds than ordinary will help. You may additionally discover that your child wakes extra to feed through the evening to make up for the shorter, distracted feeds. Nevertheless, it’s not an indication that you have to make adjustments to their sleep or contemplate sleep coaching. Simply prioritise lowering distractions through the day, and your child gained’t must feed as a lot in a single day.
  6. Have interaction together with your child: Preserve eye contact, communicate softly, or sing to your child throughout feeds to maintain their consideration. In different phrases, you’ll need to cut back your individual distractions.
  7. Attempt totally different feeding positions: Experiment with totally different breastfeeding positions. For some infants, place for that is mendacity down on the mattress.
  8. Cut back any nipple ache: In case your child tends to rapidly look away together with your nipple of their mouth (or between their tooth – ouch!), preserve a finger prepared to interrupt the suction as quickly as they beginning to draw back.


As your child grows and matures, they’ll be capable to feed and take of their environment on the identical time. Attempt to be affected person, do no matter works to cut back distractions, and belief that this section will go. Your child is creating superbly, and also you deserve a medal!


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