A Brief Introduction To Subarray And The Difference Between Subarray Vs Subsequence

Array, subarrays, and subsequence are programming ideas which are one thing we’ve got heard of in a technique or one other! 

However earlier than leaping additional, we wish to ask you just a few questions: 

  • Are arrays a set of parts?
  •  Is the subarray a part of the array?
  • What’s the distinction between subarray, and sequence? 

Effectively, this weblog is all that you just want as assist to widen your data on array associated ideas. Additional, we will likely be discussing the potential of subarray sum divisible by Okay and the grid distinctive paths.

Let’s get began! 

What’s a subarray? 

Earlier than going into the small print, it’s essential to know concerning the foundation of subarray. A subarray may be outlined as the weather which are current inside an already structured array. The weather of a subarray are contiguous to one another. 

It may be decided or discovered by operating two completely different nested loops within the logic. A nested loop is mainly a loop inside a loop very like the subarrays which we’re discussing at the moment. 

Now, operating two nested loops would indicate that we will use the interior loop to determine the weather in the correct of the subarray. Whereas, the outer loop can determine the weather initially of the array. 

With that stated, earlier than heading on to the variations between subarray and subsequence, allow us to first check out a quick definition of subsequence. 

What’s the subsequence? 

By eradicating different parts or zero from a given sequence you possibly can derive the subsequence of the info. 

Additionally, you need to be sure that the overall association and placement of the opposite parts of the sequence stay in the identical place. 

We will additionally say {that a} subsequence information construction is the generalized type of a subarray that doesn’t comply with the rule of contiguity. Which means that the weather depicted in a subsequence might or will not be hooked up to one another. 

Now that we’ve got the definition understood, allow us to take a look at the variations between a subarray and a subsequence. 

Variations between subarray and subsequence

  • The main distinction between a subarray and a subsequence is that the weather in a subarray are required to be contiguous, this isn’t the case with a subsequence. 

Which means that the weather in a subsequence usually are not hooked up to one another. 

  • Within the case of subarrays, you should use each {} and <>’ s to depict the arrays. Whereas, within the case of subsequence you possibly can solely use <>’s to depict the subsequence. 

Other than the variations talked about above the opposite guidelines utilized to sub-arrays are much like the subsequence. Therefore, this goes to say that these information buildings have extra in widespread than they’re completely different. 

We might additionally prefer to throw in the truth that if you’re planning to seem for a programming interview sooner or later, it could be useful to be taught the idea of subsequence beforehand as a result of it is among the most mentioned subjects in an interview. 

We are going to now transfer on to the issue of grid distinctive paths. 

Grid distinctive paths

The issues associated to this explicit idea normally problem the programmer to seek out the distinctive paths in a grid. 

There are just a few completely different approaches or strategies which you can apply to resolve issues of this type, they’re as follows:

This methodology calls out to make use of the options to smaller issues than the principle resolution that you’ve been offered with. 

You should utilize the recursive methodology and begin traversing the info construction from the underside. It will make it easier to navigate the issue quicker. 

This strategy is the abbreviated type of dynamic programming which is used to resolve the overlapping subproblems in a given drawback construction. 

We will go by this strategy from the highest down by first developing a matrix with the info that has been offered.

Or, alternatively, we will additionally navigate the grid bottom-up and in addition assemble a matrix to resolve the issue. 

  • Optimizing area from the DP strategy

On this case, we will likely be dealing with the issue from the bottom-up strategy and we will likely be storing the beforehand generated reply in a 2-D matrix. 

These have been among the approaches that you should use with a view to clear up grid distinctive paths issues. For the ultimate part of the weblog, we are going to focus on how to determine if the subarray sum is divisible or not. 

How to determine if the subarray sum is divisible or not? 

For understanding this idea, allow us to assume that you’ve been supplied with an array consisting of detrimental integers with a ok worth. 

Now, the best methodology to strategy the answer to this drawback could be to calculate the sum of all of the given subarrays one by one and decide whether or not they’re divisible by ok or not. 

You possibly can create an auxiliary array for starters of ok dimension for holding the rest of the sum that you’ll be deriving after dividing every cumulative index. 

From there onwards you possibly can traverse this auxiliary array and determine if the subarray sum is divisible by ok or not within the case of this instance. 


From what we’ve got mentioned within the weblog it could be proper to conclude that the similarities between a subsequence and a subarray are method higher than their variations. 

Primarily the one main distinction between the 2 is that the weather of the subarray are hooked up to one another, whereas it isn’t the case with subsequence. 

Aside from subarray and subsequence we’ve got additionally talked about the approaches and strategies you possibly can indicate for fixing issues associated to the ideas of, grid distinctive paths and the way to determine if the subarray sum divisible by ok or not. 

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