Can You Grow Tomatoes With Sweet Potatoes?

Tomatoes and candy potatoes are two scrumptious and easy-to-grow backyard staples. However are you able to develop them collectively, or are they greatest stored in separate areas? Many types of various crops might be grown in the identical backyard, supplied you might have sufficient area, however not all crops develop nicely as shut neighbors.

Some crops develop rather well collectively and might even profit one another. Companion planting has been practiced for generations. Companion crops profit their neighbors by enhancing the soil circumstances, offering a service like shade or assist, attracting pollinators, or repelling pests. It’s all the time a good suggestion to study companion crops as a possible approach to enhance the well being and vitality of your backyard.

Another crops, nevertheless, are greatest avoided one another. If two crops are each heavy feeders, they’ll instantly compete for soil vitamins. Vigorous vines can simply shade and outcompete shut neighbors. Different crops might entice the identical pests or be extremely inclined to the identical illnesses and needs to be grown in separate areas of the backyard.

Probably the greatest issues about gardening is that there’s no absolute proper or flawed method to do it. Anybody with a sunny location can develop some backyard crops, even when the area is so simple as a sunny balcony or deck. The bigger your backyard, the extra crops you’ll be able to develop, however don’t let restricted area cease you from gardening.

Each tomatoes and candy potatoes might be simply grown in containers, in addition to in additional typical gardens. Let’s now take a better have a look at these crops, what it takes to develop them, and whether or not or not you must develop them collectively.

The Fast Reply

A single cabbage plant can develop quite giant and would require its personal area. Cabbage are heavy feeders and don’t like competitors from shut neighbors. Place seedlings 12 to 24 inches aside so that they every have loads of room to develop.

Whether or not you begin your crops from seed or start with bought seedlings, the final word spacing between crops would be the identical. Every plant would require loads of daylight, water, and fertilizer all through the rising season.

The Detailed Reply

To forestall the unfold of illnesses, tomatoes and candy potatoes needs to be grown individually.

There are many crops that develop nicely with each tomatoes and candy potatoes, however these two crops needs to be grown individually. Tomatoes and candy potatoes are each extremely inclined to a number of the identical bacterial and fungal illnesses, and one contaminated plant can rapidly unfold the illness to any close by wholesome crops.

To complicate issues, many pests and illnesses can linger within the soil for one or two years after preliminary an infection. Due to this fact, it’s sensible to not plant tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, or candy potatoes in the identical backyard space any before a 3-year rotation.

All of those crops can unfold a number of the identical illnesses to one another, both by way of shut contact or by way of contaminated soils.

Each tomato and candy potato crops thrive in very comparable circumstances, nevertheless. If in case you have supreme rising circumstances for one, you’ll be able to simply develop the opposite, supplied that you’ve got sufficient area. Each tomatoes and candy potatoes thrive in full solar and a heat local weather.

They each want wealthy, moist, well-drained soil. They each profit from the addition of natural compost at planting time and through the rising season for an additional enhance in vitamins to supply loads of fruits and roots to reap.

As you intend your backyard, you’ll be able to simply incorporate tomatoes and candy potatoes, simply not in the identical mattress. Learn the way and when to plant them and what they should thrive. Put together your backyard plot nicely upfront and supply supreme rising circumstances.

Attempt rising them every with some companion crops that with assist them alongside. Most of all, have enjoyable along with your crops. Attempt rising one thing a bit completely different, and also you would possibly uncover a brand new favourite summer season backyard veggie.


Close-up of tall tomato bushes with ripe fruits in a sunny garden. The bushes have green leaves that consist of multiple leaflets. Leaflets are ovate, with serrated margins. The leaves are arranged alternately along the stem. The fruits are small, rounded, orange-red in color.
Contemporary backyard tomatoes are irresistible, and rising your personal gives a wide range of choices by way of measurement, shade, and utilization.

Upon getting loved consuming a garden-fresh tomato, you’ll by no means wish to eat a store-bought tomato once more. Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is an annual fruit-bearing backyard plant that’s straightforward to develop, scrumptious, and worthy of a sunny spot in any backyard.

Many tomato crops are tall and sprawling “indeterminate” varieties, able to producing tomatoes all through the most popular summer season days and till the primary frost.

Different kinds of tomato are “determinate” and can produce one giant mid-season crop after which die again. If in case you have restricted area or wish to strive rising tomatoes in a container, search for a compact dwarf selection that may keep small and bushy.

In case you are keen to strive beginning tomatoes from seed, you can be amazed by the huge variety of varieties obtainable for the adventurous gardener.

You’ll be able to get pleasure from small, medium, or large-sized fruits. Take a look at a rainbow of multicolored fruits, together with purple, orange, yellow, inexperienced, bronze, and striped! One can find tomatoes supreme for canning or slicing, and others excellent for consuming recent off the vine.

Candy Potatoes

Top view, close-up of freshly picked tuberous sweet potato roots among green foliage. The sweet potato plant has vines with medium heart-shaped, light green leaves with smooth edges and pointed tips. The tubers have an elongated tubular shape with a smooth pink skin.
Rising candy potatoes is straightforward as they’re propagated from slips and might produce a number of fleshy tubers.

Candy potatoes are enjoyable and simple to develop.  Candy potatoes are usually not grown from seed however from “slips.” A candy potato slip is a younger vine begin that you would be able to purchase on-line or from a backyard heart or begin your personal from a store-bought candy potato!

In contrast to common potatoes, candy potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) are associated to morning glories. A single candy potato vine will simply develop 6 to 10 ft lengthy and might develop wherever from 3 to 10 candy tubers underground. Candy potatoes are orange and fleshy and might be cooked into many tasty dishes.

To attenuate illnesses lingering within the soil, enable at the least 2 years between planting candy potatoes, common potatoes, tomatoes, or peppers on the identical plot of land.

Candy potato vines can develop fairly lengthy and vigorous, however they develop readily in pots, raised beds, and conventional backyard rows. The vines are enticing and infrequently grown as decorative annuals cascading over the perimeters of enormous pots.

Companion Planting

Close-up of growing tomato bushes next to basil in the garden. Tomato bushes have upright stems covered with compound leaves, which consist of many ovoid green leaflets with coarsely serrated edges. Tomatoes produce long clusters of small, round, green-colored fruits. Basil has an upright purple stem and cupped, oval glossy purple leaves with serrated edges.
Companion planting improves plant progress by supporting, defending, and enhancing soil high quality, attracting pollinators.

Interplanting, or companion planting, is the usage of one plant to profit one other. Companion crops can present structural assist or shade, assist with weed suppression, break up onerous clay soils, or repair nitrogen into the soil and make it extra obtainable to different crops. Companion crops may also entice pollinators and deter pests, serving to different crops develop higher and produce extra fruits.

Each tomatoes and candy potatoes have many companion crops that may assist them develop. Crops like peas and beans are legumes and enrich the soil, benefitting different crops. Some closely fragrant crops like basil and marigold may also help repel pests.

Different crops like yarrow and parsley are pollinator favorites and entice a large number of helpful bugs. Develop an assortment of various companion crops all through your backyard, and lots of different crops will profit as nicely!

Timing of Planting

sunny garden into the soil. The seedling has a climbing stem with several small, heart-shaped, light green leaves with smooth edges. There is a small garden shovel lying nearby on the soil.
Tomatoes and candy potatoes are warm-season crops that may be planted at completely different instances.

Each tomatoes and candy potatoes are warm-season annual crops and can develop all through the summer season and till the primary frost. Because you gained’t be rising these two crops in shut proximity, you don’t have to fret an excessive amount of about coordinating the planting instances. Ideally, put your crops out on an overcast day to assist reduce transplant shock.

Tomatoes might be planted exterior after the final frost date when the soil temperature has reached at the least 60 levels. The perfect rising temperature for tomatoes is wherever between 65 and 85 levels. In the event you began tomatoes indoors, take a number of days to harden them off to assist transition them to out of doors rising circumstances.

Candy potatoes might be planted exterior when the soil temperature has warmed to about 60 levels. These crops prefer it scorching and can fortunately develop in temperatures starting from 65 to 95 levels. Water them nicely after transplanting and preserve the soil moist so your crops can alter nicely to their new rising circumstances.

Gardening Type

Close-up of tomato bushes growing in rows with supports, next to a row of growing sweet potatoes in a sunny garden. Tomatoes have tall stems with bright green, oval leaves with serrated edges. Unripe fruits of medium size, round shape, light green color grow on tomato bushes. Some fruits are red. The sweet potato plant has creeping vines with large, heart-shaped, dark green leaves.
Tomatoes and candy potatoes might be grown individually in rows, beds, or containers.

You’ll be able to develop tomatoes and candy potatoes in some ways. If in case you have a backyard specified by rows, you’ll be able to simply develop these crops in separate rows. If in case you have raised beds, develop them in separate beds. In case you are container gardening, develop a compact tomato plant in a single pot and a candy potato plant in one other pot.

Normal ideas for rising success:

  • Begin with high-quality, well-drained soil.
  • Develop your crops in full solar.
  • Preserve the soil moist
  • Preserve your backyard well-weeded.
  • Add nutritious compost to offer crops the power they should develop and thrive.
  • Observe for indicators of pests and illnesses.
  • Rotate crops to reduce soil contamination.
  • Destroy, don’t compost, any diseased plant materials.
  • Mulch round crops to enhance soil circumstances.
  • Entice helpful bugs.
  • Give your crops loads of area to develop.

Preferrred Rising Situations

  Tomatoes Candy Potatoes
Gentle Full solar, at the least 8 hours of brilliant daylight per day. Full solar, at the least 8 hours of brilliant daylight per day.
Water Persistently moist soil. Common 1 to 2 inches of water per week. Uneven watering could cause fruits to separate. Don’t over-water or enable soil to remain moist. Persistently moist soil. Common 1 to 2 inches of water per week. Uneven watering could cause fruits to separate. Don’t over-water or enable the soil to remain moist.
Soil Wealthy, unfastened, well-drained. Wealthy, unfastened, well-drained.
Vitamins Add natural compost at planting repeatedly mid-season when crops start fruiting. Add natural compost each month after transplanting.
Mulch Mulch round crops to retain soil moisture, improve soil vitamins, and defend in opposition to some pests. Mulch round crops to retain soil moisture, improve soil vitamins, and defend in opposition to some pests.
House Permit at the least 12-18 inches of area between every plant. Compact crops might be grown barely nearer collectively than full-size crops. Candy potatoes are vigorous vines and require numerous area. Don’t prune your vines to maintain them compact, they want the power from the leaves to supply wholesome tuberous roots.
Assist Develop tomatoes with a tomato cage or practice to a stake to maintain them upright, save area, and preserve fruits off the bottom. Candy potatoes don’t want assist. The vines are usually not climbing and would not have tendrils, so they’ll sprawl alongside the bottom.
Season Tomatoes are delicate to chilly and develop throughout spring and summer season, fruiting from summer season till fall. Candy potatoes take a very long time to develop and require a comparatively lengthy rising season.
Harvest 60-100 days from seed. Tomatoes might be harvested all through the rising season. 90-120 days from transplanting slips. Candy potatoes are sometimes harvested as soon as, when potatoes have reached the specified measurement.

Widespread Pests

Close-up of a tomato hornworm on the stem of a tomato plant in a garden. The tomato hornworm is a large green caterpillar that is a common pest of tomato plants. It has a long plump green body covered with distinct white diagonal stripes.
The tomato hornworm is a standard pest that devours tomato leaves.

One of the frequent pests of the tomato plant is the tomato hornworm. These big inexperienced caterpillars rapidly eat one leaf after one other. Fortuitously, hornworms are straightforward to identify, straightforward to establish, and simple to take away (they’re innocent to people).

Different pests to be careful for embody flea beetles, which create quite a few small holes within the leaves, and aphids and thrips, which suck plant juices with their tiny piercing mouthparts.

As a result of candy potatoes develop underground, there are lots of pests that trigger harm to their roots. Potato weevils, grubs, and wireworms all bore into the fleshy roots and might trigger in depth harm. Above floor, you might even see flea beetles or cucumber beetles, each of which munch on leaves, creating quite a few holes.

Attempt to give your crops the most effective rising circumstances attainable so they’re wholesome and resilient. Some pests might be prevented or minimized by utilizing floating row covers, planting pest-repelling companion crops, and training crop rotation.

In the event you do discover insect pests, attempt to take away them with out utilizing pesticides as a result of pesticides hurt helpful bugs in addition to pests.

Ultimate Ideas

Rising each tomatoes and candy potatoes could be a very tasty, prolific, and rewarding expertise. These crops love the warmest summer season climate and thrive in comparable rising circumstances. Tomato crops will give you fruits all through the summer season and till the primary frost, whereas candy potatoes will yield one bigger late-season harvest.

However since these crops can share lots of the identical pests and illnesses, be sure you give every a separate area within the backyard. Give your crops loads of area, full solar, and wealthy, well-drained soil. Rotate crops yearly and check out companion plantings with helpful companions to maximise crop vitality.

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