Coming soon to Nest Hub: Fitness stats card from Fitbit or Google Fit

Life-style photograph of Fitbit Morgan.

As Google continues to work in the direction of integrating Fitbit into its ecosystem, it must be a shock to see health stats seem on Nest Hubs. Within the brief time period, it’s not one thing we’ve had seem on any of our gadgets however the workforce at 9to5Google might have recognized why.

We’re solely seeing this integration reside on the 2nd-gen Nest Hub, which has the Soli radar sensor for sleep monitoring and affords a Wellness tab not discovered on the Nest Hub Max or different Assistant Sensible Shows. Google stated to anticipate as a lot earlier this yr.

On our workforce, the Fitbit or Google Match card is just showing on one machine enrolled into the Preview Program, although there at present isn’t an lively one (Forged firmware 1.56.299498).

The timing is ideal with the latest low cost on the Versa 3, sleep profiles being added and the brand new characteristic addition to the Cost 5. These mixed elements level to a — or a number of — potential new gadgets.

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