‘Doctor Strange 2’ Post-Credits Scenes, Explained

Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity hit theaters Friday, and despatched the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s grumpy sorcerer on a actuality hopping journey. It brings director Sam Raimi again to Marvel for the primary time since 2007’s Spider-Man 3, leans exhausting into his signature horror type and one of many two post-credits scenes riffs on an iconic sequence from early in his profession.

The film takes place after the occasions of Spider-Man: No Means Residence, which noticed Unusual providing Peter Parker some magical assist in coping with the complete world understanding his secret identification.

Let’s step right into a portal and discover a universe stuffed with SPOILERS. We even have a separate ending explainer, a deep dive into the Illuminati and a record of WTF questions the film left us with.


One other sorcerer

In a mid-credits scene, Unusual is fortunately strolling by means of Manhattan’s streets, having seemingly accepted the corruption brought on by his use of the Darkhold. He is intercepted by a blonde sorcerer in a purple and pink costume (Charlize Theron). She opens a portal to the Darkish Dimension, the hellish actuality dominated by 2016 Physician Unusual huge unhealthy Dormammu.

“You created an incursion and we’re gonna repair it… until you are afraid?” she says.

“Not within the least,” he responds, his Darkhold-induced third eye opening.

Doctor Strange 14 cover

Clea has been amongst Physician Unusual’s most dependable allies within the comics.

Marvel Studios

What does it imply?

She is not named till the credit begin rolling after this scene, however Theron’s character is Clea — a Darkish Dimension magic wielder who’s been within the comics for the reason that ’60s.

She’s the daughter of Dormammu’s sister Umar and Darkish Dimension Prince Orini, and have become fascinated by Unusual throughout one in every of his early adventures in that actuality. Their paths have crossed many occasions within the years since, with Clea turning into Unusual’s pupil and later his spouse.

Following the occasions of 2021’s Loss of life of Physician Unusual miniseries (you may think about the premise), Clea changed Unusual as Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. Stephen will undoubtedly be resurrected and return to the function quickly although, since established order shifts like this seldom final lengthy within the comics.

You might need been too busy reeling or screaming with pleasure when Reed Richards (John Krasinski) defined what incursions had been earlier within the film, however they’re catastrophic occasions that happen when a multiversal actuality crashes into one other. (Within the comics, this occurred in 2015 occasion Secret Wars.)

It is unclear how Unusual precipitated an incursion — he jumped by means of a complete bunch of realities in Multiverse of Insanity — or what this implies for the MCU, however it may see parts from a unique cinematic universe crossing into this one.

Such a crossover already created a harmful state of affairs (crammed with pleasant cameos) in No Means Residence, so it is potential we’ll see characters from Fox’s X-Males actuality subsequent. The presence of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) might have been foreshadowing this.

Or possibly that is simply extra wishful considering.


Bruce Campbell’s cameo pays homage to his iconic Evil Lifeless character Ash Williams.


Poppa Pizza returns

In an alternate actuality’s Manhattan, impolite road vendor Pizza Poppa (Bruce Campbell) earlier accused America Chavez of stealing his valuable dough balls. Unusual hit the poor man with a spell to get him off their backs, and so they left him to be attacked by his personal hand.

The post-credits scene brings us again to Pizza Poppa simply as his meat hook’s marketing campaign of violence ends.

“It is over!” he says joyously.

What does it imply?

This scene is unlikely to have any MCU-scattering implications, because it’s extra of an homage to Campbell and Raimi’s relationship. The pair have been mates since highschool, and the actor performed hero Ash Williams in Raimi’s 1981 breakout characteristic The Evil Lifeless. In that film’s 1987 sequel, Ash’s hand is bitten by one of many undead, turns into possessed and tries to kill him.

In contrast to Pizza Poppa, he tries to unravel the issue by severing his hand and changing it with a chainsaw (which is extraordinarily metallic). His former hand stalks him for the remainder of the film.

Campbell additionally reveals up in Raimi’s non-MCU Spider-Man trilogy, seemingly enjoying three totally different characters. He was a wrestling announcer within the first film, a snooty usher within the sequel and a French maître d’ within the third. If the scrapped Spider-Man 4 had come to fruition, the actor may have performed Mysterio, Raimi confirmed to Rolling Stone.

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