Elden Ring Dungeons: Everything You Need to Know to Survive

Elden Ring is large and can take lots of of hours to finish the whole lot. That is very true of the dungeons within the recreation’s massive open world. In Elden Ring, gamers will discover many dungeons, however not all dungeons are the identical. 

Scattered throughout the Lands Between are catacombs, caves, tunnels and ruins, which comprise a wealth of things, supplies, weapons and, after all, enemies. Realizing what’s in retailer for you earlier than getting into a dungeon will assist you to put together for the battle forward and know the place to go in case you want sure objects. 

Listed here are the various kinds of dungeons in Elden Ring and what it is best to count on.

Legacy Dungeons 

Crucial features of Elden Ring’s story and required bosses will come through the Legacy Dungeons, that are sprawling, bespoke areas stuffed with distinctive enemies and treasure. Every could have a number of grace websites in addition to a number of bosses, some are required to progress by way of the sport whereas others could be skipped. 

A portion of the map of the Lands Between. 


Stormveil Citadel, Raya Lucaria Academy and Leyndell, Royal Capital are three of the Legacy Dungeons gamers might want to conquer to finish the sport. 


Underground grave websites referred to as catacombs are discovered all around the Lands Between. These smaller dungeons are often stuffed with undead enemies and are laden with crafting and improve supplies corresponding to Grave and Ghost Glovewarts. Each are used to stage up Spirit Ashes as soon as you have unlocked that choice with Roderika within the Roundtable Maintain

There’s one boss for every catacomb, and the reward for clearing the dungeons generally is a weapon, spell or Spirit Ash. The primary catacombs you will discover in Limgrave are the Stormfoot Catacombs, Murkwater Catacombs and Deathtouched Catacombs


Like how catacombs are the go-to place to farm supplies required to improve Spirit Ashes, tunnels are the place you will discover Smithing and Somber Smithing stones to boost weapons. Miners are the widespread enemy you will face right here, and they’re particularly robust to take down since their laborious pores and skin makes them sturdy towards slashing weapons. Nevertheless, they’re weak to blunt weapons or magic. The identical goes for the bosses of the tunnels who will sometimes drop weapons when defeated. 

Tunnels discovered close to the beginning of the sport are Limgrave Tunnels and Morne Tunnels


In contrast to catacombs and tunnels, caves do not have an essential improve materials to farm. As a substitute, they’re stuffed with harmful wildlife and demi-humans. They’re additionally a lot faster to clear than the earlier dungeons. Look to hurry in and take out the boss to earn your self a weapon, talisman or spell. 

The caves close to the beginning of the sport embody the Groveside Cave, Coastal Cave and Murkwater Cave. 

Hero Graves

A few of the extra harmful dungeons to search out are the various Hero Grave websites. There are solely 4, however a standard component is a chariot adorned with spinning blades that travels alongside set paths. These automobiles will kill gamers in a single hit no matter well being, so timing is the whole lot right here. Consider these dungeons as one thing of an impediment course. Hero Graves may also have multiple boss to combat, with the final one being extremely robust because it often consists of a combat with two robust enemies on the similar time. 

Clearing a Hero Grave nets you an elite Spirit Ash, that are highly effective summons that may maintain their very own towards bosses. The primary Hero Grave, Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, is definitely proper close to the place you begin however requires two Stonesword Keys


In contrast to the earlier dungeons, ruins are discovered above floor as an alternative of underground. They’re simply identifiable with their crumbling buildings. The variety of enemies at every destroy can range and there’ll seemingly not be a boss. Nevertheless, most ruins could have stairs main right down to a treasure chest and even an essential character that’s tied to a aspect quest. 

The ruins in Limgrave embody the Gatefront Ruins, Mistwood Ruins and Waypoint Ruins

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