Fever in Babies: A Parent’s Guide & Treatment Tips

You decide your child up from a nap and really feel the warmth radiating from them like an area heater on full blast. Your coronary heart sinks. Maybe your abdomen clenches with fear. Your child has a fever. Fever in infants can really feel scary whenever you don’t know the trigger.

Some fevers want consideration instantly, like a fever in infants or fevers over 105 levels Fahrenheit in older kids. Non-urgent fevers in infants let you know their physique is combating off a minor an infection. To know deal with a fever, it’s good to know measure it, monitor it, and deal with it.

What’s a Fever?

Your immune system raises the temperature when your physique fights off an an infection. The warmth from a fever supercharges your immune cells, slows down the invading germs, and usually helps your physique defeat the an infection.1

What’s Thought-about a Fever in Infants?

A child has a fever if their inside temperature reaches 100.4 levels Fahrenheit. In case your child is youthful than three months outdated and has a fever of 100.4 or increased, it is a medical emergency, and your supplier might advise you to take them to the emergency room instantly.2

In case your child is over three months, you may normally deal with it at residence, though it’s at all times a good suggestion to seek the advice of a pediatrician. If their fever reaches 105 levels Fahrenheit, inform your healthcare supplier or take them to the ER.

Causes of Fever in Infants

An infection stays the most typical explanation for fevers in infants. Nonetheless, in case your child feels sizzling to the contact or has a “low-grade” fever, they might not have an an infection however one thing extra non permanent. A rise in temperature can come from:3

These fever-causing conditions can resolve shortly. Within the case of overdressing, merely taking a layer or two off can decrease your child’s temperature in a couple of minutes. After a vaccine or throughout teething, a slight temperature might hang around for a day or two.

Learn how to Take a Child’s Temperature

You might have a number of choices for measuring your child’s temperature, although analysis has advised some methods are extra correct than others. And it’s necessary to notice that some strategies offer you barely increased or decrease outcomes than others.10


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Dad and mom might really feel squeamish about taking their child’s temperature rectally, however this methodology provides probably the most correct lead to very younger kids.4

To take a rectal temperature, observe these steps:5

  1. Use a digital thermometer labeled for under rectal use.
  2. Apply lubricating jelly – discovered at any pharmacy – to the tip of the thermometer and your child’s anus.
  3. Gently push the thermometer in ½ inch to 1 inch. For infants below six months, use the ½-inch measurement.
  4. Wait till it beeps, then file your outcome.

It’s important to not push the thermometer too far as a result of it will possibly poke a gap within the child’s rectum. Some rectal thermometers are particularly designed to enter the correct depth. Whether or not you measure the depth your self or use a particular system, use warning. In the event you really feel resistance, cease.


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You’ll use a tympanic thermometer to take the temperature in your child’s ear. These can be utilized in kids older than six months: Any youthful and their ear canal is simply too small.5

To take a temperature with a tympanic thermometer:

  1. Pull your little one’s ear again (up and again if below one yr outdated) and insert the probe.
  2. Some producers ask you to press the button earlier than, some after. Observe the package deal directions for this half.
  3. Purpose the probe tip between the other eye and ear, then watch for the beep.

In case your child has an ear an infection, they might not like this very a lot. In the event that they act extraordinarily fussy whenever you do that, you may go for a distinct methodology.


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The armpit temperature has been an ordinary for folks for many years, however analysis has proven it isn’t very correct.5

To take a temperature below the arm:

  1. Utilizing a digital thermometer, press the button and watch for a beep.
  2. Place the tip of the thermometer on the middle of the armpit and firmly decrease your little one’s arm over it.
  3. Watch for the beep, then observe the outcomes.

In the event you determine to make use of an armpit studying, keep in mind to take the outcome as extra of a normal screening and never a exact measurement.


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Temporal thermometers measure the warmth waves coming from an artery just below the pores and skin of the brow. To make use of this methodology, it would be best to learn the producer’s directions, as they will differ barely from each other.5

Usually, you’ll observe these steps to take a temporal temperature:

  1. Activate the system by urgent a button.
  2. Swipe the system from the middle of the brow to both temple, then slide over and behind the ear. (This step will fluctuate from mannequin to mannequin.)
  3. Be aware your outcomes.

Non-contact infrared pores and skin thermometers have grown in reputation because the Covid-19 pandemic started, however researchers are nonetheless a bit iffy on their accuracy.6

Temperature Variations Between Strategies

Totally different temperature strategies may give you barely totally different outcomes. You’ll get totally different outcomes in case you measure the identical child’s temperature rectally, orally, within the armpit, and on the brow (poor child!). Normal tips are that the typical regular oral temperature is 98.6 levels Fahrenheit. Rectal and ear temperatures are between 0.5 levels to 1 diploma increased, whereas armpit and brow temperatures are sometimes 0.5 levels to 1 diploma decrease than the typical oral temperature.7

Let’s have a look at an instance. Your child woman awakened feeling heat and performing fussy. You are taking her temperature in her armpit, which is at 99.1 levels Fahrenheit. In the event you had taken it orally, the outcome would have been 100.1 levels. A rectal temperature would have proven a fever of 101.1.

In the event you really feel not sure of your child’s temperature studying and are involved about their signs, name your pediatrician, they usually can advise you on the subsequent steps.

Indicators of Fever in Infants

Fevers don’t really feel good. You possibly can attest to that in case you’ve had one as an grownup. Your head might damage, your muscle tissue might ache, and you may really feel chilly as an iceberg one second however as sizzling as fireplace the subsequent. Your child feels all this stuff, too, and they’ll present it. Frequent indicators of fevers in infants embrace:2

  • Additional sweatiness
  • Doesn’t need to eat or drink
  • Feels heat to the contact
  • Flushed pores and skin
  • Irritable and fussy
  • Extra quiet and calm than traditional

Hardly ever, fevers may cause seizures in younger kids. If this occurs, name your pediatrician or 911 straight away. Most febrile seizures resolve shortly with none issues.7,8

What To Do When Your Child Has a Fever

You might have measured your child’s temperature; as you suspected, they’ve a fever. Now what? You possibly can deal with the signs of fevers or the fever itself, however do not forget that fever does serve a objective, so that you don’t essentially need to bounce to remedy instantly.

Therapy of Fever in Infants

In case your child will get so depressing that it’s essential to act, you may deal with a fever in a number of methods. Your pediatrician might advocate you give the infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen to scale back fever signs.2

Pay shut consideration to dosing on the bottle, or your supplier might offer you a dosing chart. By no means give your child aspirin. It could actually trigger a extreme complication referred to as Reyes Syndrome.9

Suggestions and Tips for Child Fevers

In the event you don’t need to medicate your child but or in any respect however nonetheless need to assist them really feel extra comfy, right here’s scale back fever in infants naturally:2

  • Gown your child in gentle clothes.
  • Let the infant soak in a room-temperature tub.
  • Put chilly washcloths on the brow, wrists, and groin, altering them out as they get heat.

More moderen research have referred to as into query the observe of giving infants chilly baths, as analysis exhibits they don’t work nicely and may additional misery the infant. Dressing flippantly may also trigger issues in case your child begins shivering. You already know your infant greatest, so really feel out how they’re doing, and you may regulate as wanted. You probably have questions, name your pediatrician.4

When to Name Your Healthcare Supplier

Some mother and father need to know when to fret about fever in infants. Others assume, “I’m at all times nervous!” The listing beneath can assist you determine when to name for assist.


For newborns as much as three months outdated, it’s essential to observe totally different guidelines than older infants. Name your pediatrician straight away in case your new child shows any of those signs:2

  • Child doesn’t moist a diaper in 12 hours.
  • They’ll’t swallow something and are drooling.
  • They’re troublesome to get up.
  • They’re having issue respiration even after you clear their nostril.
  • Their crying is inconsolable.
  • They appear or act very sick.
  • They’ve purple spots on the pores and skin.
  • Their rectal temperature is increased than 100.4 levels Fahrenheit.
  • They’ve a stiff neck.

These indicators might imply your little one wants fast remedy, so don’t hesitate to take them in or name for assist.

Fever Signs That Want Instant Consideration

Fevers in older infants and youngsters can sometimes name for medical care outdoors your private home. Let your supplier know in case your older child or little one has any of the next signs.2,7

  • Burning or ache with urination
  • Fever for greater than 24 hours with no apparent trigger
  • Fever of 102 levels or increased
  • Fevers that come and go for as much as per week or extra
  • A brand new rash or bruises
  • Different signs that recommend an sickness might should be handled, reminiscent of a sore throat, earache, or cough

In case your child has a medical sickness like a coronary heart downside, diabetes, or a weakened immune system due to sickness or remedy, it would be best to inform their supplier a couple of fever sooner. In case your child has just lately gotten a vaccine or introduced them outdoors the nation, your supplier will even need to know.

Fever in infants can really feel alarming. The perfect factor you are able to do for them is to regulate it and attempt to preserve them comfy. Deal with their signs however try to let that fever do its factor. Give your child all the additional snuggles, and this, too, shall cross.

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