Forget Me Not Flower Care Tips

The forget-me-not flower is fairly unforgettable. These dainty blue (or typically pink or white) flowers certain do make a backyard look its greatest! Nonetheless, some folks can’t neglect them as a result of they unfold like loopy and rapidly change into invasive! When you’re not cautious with the attractive blooms of forget-me-nots, you’ll end up wishing you would neglect.

When you’ve got unhealthy luck with preserving vegetation alive, it’s possible you’ll need to welcome this relentless flower into your empty flower beds. Neglect-me-nots are straightforward to look after after they get sufficient water. One factor to notice about this flower is its standing the place you reside. There are just a few totally different sorts of them, and a few of them are listed as invasive or noxious weeds. Be certain you’re not introducing an issue into your space!

The woodland forget-me-not, or Myosotis sylvatica, is the least problematic forget-me-not of the bunch that we’ll spend a while taking a look at at this time. There are numerous different varieties you’ll find in North America that will or might not be an issue the place you reside. Let’s have a look at learn how to look after these beauties!

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Fast Care Information

Paler blues, pinks, and lavender flowers are potential. Supply: jmunt
Widespread Identify Neglect-me-not, scorpion grass
Scientific Identify Myosotis sylvatica, Myosotis scorpioides, Myosotis alpestris, Myosotis latifolia, Myosotis secunda
Household Boraginaceae household
Peak & Unfold 6-12 inches peak, 6-10 inches width
Mild Full solar, partial shade
Soil Nicely draining, nutrient-rich
Water Prefers moist soil, tolerates moist soil
Pests & Ailments Aphids, crown rot, downy mildew, potato flea beetles, leaf spot, powdery mildew, rust, slugs, snails

All About The Neglect Me Not Flower

Deep blue forget-me-not flowers
Deep blue forget-me-not flowers are usually not unusual. Supply: pstenzel71

The forget-me-not flower grows properly within the northern hemisphere in temperate areas. Most species are native to Europe and Asia, though the alpine forget-me-not (Myosotis alpestris) is native to North America. Many European and Asian varieties have naturalized within the US and rooted themselves as invasive species that may unfold quickly and choke out native vegetation, which is why many individuals contemplate forget-me-not flowers to be problematic.

Many gardeners develop these vegetation as annuals, however relying on their location’s local weather, they are often grown as perennials or biennials. The vegetation have clusters of small flowers which are often blue, however they may also be pink or white. Neglect-me-not flowers produce many seeds, so that they’re prone to reseed themselves, that means that if a plant can’t come again by itself, you’ll in all probability see new vegetation in early spring of subsequent yr.

Sorts Of Neglect Me Not

The most typical forget-me-not you’ll find in lots of gardens is the woodland forget-me-not or Myosotis sylvatica. This one isn’t thought of as invasive as the opposite species, nevertheless it nonetheless doesn’t have an ideal observe file! Earlier than you add forget-me-nots to your backyard, perform a little research to search out out which sorts gained’t be an issue in your space. This sort of forget-me-not is most of the time blue, grows as much as a foot tall, and prefers moist soil.

Myosotis scorpioides is the true forget-me-not, nevertheless it’s not handled as such as a result of it’s thought of a noxious weed all through many of the US. The true forget-me-not seems to be just like the woodland forget-me-not, however you may inform them aside as a result of the true forget-me-not is naturalized in moist areas across the Nice Lakes and hasn’t unfold elsewhere.

The alpine forget-me-not, Myosotis alpestris, is native to the northwestern a part of North America. It’s Alaska’s state flower and might be discovered all through the western components of Canada and as far south as Oregon. It’s restricted to excessive altitudes with cool temperatures, and because it’s a local plant, so it’s unlikely for it to be thought of invasive. Those that need to develop forget-me-nots could contemplate this kind first. You possibly can inform this one aside from the others by the calyx tube hairs, which is the inexperienced half related to the flower blooms. The alpine hairs are hooked or curled whereas different species are straight.

Myosotis latifolia is the broadleaf forget-me-not. It’s native to western Africa, and often in the US, it is just discovered on the western coast of north and central California. It will get its title from the broad leaves on the base of the plant. The leaves and the woody stems are how one can simply establish these forget-me-not vegetation.

Myosotis secunda, the creeping forget-me-not, can be native to Europe, however this one is tough to search out within the US. It grows in wetlands similar to rivers, swamps, and different freshwater swimming pools. Not like different forget-me-nots, it grows lengthy stems with single flowers rising from factors on the stem. If the stem is in touch with the soil, it’ll develop roots and proceed rising. As you may think about, this one can simply change into invasive since it will probably freely root because it pleases! If you wish to develop forget-me-not, you may contemplate one other selection.

Caring for Neglect-Me-Not Flower

Neglect-me-nots can develop in a thick mass. Supply: M. Crosbie

As soon as your forget-me-nots are established in a spot the place they’ll get the appropriate solar, water, and vitamins, you gained’t should do a lot to maintain them alive! Let’s check out what it is advisable to do to begin rising forget-me-nots and get these flowers thriving in your backyard.

Solar and Temperature

Neglect-me-not flowers like full solar or partial shade, relying on the place they’re. In heat climates, they’ll choose afternoon shade. In cool climates, getting no less than six hours of direct mild will probably be essential to maintain them pleased.

It’s potential to go about rising forget-me-nots in USDA zone 3-8. Some varieties, like alpine with its blue flowers, will probably be happier within the cooler zones, whereas others, like woodland, develop higher in hotter zones. All forget-me-not flowers don’t like an excessive amount of solar and can go to seed and die as soon as temperatures get constantly sizzling in the summertime. Subsequently, partial shade is important in areas the place early summer time and late summer time is sizzling.

Many types can tolerate cool temperatures and should even survive over winter, however saving forget-me-not seeds for subsequent yr, or letting vegetation drop their seeds are one of the best ways to be sure you’ll see extra blooms. As we’ve talked about, this is among the best components of rising forget-me-nots. 

Water and Humidity

Ensuring your forget-me-not vegetation have loads of water is essential to preserving them alive and thriving. Whereas the woodland selection can tolerate some drought, these want loads of water –particularly in sizzling summers – to maintain their blue flowers pleased. One rule of thumb is to maintain the soil moist.

You possibly can verify the soil together with your finger to see when it’s time to water. Neglect-me-not vegetation want a drink when the highest two inches of soil are dry. Water them on the base of the plant and allow them to drink till these prime two inches are moist once more. The flowers can tolerate moist soil, however standing water isn’t a very good factor, so ensure you plant them in well-drained soil. When you’re rising them in a container, it’s essential to have drainage holes on the backside.

We suggest watering within the early morning so the water can have an opportunity to soak into the bottom earlier than the solar comes out and evaporates all the pieces. Attempt to keep away from getting the leaves moist to forestall the unfold of illness.

You gained’t have to water as typically when it’s wet or when the vegetation are dormant within the winter. You could have to water a few times a month within the early fall and winter, however a very good bathe could help you skip watering for a complete week.


Myosotis spp.
The foliage of Myosotis spp. tends to be a mid-green hue. Supply: waitscm

You possibly can develop forget-me-nots virtually wherever since they’re not too choosy about the kind of soil they put their roots in. Whatever the soil you may have, it’s best to add natural matter like decaying leaves or compost to offer the vegetation further vitamins. In case your soil is poor high quality, this will probably be an important step to creating the vegetation look their greatest.

Above all else, make sure that the soil is well-draining so the vegetation gained’t be sitting in a puddle of water. Most varieties can tolerate moist or soggy soil, and creeping forget-me-nots are a floor cowl native to wetlands, however moist soil isn’t one thing it’s best to have in your backyard if you happen to might help it.

Fertilizing Neglect-Me-Not Flower

When you plant forget-me-nots in nutrient-rich soil, fertilizers will probably be subsequent to pointless. You possibly can refresh the soil with compost a few times a yr to offer your vegetation an additional enhance, however that’s about all you’ll want for these easy-to-please vegetation.

If the soil isn’t one of the best, fertilizing will probably be vital. Particularly with potted vegetation, a layer of high-quality compost periodically all through the rising season ought to suffice, however it’s also possible to use water-soluble or granule fertilizers. An NPK of 5-10-10 or 10-10-10 will work properly in early summer time and late summer time. Nitrogen is accountable for encouraging foliage progress, so if you happen to’re including fertilizer later within the rising season, a low nitrogen possibility will probably be greatest so your vegetation can give attention to making flowers.


You solely have to prune forget-me-nots in the event that they’re spreading quickly or they’re not visually interesting to you. The place many species happen, they’ll unfold naturally. It’s technically solely essential to prune the furry stems of this flowering plant if a illness is spreading by means of your flower mattress. So, it’s possible you’ll by no means have to prune!

Take away spent flower heads earlier than they drop seeds to the soil floor to forestall self-seeding. If you wish to eliminate complete vegetation, you may uproot them utterly or lower stems on the base of the plant.


Neglect-me-not seeds are just about the one method these vegetation propagate, and also you’re certain to have an limitless provide of them when you get just a few vegetation established!

True forget-me-nots have rhizomes which you can separate and propagate that method. Creeping forget-me-nots develop roots at totally different factors on the stems as soon as they arrive into contact with the soil, so you would separate the newly established roots type the remainder of the plant in late spring.


Myosotis flowers
Myosotis species often make blue flowrs, however can produce pink or lavender ones too. Supply: Shelley & Dave

It’s straightforward to develop forget-me-not vegetation as a result of they don’t have many points. Even so, it’s possible you’ll sometimes come throughout some issues. Right here’s what you are able to do to treatment them!

Rising Issues

The most important downside you’ll face with forget-me-nots is their invasive tendency to unfold. You possibly can forestall this by eradicating flower heads proper after they end blooming. Take away complete vegetation in crowded areas in addition to the vegetation that popped up exterior of the place you wished them.

These water-loving varieties that develop on river banks could also be difficult to look after at first if you happen to’re used to different vegetation that choose dry soil. If yours are wilting and have crunchy leaves, it means they’re too dry. In the event that they’re wilting and have limp leaves, it means they’re too moist. 

Water extra typically in the event that they’re dry and chorus from watering in the event that they’re too moist. In extreme instances of overwatering, you will have to take away them and transfer them to a special location with soil that drains higher. You’ll be extra seemingly to do that with container specimens than these in-ground.


Pest points aren’t usually an issue, however if you happen to do find yourself with critters, it’ll in all probability one in all these three.

Aphids might be yellow, black, brown, or inexperienced. They’re small and suck out the sap of leaves and stems, inflicting them to look wilted. The only answer is to spray them off with water, as they don’t often hold a good grip. Persistently spray them off for per week or so and also you’ll discover the inhabitants dwindle. Neem oil will kill off their eggs. Ladybugs like to snack on aphids, so it’s a good suggestion to keep away from utilizing merchandise that may damage ladybugs so you may enable nature to do its factor.

Flea beetles aren’t a standard downside, however they are often annoying after they present up! They’re black and so small that they appear like seeds, and so they, like aphids, suck sap out of foliage. The best option to forestall them is to cowl newly planted flowers in early spring simply after the final frost, since that is when the beetles are most lively. You should use an insecticide similar to spinosad or pyrethrin to eliminate infestations if you happen to weren’t capable of forestall them.

Apart from aphids, slugs and snails could be the greatest pest subject you’ll have. The best option to eliminate them is to select them off at night time. It might not be your favourite chore, nevertheless it certain is efficient! An natural slug and snail bait can lure them away out of your vegetation as properly.

Neglect-Me-Not Ailments

Neglect-me-nots aren’t liable to many illnesses, but when they do contract one thing, it’ll seemingly be fungal. Crown rot is extra prone to present up and may have a web-like look. Different fungal illnesses could embrace downy mildew, leaf spot, powdery mildew, and rust, all of which is able to trigger discoloration on the leaves.

Most fungal illnesses can’t be absolutely cured, so prevention is the most suitable choice. Keep away from getting the leaves moist if you water, and ensure your perennial varieties and annual varieties have loads of airflow between them. You should use horticultural oils similar to neem oil and spray them on the foliage weekly to forestall spores from creating. You may as well use sulfur or copper fungicides to eradicate fungal pathogens on leaf surfaces.

Whenever you see a illness spreading, take away the broken leaf tissue and spray the rest of the plant with a fungicide. If the difficulty persists, take away your complete contaminated plant in addition to any neighboring vegetation it might have touched. Spraying horticultural oils or fungicides on vegetation after you take away contaminated vegetation will probably be one of the best ways to forestall it from spreading additional.

Continuously Requested Questions

Forget me not flower
The neglect me not flower is delicate and delightful. Supply: withrow

Q: What does the forget-me-not flower symbolize?

A: The forget-me-not flower symbolizes remembrance, real love, and respect. They’re an excellent flower to offer to somebody you like.

Q: How lengthy does forget-me-not flower for?

A: Most forget-me-not varieties will flower in spring and summer time. They often start in March and can final till it will get too sizzling. It is determined by the species and your local weather.

Q: Do forget-me-nots come again yearly?

A: Relying in your local weather, most varieties will behave as annuals and can solely come again through the seeds they dropped. Some varieties might be handled as perennials or biennials if the temperatures are good.

Q: Do forget-me-nots like solar or shade?

A: Full solar is right in cool climates, however they’ll want afternoon shade in sizzling climates.

Q: Is forget-me-not flower toxic?

A: Myosotis sylvatica, the woodland forget-me-not, is edible and secure to maintain round pets, however consuming an excessive amount of could upset your abdomen. Most varieties are mildly poisonous when eaten, particularly Myosotis latifolia, the broadleaf forget-me-not, and Cynoglossum amabile, the Chinese language forget-me-not, which isn’t an precise forget-me-not.

Q: Are forget-me-nots toxic to pets?

A: Myosotis sylvatica is the most secure plant to develop you probably have pets. It’s mildly poisonous if eaten in giant portions. Different varieties are thought of poisonous and aren’t secure round pets.

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