From tiny paws to big leaps: Navigating growth and nutrition with love

Visitor weblog by Dr Emmanuel Fontaine, Scientific Communications Veterinarian at Royal Canin North America  

John was a first-time pet mum or dad, decided to do every part proper. His Labrador Retriever pet, Charlie, was the sunshine of his life. He would always remember the primary time he introduced this lovely, wiggly ball of fur residence. Charlie’s cute little face, playful antics, and boundless power had been merely irresistible. However time flies, and earlier than John knew it, that tiny pup had grown into an grownup canine – a bittersweet second for each pet mum or dad. On this journey of development, the transition from pet meals to grownup pet food performs a pivotal position in sustaining their well being and well-being. Maybe, like John, you’re going via this second and, like him, you have got tons of questions. When must you do that? How? Is there something that may influence this timing? Are there any instruments you need to be conscious of right here? On this weblog, we’ll uncover the solutions to widespread questions and considerations pet house owners have relating to this matter. And in doing so, we’ll not solely assist strengthen the bond you share together with your canine, but additionally present them with the healthiest and happiest life attainable. 

When ought to one swap a pet to grownup pet food? 

Navigating the world of pet development is like embarking on an journey stuffed with twists and turns. Puppies expertise two distinct phases of development: the primary focuses on the event of their bone construction and inner organs, whereas the second sees the expansion of muscle mass and a decline in power necessities.  

The second to modify from pet to grownup meals is determined by the scale of your furry companion. Small canine attain their grownup dimension at round ten months, whereas large breeds could take as much as 18 to 24 months. As you possibly can see on the image beneath, the journey for every canine is exclusive, very like the pages of an unfolding story. 

In search of steering from a trusted veterinarian can provide invaluable insights and ease the uncertainty surrounding the transition – particularly within the case of mixed-breed canine. Right this moment, the provision of genetic exams helps estimate a canine’s grownup dimension, offering a clearer image of your pet’s development trajectory. 

By understanding your pet’s distinctive improvement, you can also make an knowledgeable resolution and guarantee a clean transition to grownup pet food, finally nurturing their well being and well-being for years to return. 

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Common Grownup weight  <4kg  <10kg  10-25kg  25-45kg  >45kg 
Development Length  8-10 months  8-10 months  12 months  15 months  18-24 months 

Desk 1: When does your pet turn out to be an grownup canine? 

 How ought to one transition a pet to grownup meals?  

The transition from pet to grownup meals requires persistence and mild steering. Discovering the precise tempo for this transformation is important to keep away from missteps that would result in digestive upsets. 

The perfect period for this transition is roughly one week (see Image 2 for extra particulars on how you can conduct the transition).  

Consider it as a fastidiously choreographed routine, the place every day represents a progressive step in direction of the aim. By taking a measured strategy, you permit your pet’s digestive system to adapt seamlessly to the change, stopping any disruptions to their well being and well-being. 

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What’s the distinction between pet and grownup pet food? 

Puppyhood and maturity are two distinct chapters in a canine’s life, every with its personal distinctive dietary wants. Feeding grownup meals to a rising pet is like attempting to quench the thirst of an athlete with a mere sip of water – it merely doesn’t suffice. 

Pet meals is designed to help the additional necessities in power, proteins, minerals, and nutritional vitamins that puppies encounter throughout their development. These important vitamins are the constructing blocks of a robust and wholesome basis, very like the fastidiously chosen phrases that kind the pages of an engrossing novel. 

Grownup pet food, however, caters to the dietary wants of a mature canine, specializing in sustaining their well being and vitality. Feeding a pet grownup pet food is akin to skipping essential chapters of their life story, leaving them with out the very important components they should flourish. 

Providing the precise nourishment throughout every stage of our canine’s life is essential. By understanding and embracing the distinctive dietary wants of puppies and grownup canine, we will be certain that our furry companions develop and thrive, as they embark on the gorgeous journey that’s their life.  

How can I assess my pet’s dimension to find out if he’s prepared for grownup meals? 

Understanding when to transition your pet to grownup meals will be an artwork in itself.  

The important thing lies in recognizing your pet’s dimension, which will be decided by referring to the desk we beforehand shared. This data empowers you to make knowledgeable choices relating to the timing of the transition. 

Right this moment, there may be extra to it although: new instruments can be found to be much more correct right here. On the planet of canine care, development charts have emerged as a beneficial device, much like those utilized in human medication. These charts provide a glimpse into the distinctive development trajectory of your pet, enabling you to trace their progress with precision.   

Collaborating together with your veterinarian, you possibly can make the most of these development charts to tailor the transition to your pet’s particular wants, guaranteeing a seamless shift from puppyhood to maturity. You could find extra about these by this web site.  

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How does spaying and neutering have an effect on my pet’s development? 

Spaying or neutering your pet is a vital matter to debate together with your veterinarian, little doubt about this.

One thing essential it’s worthwhile to know although: recent research have make clear the influence of spaying and neutering on a pet’s development. Opposite to common perception, these procedures don’t alter the velocity of development – puppies will proceed to develop on the identical tempo, no matter whether or not they’re spayed or neutered. The sensible consequence is subsequently the next: spayed and neutered puppies ought to proceed to be fed the identical development weight-reduction plan till they attain their grownup dimension. 

Nonetheless, it’s essential to bear in mind that spaying and neutering can improve the danger of your pet changing into chubby. In gentle of this, the significance of monitoring your pet’s development, significantly via the usage of development charts, can’t be overstated.  

By working intently together with your veterinarian and using instruments like development charts, you possibly can present your pet with the very best care, guaranteeing their wholesome development and improvement into maturity.  


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Transitioning your pet to grownup meals on the applicable time is like hitting the right be aware in a symphony – it creates concord in your pet’s life, guaranteeing their well being and well-being. Timing is every part, and choosing the proper second to make this shift can have a profound influence in your furry good friend’s journey. We now have proof in the present day that every part that occurs throughout puppyhood can doubtlessly have lifelong penalties. Which signifies that your dedication to your pet’s well being and happiness throughout this era will likely be rewarded with a lifetime of cherished recollections and the enjoyment that comes from witnessing their transformation from pet to grownup canine. That’s one thing essential to at all times be mindful, and armed with the information inside this weblog, you at the moment are higher outfitted to make the precise choices!  


Dr Emmanuel FontaineEmmanuelFontainegraduated from the Toulouse Veterinary College in 2004, he continued his research on the Alfort Veterinary College (Paris) as trainee Vet within the home carnivore unit of the Replica Division. From 2005 to 2011, he labored on the Centre d’Etude en Replica des Carnivores (CERCA) [Research Centre for Reproduction in Carnivores], a unit specializing in pet breeding help. Emmanuel Fontaine can also be certified on the European Faculty for Animal Replica (ECAR) and accomplished his PhD in 2012 on the usage of GnRH agonists in canines. From September 2011 to September 2018, he labored as Technical Providers Veterinarian for the PRO workforce at Royal Canada. He then was in command of Scientific Communication for the Americas till August 2022. He now works as Senior Scientific Communications Veterinarian for Royal Canin North America.   

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