Frozen expressed colostrum: A guide for new mums

Congratulations on changing into a brand new mum! Should you’ve taken the proactive step of freezing your hand-expressed colostrum throughout being pregnant, you’re off to a fantastic begin in your motherhood journey. Now that you’ve this invaluable useful resource of frozen expressed colostrum, you could be questioning how one can maximise its advantages. This frozen colostrum is a reservoir of important vitamins and antibodies completely suited on your new child’s immune system.

Should you’re nonetheless pregnant and questioning if you might want to categorical colostrum, learn our article referred to as Expressing colostrum earlier than your child arrives, to be taught concerning the potential causes you could be required to take action.

These little syringes of nutrient-rich elixir full of antibodies and important vitamins are going to supply your new child with a powerful begin. On this information for brand spanking new mums, we’ll reply your entire questions and stroll you thru the method of utilizing the frozen colostrum you’ve saved, making certain your child will get the perfect nourishment throughout these early days.

Understanding colostrum

Colostrum, sometimes called ‘liquid gold’, is the primary milk your physique produces throughout being pregnant and after giving beginning. It’s a powerhouse of immune-boosting properties and important vitamins that your child wants in the course of the preliminary days of life.

Advantages of colostrum

  • Colostrum is wealthy in antibodies, offering your child with important safety towards infections and ailments.
  • The simple-to-digest properties of colostrum are good on your child’s delicate tummy in the course of the preliminary days.
  • Feeding your child colostrum nurtures the emotional bond between you and your new child.

Thawing and heating frozen colostrum

  1. As your due date approaches, begin planning to make use of your frozen colostrum. Understand that thawed colostrum needs to be used inside 24 hours.
  2. Switch the frozen colostrum from the freezer to the fridge to thaw slowly. This will take a number of hours and even in a single day. As soon as defrosted, it can’t be re-frozen.
  3. Once you’re prepared to make use of the colostrum, heat it gently by inserting the container in a bowl of heat water (not boiling), or place it underneath heat working water for a couple of minutes, or maintain it near your physique, corresponding to in your prime or bra till it reaches physique temperature. Keep away from utilizing the microwave, as it will probably destroy invaluable vitamins.

Find out how to use thawed colostrum

Should you’re breastfeeding immediately, contemplate providing the thawed colostrum by way of a spoon, dropper, or perhaps a small cup in the course of the early days. This will present a soothing and nourishing expertise on your child.

Should you’re bottle-feeding, you possibly can nonetheless make use of your thawed colostrum by transferring it to a sterilised bottle. Make sure the milk is at an applicable temperature earlier than feeding (as above).

Storage suggestions

  1. At all times label containers with the date of expression. Use the oldest colostrum first to keep up freshness.
  2. Preserve correct hygiene by washing your palms and utilizing sterilised containers for expressing, storing, and feeding.
  3. Colostrum needs to be saved in small portions, as your child’s preliminary feeds are fairly small.

Looking for skilled steerage

Each child is exclusive, and a few might have particular feeding wants. When you have any considerations about your child’s feeding or well being, it’s essential to seek the advice of a healthcare skilled, a lactation advisor, or cellphone the Australian Breastfeeding Affiliation helpline.

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