Fruit Tree Chill Hours: What Are They?

For a lot of gardeners, the thought of getting a beautiful small orchard of nut and fruit timber is a serious enticement. However earlier than you can begin that meals forest, it’s a must to do some further planning in order that you recognize the fruit tree chill hours for the varieties you need.

Why do the chilling hours matter? Are chill hours essential? Is there a motive that you just couldn’t simply plant any tree wherever? Are individuals in very chilly or heat temperatures going to have issues with their timber? And how are you going to assure good fruit manufacturing in low chill areas?

Let’s discover the idea of annual chill hours and supply some perception so that you can use whenever you plot out your future grove of tasty delights!

Kevin within the Epic Homestead orchard.

What Does “Chill Hours” Imply For Fruit Timber?

For each fruit and nut timber, there’s a interval of dormancy over the winter. Throughout that dormant interval, most fruit or nut varieties want a certain quantity of winter chilly. “Chill hours” describes the variety of hours of chilly temperatures {that a} tree will get between October 1st and late February. The “beneath 45” normal is what most nurseries use to set chill hours and consists of chilly climate that drops beneath 45° F. Optimum “beneath 45” climate could be between 32° F and 45° F when there’s no threat of frost or freeze harm to the tree itself, however in areas that do get annual snow, the chilly winter climate is included within the chill hours.

As you possibly can think about, which means chill hours can quickly begin to enhance the additional north in america you go. Someplace like sunny San Diego usually is taken into account to have low chill hours at often 500 or much less between October 1st and February twenty eighth, and can often be within the optimum vary of the “beneath 45” scale, nevertheless it’s uncommon to have greater than the occasional frost there. In distinction, someplace like Seattle is more likely to have nearer to 1200-1400 chill hours in that very same time period. Orlando, Florida will seemingly have underneath 100 chill hours most winters!

What Occurs If A Fruit Tree Doesn’t Get Sufficient Chill Hours?

Cold conditions in an almond orchard
Chilly situations in an almond orchard in late February 2022. Supply: Cordi Vineyard in Dwell Oak, CA

Fruit timber can thrive in each chilly and heat temperatures. However if you would like good fruit manufacturing, you should ensure you get sufficient annual chill hours for the varieties that you just’re rising.

The variety of chill hours has to do with the dormant season and plant hardiness. As fall units in, a deciduous fruit tree absorbs the diet saved in its leaves. This causes the beautiful fall show of dropped leaves that happens yearly as these leaves, not wanted, fall off the branches. That tree will climate the winter chilly on a restricted quantity of diet till the hotter temperatures return.

Due to this, the crops have tailored to a sure schedule. They’ll want sufficient vitality to outlive by means of a sure variety of chill hours over a interval of months earlier than it’s time to interrupt dormancy and spring again to life within the spring. In the event that they don’t attain the anticipated variety of chill hours at these minimal temperatures, the fruit timber can be confused and bud break for the subsequent season’s foliage could also be delayed. If flowering doesn’t occur when it’s purported to, the tree could not have a really productive 12 months. Alternately, they could nonetheless produce, however significantly later than different timber that do have low chill hour necessities.

There are additionally many fruit timber that aren’t deciduous, like citrus. These fruit timber go considerably dormant for the winter however nonetheless have passive vitamins coming by way of photosynthesis by means of their leaves. Many citrus varieties resembling clementines or mandarin timber have produce nonetheless on the tree effectively into the winter, in reality! Usually, non-deciduous fruit timber have decrease obligatory chill hours than different timber, and consequently, they develop extraordinarily effectively in areas like Southern California or different southern area areas throughout america. Whereas these low chill varieties are an choice, you undoubtedly don’t wish to put these outside in a excessive chill space!

Chilling necessities differ extensively between species of timber. It’s essential to examine your common chill hours in your area earlier than you choose your fruit timber consequently, simply to make sure you’ve gotten sufficient chill hours to fulfill their particular wants. Timber that want increased chill hours than your area can provide could or could not develop as effectively in your space. There are trials on rising excessive chill hours varieties in low-chill hours areas underway, and there could also be some potential for that sooner or later. 

Can Cooler Temperatures Have an effect on Fruit Set?

Almond flowers suffering from freeze damage and flower drop
Chilly-damaged flower blossoms drop from the tree and fall to the bottom. Supply: Cordi Vineyard

One would possibly assume that if they’ve sufficient chilling hours for a tree, then they’re going to have an abundance of produce. Nevertheless it’s not fairly that straightforward, sadly.

Bear in mind how we defined that completely different varieties are tailored to sure durations of chilly climate? If you happen to take a tree that’s used to sit back hours of about 700 all through the winter, it’s not going to carry out nice in Florida. However it could additionally battle in chilly climates like Seattle, the place there are much more chill hours.

If low chill temperatures are met within the early winter within the cooler northern climates, and but there are nonetheless months of chilling hours but to occur, the tree could consider that the worst of the chilly is already over. An early heat spell may cause it to spring into life and begin coming out flower buds and fruit buds. If all of a sudden the climate turns again towards chilly temperatures once more, all set fruit could be broken by frosts and freezes. Flowers can drop off timber, set fruit can blacken and fall, and different harm can occur from the tree making an attempt to return out of dormancy too early. Tender new progress can be severely impacted. Fruit and nut manufacturing can decline from this too.

There are at all times years whenever you’ll have a freak frost that comes by means of throughout the incorrect season. For example, 2022 had a sudden frost come by means of on the time that lots of the industrial growers of almonds in northern California had been seeing bud break and flowering on timber. This brought on a extreme blossom drop and consequently a a lot smaller fruit set than in prior years. This may seemingly have no less than some affect on the eventual harvest for a lot of nut tree growers within the area this 12 months. The nut timber themselves are high-quality, however they only didn’t set fruit on the identical excessive ranges as they did final 12 months.

It may well’t be said strongly sufficient that the chilliness hour requirement is essential. It’s crucial to select a fruit tree selection that may deal with the winters in your space. Areas the place freezing temperatures are frequent yearly would require increased chill hours varieties than hotter climates. Even then, there’s at all times an opportunity that if the climate warms up above 45° F unexpectedly early one 12 months, you should still have an issue if a freak chilly burst occurs. 

We are able to’t management the climate… however we are able to management what timber we plant! As well as, it’s not simply the tree fruit selection to consider. Different crops resembling cane fruit like raspberries may have chilling necessities to have in mind. Take note of the fruit selection you’re contemplating, and whether or not it’s typically thought of to carry out effectively in your USDA zone.

Well-liked Nut And Fruit Timber And Their Chill Hour Necessities

With all fruit and nut timber, we extremely suggest checking your zone and ensuring you’ve gotten varieties with the fitting chilling necessities to your area. Whereas a low chill tree will carry out effectively in many of the southernmost United States, it could have critical points in areas which can be considerably colder within the central or northern US. 

We’ve supplied an inventory of a handful of a number of the hottest varieties and their approximate chill hours, however keep in mind, completely different cultivars have completely different wants!

Low Chill Hours (500 and beneath)


  • Granny Smith: 400
  • Fuji: 350-400
  • Pink Woman: 200-400


  • Backyard Gold: 400-500
  • Honeybabe: 400


  • Chickasaw: 250-300
  • Santa Rosa: 300-500


  • Autumn Glo: 500
  • Early Golden: 450
  • Blenheim: 300-500


  • Hass: 0
  • Reed: 0
  • Choquette: 0
  • Pinkerton: 0



  • Valencia: 0
  • Navel: 0
  • Blood: 0
  • Mandarin: 0


  • Meyer: 0
  • Bearss: 0
  • Eureka: 0
  • Libson: 0


  • Persian: 0
  • Key: 0
  • Kaffir: 0
  • Mexican: 0


  • Ruby Pink: 0
  • Rio Pink: 0
  • Duncan: 0
  • Whitney Marsh: 0


  • Dwarf Everbearing: 200
  • Pink: 200
  • Black: 200
  • Himalayan: 400


  • Honey Kist: 500
  • Fantasia: 500


  • Desert King: 100
  • LSU Gold: 100
  • Chicago Hardy: 100 
  • Widespread: 100-300 


  • Mission: 500
  • Carmel: 400
  • Ne Plus Extremely: 250
  • Monterey: 250


  • Elliot: 400
  • Amling: 300-500
  • Oconee: 300-500
  • Caddo: 300-500

Excessive Chill Hours (>500)



  • Elberta: 800-950
  • O’Henry: 700-750


  • Japanese: 500-900
  • Blue Damson: 600-800



  • Asian: 300-600
  • Bosc: 500-600


  • Rainier: 700
  • Bing: 700-900
  • Vandalay: 700-900


  • Solar Glo: 800
  • Heavenly White: 650


  • Eureka: 600
  • Chandler: 700
  • Howards: 1015
  • Hartley: 700


  • York: 800-1300
  • American: 700-1000
  • European: 800-1600


  • Kerman: 700-800
  • Misplaced Hills: 900
  • Golden Hills: 900

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