German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix – Things You Must Read 2022

So what occurs once you cross a german shepherd with a chihuahua?

There’s plenty of combined breed of a german shepherd with different breeds, There might hardly be a canine breed additional aside than the German Shepherd, the Chihuahua canine. One is a world-famous working canine that’s excellent for army or legislation enforcement operations. The opposite is understood for his or her extraordinarily unstable personalities and small dimension, these two breed makes to us the German Shepherd Chihuahua combine.

Nobody has bothered to provide you with a cute title for one, but. Perhaps Shepchi or Shepherdhua may work. If any breeder makes use of these names, bear in mind you noticed them right here on this website first.

Can a German Shepherd mate with a Chihuahua?

Sure, we are able to cross a german shepherd and chihuahua and but There’s no catchy title for a german shepherd combine with chihuahua, though they will actually make puppies collectively. and that solely occurs Although the male Chihuahua might have a little bit of help mating with a German shepherd, it’s a lot safer, because the bigger canine shouldn’t have any problem carrying and delivering her litter.

German Shepherd and Chihuahua Combine

What’s The German Shepherd Chihuahua combine

Can we combine two Breeds Of Canine, The German Shepherd And The Chihuahua?

Sure, This Can Really Exist And Makes For A Fairly Attention-grabbing Wanting Companion. Of Course, This Can Solely Occur If A Male Chihuahua Breeds A Feminine Shepherd With Some Assist.

German Shepherd Chihuahua combined breeds run the gamut on the whole character spectrum. In essence, your coaching would be the key to moulding your pup right into a fascinating canine.

Nevertheless, there are nonetheless inherited traits that can have a serious impact on how your german shepherd chihuahua combine pet will behave. Ideally, you’d need the temperament and intelligence of the German Shepherd paired with the scale of the Chihuahua. However that’s not at all times the case.

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German Shepherd Combine with Chihuahua Look

Chihuahua German Shepherd Combine Dimension and Weight

Peak: 6-9 inches on the shoulder
Weight: 6 kilos.
Lifespan: 10-18 years
Peak: 22 – 26 inches on the shoulder
Weight: 75 – 95 lbs.
Lifespan: 10 – 14 years

When The Chihuahua combine with German shepherd As a combined breed, these canine can differ in look.

Bigger than a Chihuahua however smaller than a German Shepherd, the chihuahua german shepherd combine generally is a small to medium canine. German Shepherd Chihuahua Combine is prone to have a brown/black coat, resembling a German Shepherd.

However, after all, different patterns and fur colours are attainable too. The german shepherd and chihuahua combine will doubtless have brief hair, which sheds evenly. However they might even have barely longer fur, relying on the coat of their Chihuahua mother or father.

The German Shepherd combine with Chihuahua might need two layers to their coat or one, relying totally on the Chihuahua mother or father. Chihuahuas have a gentle spot on their heads, like a human child, that will or could not go away over time.

German Shepherd Chihuahua combine will weigh between eight to 60 kilos. The peak of this combined breed will doubtless be between seven to 45 inches on the shoulder.

Chihuahua German Shepherd Combine Character

Chihuahuas and German Shepherds are two superb and loyal pets, but very completely different canine breeds. Chihuahuas are cocky, bossy and a bit excessive. Her character is simply too large for her physique. You simply have to like them for a way outgoing and assured they’re like they’ve by no means seen their tiny reflection.

chihuahua german shepherd mix
german shepherd combine with chihuahua

German shepherds, alternatively, are disciplined, loyal, protecting, and cool-headed. They’re a working breed and serving to folks is of their DNA.

Mix these two and also you get the right combination! If you happen to’re fortunate, your German Shepherd Chihuahua Combine will likely be extremely smart, somewhat cussed, however nonetheless a loyal and loving pet. Nevertheless, if they aren’t nicely educated, their stubbornness can simply get uncontrolled. Then they might mirror the darkest aspect of every mother or father race’s character.

One other large downside is that this designer breed can bark. Quite a bit. And chihuahua combine with german shepherd can’t bark something particular all night time lengthy.

Because of this it’s so vital to start out setting boundaries and coaching the canine from a younger age.

German Shepherd Chihuahua Combine Temperament

German Shepherds are fiercely loyal and territorial.

The German shepherd and Chihuahua combine are additionally generally employed as legislation enforcement and army working canine.
Nevertheless, as a result of unpredictable genetics from combined breeds, when you could have a chihuahua combine with german shepherd the temperament of this breed can differ broadly. At finest, a German Shepherd Chihuahua Combine could be loyal, attentive, clever and an exquisite household pet.

At worst, this canine may guard its territory, barking at and attacking anybody and something close by. It may be extraordinarily mistrusting with strangers and never very appropriate for youngsters.

What stage of aggression a specific canine has relies on the traits it inherits.

Some breeds rating larger than common for aggression directed towards people and canine (e.g., Chihuahuas and Dachshunds).

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when you could have a Chihuahua Combine German Shepherd it will possibly change rather a lot within the physique bodily and for certain of their lifespan.

Each Chihuahuas and GSDs have pretty lengthy lifespans. Does that imply her combined breed will stay lengthy and wholesome lives too? Properly, first, let’s see how lengthy every of the mother or father breeds really lives.

Chihuahuas are one of many longest-lived canine breeds, with lifespans of as much as 20 years. Alternatively, GSDs even have an extended lifespan, nonetheless, it’s nonetheless considerably shorter than that of a Chihuahua. On common, German Shepherds stay between 12 and 14 years.

chihuahua german shepherd mix
German Shepherd Chihuahua Combine Pet

The chihuahua and german shepherd combine breed is predicted to be someplace between these two, residing to round 16 years of age. Your canine is at all times extra prone to stay an extended, more healthy life when you determine to get him from a good breeder. Please solely purchase your canine from somebody you may belief.

Getting a German Shepherd Chihuahua Combine

What’s the Worth of Chihuahua German Shepherd Combine Puppies?

That is powerful to reply as a result of there simply aren’t breeders on the market that purposely breed German Shepherds and Chihuahuas. Truthfully, you’re extra prone to discover these canine at a shelter rescue or adoption company.
the typical value of Chihuahua German Shepherd Combine Puppies vary from 1000 $ to 1500 $

However that doesn’t imply they shouldn’t obtain the identical love and care that breeder canine get. Actually, a shelter rescue could show to be much more loving and dependable than any bred or designer canine. Rescued canine—most of the time—perceive what’s occurring once you take them dwelling. They’ll really feel the love you give them and are tremendous grateful.

Deal with a shelter or rescue pup proper they usually’ll be among the many finest associates you’ve ever had. For extra info on adopting a canine, please take a look at the ASPCA and study how one can assist to save lots of and undertake an animal in want.

How you can to Get a German Shepherd Chihuahua combine puppies!

Whereas We Extremely Suggest That You Purchase One By way of A Rescue, We Perceive That Some Individuals Will Go To A Breeder To have a chihuahua combine with german shepherd pet. That Is, If They Have Any For Sale. All the time Study Your Breeders As Usually As Potential, To Guarantee You Get The Highest High quality Canine ​​Potential. When Deliberately Bred, It Is Often A German Shepherd Chihuahua Combine. If You Are In Serving to Animal Rescues Increase Cash.

Chihuahua German Shepherd Combine Information

  1. There’s little or no info obtainable concerning the German Shepherd Chihuahua combine

The german shepherd and chihuahua combine is a really uncommon crossbreed just like the panda shepherd canine. And that’s as a result of it’s not a sought-after breed. Breeders are but to mass-produce this hybrid german shepherd, and it’s unlikely they ever will. German Shepherd Combine with Chihuahua can also be a really unusual prevalence even in nature. There isn’t a manner a male German Shepherd might naturally mate with a feminine Chihuahua as a result of excessive dimension variations. Subsequently, the chance of conceiving this breed could be very small.

  1. Chihuahuas had been as soon as considered supernatural guides for the useless

Of their native Mexico, the Chihuahua’s ancestors had been usually buried with historic Aztecs. It is because they had been thought-about the spirit guides for the soul of the Aztecs as they journeyed via the underworld.

german shepherd and chihuahua mix
Chihuahua And German Shepherd Combine
  1. German shepherds had been first developed as a sheepherding breed.

The breed originated in Germany across the flip of the twentieth century to be a shepherd canine. Nevertheless, as a result of their dimension and temperament, the German Shepherd was shortly educated by the army and police to be a working canine.

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Are The German Shepherd Chihuahua Combine Canine Good for Households?

As a result of unstable nature of this breed, we don’t suggest these canine for households—particularly these with younger kids. We’re not judging all of those puppies; Nevertheless, there’s such a low stage of certainty in terms of her character.

In case your German Shepherd Chihuahua combine has the scale of a German Shepherd and the minimal endurance of a Chihuahua, issues can go south shortly in the event that they’re uncomfortable.

German Shepherd and Chihuahua Combine With different pets?

In case you are adopting a German Shepherd Chihuahua hybrid, we suggest that you just accomplish that in a single-pet family. This combined breed could not get alongside nicely with others. Each mother or father breeds are very loyal to their masters. Introducing one other pet into the combination can complicate issues, particularly in case your German Shepherd Chihuahua has the vivacity of the Chihuahua mother or father.

Are Chihuahua Blended Breeds Purebred Canine?

No. The german shepherd chihuahua combine is just not purebred, A pedigree canine is outlined by a well-defined breed normal and the combined breeds talked about above all don’t have any normal of their very own. Makes an attempt are typically made to create a brand new breed by selective breeding with two completely different breeds. Nevertheless, this endeavour is extraordinarily tough. It takes many generations till the offspring at all times have an analogous look and related traits.

Blended breeds with out a normal of their very own however purposely bred are typically known as designer canine. Maybe a breeder has fallen in love with a specific Chihuahua combine and is now trying to breed related offspring. These ought to have a particular look, a sure coat texture or sure character traits. Nevertheless, that is removed from at all times profitable. Sadly, character traits, coat coloration or dimension can’t be combined at will.

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Issues to know when you personal a Chihuahua German Shepherd combine:

Whereas there are a lot of unknown variables in terms of elevating a German Shepherd Chihuahua combine, there are a lot of issues we do know.

Meals and vitamin necessities

Your pet’s meals and dietary necessities are all based mostly in your canine’s dimension and exercise stage. Since these german shepherd and chihuahua combine can differ in dimension from small to medium sized canine, you should feed them accordingly.

Typically, a smaller canine must be fed about 1-1½ cups of a top quality canine ​​meals similar to Blue Buffalo Life Safety System Small Bites. This manner, they get the vitamin they want in a bite-sized bundle that’s simple for them to deal with. Bigger canine require between 2-3 cups of meals day by day. In that case, go for one thing larger in protein and with bigger kibble, like American Journey Beef and Candy Potato.


Each canine ​​wants a day by day dose of train. However how a lot is sufficient? This relies on your german shepherd and chihuahua combine dimension and character. Sometimes, a smaller German Shepherd Chihuahua pet would require much less train. Thirty minutes of day by day train must be greater than sufficient.

Nevertheless, in case your pup is the bigger cross dimension, it could take as much as 90 minutes day by day. That’s as a result of the German Shepherd canine are very lively canine. And in case your pup inherits this trait, you should take the time to verify he’s nicely stimulated.

german shepherd and chihuahua mix
Chihuahua and German Shepherd Combine


Early coaching is vital to success in elevating your German Shepherd Chihuahua combine. They have to start obedience coaching and socialization whereas they’re younger in order that they study correct habits round folks and different animals.

And in case your German Shepherd web page pup traces their lineage, you’re in luck. Your canine will likely be educated very simply. Nevertheless, in the event that they inherit the lovable but fiercely unbiased angle of the Chihuahua, you might need somewhat chore to do. That’s to not say the Chihuahua isn’t an clever canine—they’re. They simply love to do issues their manner.

Care ️

Irrespective of the way you take a look at it, you have to to speculate plenty of time in grooming your German shepherd Chihuahua combine. Though Chihuahuas can are available shorthair varieties, their longhair gene mixed with the German Shepherd genes produces an extended coat.

German Shepherd and Chihuahua combine want vigorous brushing a minimum of as soon as per week to maintain their coat shiny and wholesome. Additionally, weekly brushing will drastically scale back the quantity of hair loss. German shepherds are infamous for his or her extraordinarily dense double coats.

Well being and Situations

As a hybrid canine, the German Shepherd Chihuahua is technically liable to most ailments and situations that the mother or father breeds can get. Nevertheless, as a result of genetic wizardry, the chance of really growing them decreases. Subsequently, the German Shepherd Chihuahua is a comparatively wholesome canine.

However that doesn’t imply it’s invincible. They’re nonetheless liable to a wide range of well being issues. The principle situations that may have an effect on this breed are patellar luxation – or floating kneecap – and hip dysplasia. Each of those situations could be very painful and tough to deal with, however they’re treatable.

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Extra severe situations that have an effect on the German Shepherd Chihuahua are congenital coronary heart defects. These are coronary heart situations which can be inherited at delivery, together with aortic and pulmonary stenosis, mitral valve dysplasia, and endocardial fibroelastosis. Nevertheless, these situations are extraordinarily uncommon.

The commonest illnesses your combined breed could have are simply treatable and preventable, like heartworm, fleas, or different parasites. Additionally, your German Shepherd Chihuahua could be liable to weight problems. Be sure you monitor their food plan and train and they are going to be superb.

  • Minor Situations
  • parasites
  • weight problems
  • Severe Situations
  • Patella dislocation
  • hip dysplasia
  • Congenital coronary heart ailments
german shepherd mix with chihuahua
Chihuahua Combine German Shepherd

Last Ideas

Regardless of their perceived flaws, the German Shepherd and Chihuahua combine could make a really affectionate and enjoyable companion for a single proprietor. And the reality is, there’s nonetheless a lot to find out about this breed!

German Shepherd combine with Chihuahua wants plenty of carer and coaching, Nevertheless, you should take a particular strategy when adopting and elevating these puppies. The volatility of temperaments, sizes, and day by day wants between particular person puppies is simply too nice to make overarching selections concerning the breed as an entire.

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