Google’s MusicLM AI System Creates Music from Text Descriptions

Picture courtesy of Google

In at the moment’s AI world, all the craze is about ChatGPT, the free pure language processing instrument launched on Nov. 30, 2022, by OpenAI. The brand new AI-driven chatbot writes human-like solutions about any matter sooner than any subject material professional, and to some extent, it’s scary.

Final week, Google printed a analysis paper describing MusicLM, an AI-driven software program that may create music in any style from a textual content description. As well as, the generative AI system can rework buzzing or whistling sounds into songs based on the music type described within the textual content caption.

AI music and track turbines will not be new, with the likes of Amper Music, AIVA, Soundraw, Amadeus Code, or OpenAI’s Jukebox. Nevertheless, it seems to be just like the MusicLM system can ship higher music with extra selection than current software program, due to its entry to a big “dataset containing 5 million audio clips, amounting to 280,000 hours of music” to coach its mannequin.

Google doesn’t plan to launch its AI music generator however goals at supporting future analysis by releasing MusicCaps, its personal hand-curated, high-quality dataset of 5.5k music-text pairs supplied by musicians. The researchers at Google used MusicCaps to “exhibit that [their] technique outperforms baselines” (web page 8 of the paper). The scientific crew acknowledges that there’s a lengthy strategy to go to enhance the standard of the music generated by bots, together with the “modeling of high-level track construction like introduction, verse, and refrain”.

The authors of the paper assessed a number of the dangers concerned in creating such an Ai generator, together with “cultural appropriation […and] potential misappropriation of artistic content material related to the use-case”.

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