How and When to Fertilize Poinsettias

For many plant-loving people, one of many first indicators that the vacations are upon us is the assortment of poinsettias that pop up at our favourite plant retailers. These lush, tropical crops have turn into a trademark of the winter festivities, and I’m completely right here for it. 

Concerning care, poinsettias are pretty easy through the temporary interval that we take pleasure in their colourful foliage. They like a sunny spot and a average quantity of water and like to be indoors if the climate drops beneath 50°F. However what about fertilizer?

Let’s focus on a poinsettia’s fertilizer wants and methods to hold your plant wanting lush and wholesome all year long.

Why Fertilizer is Necessary

Fertilizer gives important vitamins like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for plant development and well being.

For many crops, fertilizer is a vital a part of upkeep and care. Simply as they want water and daylight, crops want sure vitamins to thrive and produce new, wholesome development. These vitamins come from the soil, and infrequently, we have now to replenish these vitamins. We do that with fertilizer. 

Most fertilizers are bought based mostly on the quantity of three macronutrients they comprise. The vitamins nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium shall be listed on the packaging in response to the ratio of every nutrient in a selected method. For instance, a fertilizer with a ratio of 10-10-10 is taken into account to be a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer with the identical quantity of every macronutrient in its method. 

There are additionally necessary secondary and micronutrients like iron, magnesium, and calcium. These are necessary to totally different crops in their very own proper. For our functions, we’ll keep on with the macros when giving poinsettias what they should thrive. 

Do Poinsettias Want Fertilizer?

Woman holding Christmas plant poinsettia in a bright room. The woman is wearing a bright orange warm sweater. Poinsettia plant in a beautiful white decorative pot. It has lush, rusty-green foliage that is lance-shaped. The Poinsettia produces modified leaves called bracts that are bright red in color.
Poinsettias profit from fertilizer, however whether or not to use is determined by your post-holiday dedication to plant.

The quick reply to that is sure. Poinsettias enormously profit from the applying of fertilizer. The lengthy reply is a little more difficult since figuring out when, what kind, and the way you must fertilize your plant is necessary. Step one, although, is to resolve upon your degree of dedication to this plant.

You don’t must fertilize in the event you don’t intend to maintain your poinsettia after the vacations. Nevertheless, if you wish to preserve them and make them produce their stunning colours once more subsequent yr, they’ll want some additional consideration. 

Forms of Fertilizer

Close-up of a man's hand holding granular fertilizer over a large pot of soil mixture. Fertilizers are granular, consisting of many small round granules of a delicate pink color.
Select between natural (slow-release) or artificial (quick-release) fertilizers.

The fertilizer aisle at many nurseries could be an awesome place. Many alternative formulation are focused towards particular plant varieties and targets – for instance, extra inexperienced development or larger, stronger flowers. 

The 2 essential teams of fertilizers are natural and artificial. The previous is a fertilizer that derives its vitamins from pure, natural sources, and the latter is often lab-derived. For instance, natural sources may embrace bat or sea hen guano, manure, or numerous plant meals corresponding to alfalfa meal. 

The principle distinction between the 2 is their solubility. Most artificial fertilizers work on a extra fast, short-term foundation as they dissolve in water and might instantly be obtainable to the plant. In distinction, natural fertilizers take time to interrupt down and turn into plant-available however have a tendency to stay within the soil for an prolonged period of time. Each varieties come in several codecs, corresponding to liquid, granules, or pelletized formulation.

Which Fertilizer is Greatest for Poinsettias?

Close-up of female hands pouring liquid complex organic mineral fertilizer from a white plastic bottle into a transparent cap. The woman is wearing a nude T-shirt. Liquid fertilizers have a black-brown tint.
Select balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 for poinsettias, with liquid or granules, and water adequately.

Poinsettias will respect a superb high quality fertilizer that’s thought of all-purpose or balanced. This implies all three numbers within the method ratio would be the similar.

This might appear to be 5-5-5, 10-10-10, or 20-20-20. The numbers symbolize the proportions of the nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium within the combine with each other. Balanced formulation can have equal quantities of every kind of nutrient within the combine.

I desire a liquid or water-soluble fertilizer for potted crops, however granules may even work for poinsettias. Water your plant after fertilizing if utilizing a granular fertilizer, but when utilizing an artificial, don’t overfertilize because the soluble fertilizer could cause scorching to the foundation system if it’s in extra. Natural fertilizers should be moist down to start out decomposition and make their vitamins plant-available.

How Typically Do Poinsettias Want Fertilizer?

Close-up of Christmas Poinsettia in ceramic pot by the window. The Poinsettia plant dark features green, lance-shaped leaves that radiate from the stem tips. The true flowers, small and yellow, are clustered at the center of conspicuous, modified leaves called bracts. The bracts are a rich, bright red color, and resemble large, showy petals. Leaves and bracts are covered with water drops. A Christmas garland with lights hangs on the window.
There isn’t any must fertilize in the event you’re not conserving the poinsettia after the vacations.

In the event you don’t intend to maintain your plant after the vacations, you received’t must do any fertilizing. Simply benefit from the stunning plant whereas it lasts.

If, nevertheless, you intend to maintain the plant so that it’s going to produce its colourful bracts subsequent yr, fertilize it often. A great fertilizing schedule for a poinsettia is each three weeks to as soon as per 30 days. 

When is the Greatest Time to Fertilize Poinsettias?

Close-up of tiny bright red bracts emerging on top of green Poinsettia foliage. Its dark green leaves are elliptical in shape and arranged in a spiral pattern along the stems. These bracts are elliptical in shape with pointed tips.
Keep away from fertilizing poinsettias throughout bloom; wait till bracts fall, then trim and fertilize.

Whereas your poinsettia is in bloom and has its bracts intact, you don’t must fertilize. The plant shouldn’t be in an energetic rising section, so fertilizer can have a unfavorable impact. You can find yourself with yellowing leaves and a sickly-looking plant in the event you over-fertilize when the plant shouldn’t be actively rising. 

In the event you hold your plant glad by giving it a cool, sunny spot and often watering it with out leaving the soil soggy, your bracts ought to final for a number of months. After the bracts start to fall, which needs to be round April, it’s the proper time to start out giving your plant some TLC. 

To your poinsettia to bloom once more subsequent yr, some necessary steps should be taken. In any other case, you’ll find yourself with a plant that, whereas fairly, will keep inexperienced year-round. 

After your plant drops its bracts, it can appear to be it would die, however that is simply the plant getting into dormancy. Right now, reduce your plant by about ⅓. In the event you desire your plant to stay quick and bushy, reduce the stems again even farther, leaving only some leaves per department. 

That is additionally the perfect time to start fertilizing. Your plant is about to re-enter an energetic development section and can want some additional vitamins to supply new, wholesome, and strong development. Fertilize your plant at the moment after which each three to 4 weeks till it blooms as soon as once more in late fall. 

*A notice on getting your poinsettia to re-bloom.

Cooling temperatures and shortened sunlight hours let your plant know that it’s as soon as once more time to bloom. If you wish to see new bracts and flowers within the coming yr, you will want to replicate the pure seasonal change to your plant.

Since poinsettias are tropical crops, they undergo from chilly temperatures and won’t survive a frost. In the event you deliver your plant open air within the late summer time, it can naturally expertise the cooling and shortened sunlight hours of the autumn. This may encourage blooming. Simply don’t neglect to look at the forecast and convey your plant again indoors when it begins to get chilly.


Close-up of a female gardener applying Liquid fertilizer from a green watering can to potted Poinsettias plants. The woman is wearing green overalls and yellow rubber gloves. These perennial Poinsettias feature dark green, dentate leaves that radiate from a central cluster. The plant produces deep red bracts growing on top of lush green foliage.
Alter fertilizer utility based mostly on its kind.

The way you apply fertilizer will rely on the sort you select. A slow-release granular fertilizer can be utilized much less incessantly, as these have a tendency to offer vitamins for an extended time than liquid or soluble fertilizers. You can get away with fertilizing as soon as per 30 days with these, whereas a soluble fertilizer can be higher used each two weeks. 

Liquid or water-soluble fertilizers are straightforward to make use of, as you combine them with water to dilute them and work them into your regular watering routine. With these, you want much less potent fertilizer, however you’re utilizing them extra usually, balancing out fertility as a slow-release model would.

Last Ideas

Poinsettias don’t must be tossed out with the Christmas tree. Fairly, they are often saved as stunning home or container crops and even planted within the floor in hotter climates corresponding to zones September 11. Protecting your poinsettias fertilized and effectively cared for will encourage them to supply much more of their gorgeous, colourful bracts within the subsequent yr.  

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