How Much Water Does a Christmas Tree Need?

Should you’ve ever left flowers in your desk in a vase of water, you’ll be able to inform how a lot they’re taking in by watching the water degree within the vase dwindle. As soon as the water is gone, these flowers have a really restricted time earlier than they wilt and drop petals. Christmas bushes are basically the identical. So, how a lot do you really have to water them?

You’ll have heard that watering a minimize tree doesn’t matter and that it’s an pointless apply. I’m right here to let you know in any other case. In easy phrases, a minimize tree is sort of a minimize flower. It received’t look good for lengthy for those who don’t give it sufficient water. 

I’m an early decorator. I like my tree to be up and adorned the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I’d do it earlier if I knew it could final. Placing up a Christmas tree is quite a lot of work, and if I’m doing all that work, I need it to final no less than till I’ve the power to take all of it down once more.

Let’s have a look at the components that affect the quantity of water your tree wants and find out how to hold it contemporary and inexperienced via Boxing Day and past. 

The Brief Reply

Realistically, you’ll be able to’t overwater a minimize Christmas tree. You possibly can underwater it, although. Protecting your stand crammed will be sure that your minimize tree will get all of the water it wants. A dwell tree with a root ball hooked up is a unique story. Hold your dwell tree’s roots moist however by no means soggy.

The Lengthy Reply

Figuring out water wants depends upon tree sort, dimension, and indoor local weather.

The quantity of water a Christmas tree wants will depend upon a number of components. The primary is whether or not or not it’s a minimize or dwell tree; dwell bushes have roots hooked up, and chances are you’ll intend to plant the tree after the vacation and can want these roots intact.

The second issue is dimension. Bigger bushes want extra water, and smaller ones will take in much less. Lastly, the local weather inside your house determines how a lot water it’ll take in. Let’s discover additional.

Watering Your Lower Tree

An outstretched hand firmly grips a white spray bottle filled with water. The fingers exert pressure, releasing a fine mist that gracefully envelops a lush Christmas tree with vibrant green branches.
The water wants of your minimize tree depend upon its dimension and your house’s local weather.

Assuming that your tree is minimize, which is the most typical state of affairs, the quantity of water it wants depends upon two components: its dimension and the local weather inside your house. Not all climates are the identical, and never all bushes are the identical, so we glance to those two components to find out our tree’s particular wants.

Local weather

A close-up of a live Christmas tree sitting on a living room against a white backdrop. The tree is decorated with a variety of festive decorations, including fairy lights and hanging ornaments.
Indoor local weather considerably impacts the lifespan of your Christmas bushes.

Consider it or not, the local weather inside your house is a significant determinant in how lengthy your tree will stay trying contemporary and inexperienced. The most typical species used for this objective are evergreens native to gentle to chill climates. They’re accustomed to dwelling outdoor, so bringing them indoors will probably have an effect on them, and sure not positively. 

Should you dwell in a heat local weather, chances are high that the bushes on the native lot have traveled fairly an extended solution to get there. Many fir, spruce, and pines are native and tolerant solely in zone 7 or colder. 

While you dwell in a hotter local weather, your tree is probably going coping with some stress already. On this case, bringing it into your house, which is probably going cooler than the out of doors temperature, could also be a reduction.

In cooler climates, your tree is likely to be doing wonderful on the lot, however bringing it into the home could be a difficulty as you’ll doubtless be operating the warmth by this time. Heating the house dries out the air. Dry, heat air is lethal for many of a lot of these bushes. The hotter and drier the home, the shorter time they’ll look wholesome. 

Happily, watering helps. Watering is way more necessary if your house is heat and dry. Misting frivolously with water additionally helps hold the needles inexperienced and intact. Relying in your ornaments, this won’t be a chance.


A person's hand firmly grips a bright yellow tape measure, positioning it around the substantial girth of a robust tree trunk. The hand's fingers curve, applying just the right amount of pressure to ensure an accurate measurement.
Measuring trunk diameter is a greater solution to decide how a lot water your tree wants.

Not surprisingly, dimension is one other consider how a lot water it’ll soak up. A nine-foot tree will want considerably extra water than a three-foot tree. Nonetheless, a six-foot tree with an eight-foot department unfold will doubtless want as a lot as that nine-footer, so peak alone isn’t at all times the way in which to make the decision.

Higher than peak, measuring the diameter of the trunk is a greater solution to decide how a lot water your tree will want day by day. Dimension may also, extra doubtless than not, affect the dimensions of your stand. An even bigger stand may have a blogger reservoir, permitting you to water much less steadily. 

I extremely suggest getting the biggest stand your area will accommodate. Whilst you don’t wish to depart your tree festering in stagnant water, you don’t need it to expire for those who get busy and overlook for a day or two. 

The vacations are busy, and it’s simple to miss this process, so get the larger tree stand. It is going to be value having. On the very least, it ought to maintain no less than one full day’s value of water, or you’ll drive your self loopy.

So, How A lot is Sufficient?

A close-up of a Christmas tree soaking its cut trunk in a bowl of water. The bowl is green and filled with water.
Correctly water your Christmas tree day by day based mostly on its trunk diameter.

For the primary seven to 10 days, your tree will do extra consuming than it’ll after that. It’s important to make sure a clear minimize on the trunk and hold it watered throughout this era. After the primary one to 2 weeks, it’ll soak up much less water because it begins drying out. Protecting it watered from the start is crucial to slowing down this course of. 

To find out the minimal day by day quantity of water wanted, measure the trunk’s diameter on the backside, which would be the largest half. Assume that for each inch of trunk diameter, your tree will want no less than one quart of water day by day. 

Meaning a trunk 4 inches in diameter wants a stand that holds no less than one gallon of water, ideally two. It’s nearly not possible to overwater a sizeable Christmas tree. Hold the reservoir crammed whether it is on the smaller facet and isn’t taking within the water you give it over two to 3 days.

Do Components Work to Extend the Lifetime of a Tree?

A close-up of a wet pine tree glistening in the rain, showcasing droplets clinging to its verdant needles. The moisture enhances the texture and scent, adding a serene, refreshing aura to the forest.
Utilizing components within the water is usually pointless and probably dangerous.

There are lots of suggestions on the market concerning what you’ll be able to add to your water to delay the lifetime of your tree. Chances are high fairly stable that the Christmas lot may have no less than one sort of additive readily available that they are going to be very happy to promote to you.

Whereas some objects are ineffective, others could be downright dangerous. So long as you provide loads of clear, contemporary faucet water, different preservatives aren’t needed and will do extra hurt than good. 

Watering a Dwell Tree

Spraying water on the Christmas tree from spray bottle at home
Dwell Christmas bushes with root balls want totally different care than minimize bushes.

A dwell tree, or one which has a root ball hooked up, is a wholly totally different animal than a minimize one. Consider the distinction between a potted plant and a bouquet of minimize flowers. They’re each stunning, however their wants are totally different, so we should deal with them as such. 

A dwell tree is trickier than minimize for just a few causes. For one factor, you’ll be able to solely hold your dwell tree in the home briefly, otherwise you threat pushing it out of dormancy. If this occurs, there’s a stable likelihood that you’ll lose it to chilly injury. 

The overall rule in watering a dwell Christmas tree is to maintain the basis ball moist. You don’t need water pooling within the container the place you’ve set the basis ball. The quantity of water will depend upon the general dimension, the basis ball, and the local weather inside the house.

This may be less complicated in case your tree is potted than if the roots are uncovered. A very good high quality potting soil can retain moisture pretty effectively, however you additionally don’t need the container in standing water vulnerable to root rot earlier than you’ll be able to plant it later.

Ultimate Ideas

Who amongst us needs to undergo all of the work of placing up and adorning a Christmas tree, solely to have it flip brown and lose its needles earlier than the massive day even arrives? Definitely not me, and I wager that even the Grinch would agree. To maintain your tree contemporary and inexperienced, water it day by day with clear faucet water.

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