How to Grow Borage Microgreens Fast and Easy

Borage is well-known for its vividly blue, star-shaped flowers. However, this plant isn’t all seems to be – it additionally grows scrumptious microgreens! Borage microgreens have a robust cucumber taste that’s additionally been likened to cantaloupe, lemon, and even celery. It’s usually grown as a substitute of cucumber microgreens, though they aren’t associated. When you prefer to make smoothies, tea, and even fancy alcoholic drinks, borage microgreens are good in your backyard!

Borage microgreens are harvested when every seed’s cotyledons are totally opened. These tasty leaves are gentle inexperienced, considerably succulent, and really crunchy. Like the marginally furry mature borage plant, borage microgreens have tiny hairs on the leaves, however not sufficient that they aren’t palatable.

One in every of our favourite issues about microgreens is that they’ve a better focus of vitamins than full-grown vegetation. The little inexperienced leaves on borage microgreens pack a strong punch of Vitamin C, Vitamin Ok, fiber, and folic acid (the final of which is able to assist genetic materials improvement). Only a handful of them added to your salads, sandwiches, or smoothies will enhance the dietary worth dramatically. They’re really easy to include into your weight loss program that rising borage microgreens is certain to spice up your immune system.

The perfect a part of all? It’s tremendous simple to develop borage microgreens! They’ve the identical care necessities as most microgreens and aren’t notably choosy. It solely takes 10-20 days for borage microgreens to finish germination and mature, so you can be having fun with their advantages just some weeks from now!

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Borage Microgreens Fast Data

Taste: Cucumber, melon, celery, and lemony style
Soak: No
Rinse/Drain: No
Germination: 7-10 days
Very best Harvest: 10-21 days

Rising Borage Microgreens

Borage seeds. Supply: John and Anni

Rising microgreens is an easy enterprise – and borage microgreens are not any exception. With some easy directions, you’ll be able to shortly create a mini forest of ultra-nutritious borage.


Right here’s what you’ll must construct your microgreen backyard:

  • Seeds: any number of borage seeds, such because the borage microgreen seeds from True Leaf Market
  • Rising medium: we choose Espoma’s seed beginning combine or coconut coir
  • Gentle: buy a T5 develop gentle for one of the best outcomes
  • Rising trays: one tray with drainage holes and one stable tray
  • Small weight: a rock, brick, or something beneath 5 kilos
  • Kitchen shears
  • Misting bottle

Microgreen seeds want fine-grained, well-draining soil. Seed beginning soil is ideal because it doesn’t have any massive particles that the newborn roots need to navigate round. It’s also possible to use coconut coir soil, which is superb at staying moist with out drawing the borage microgreen seeds. When you’re feeling further adventurous, borage microgreens are one of many few microgreens that may full germination and develop hydroponically in a soilless medium.

It’s simple to disregard the develop gentle requirement, particularly because it’s a pricier merchandise to buy. When you can plant and domesticate borage microgreens beneath daylight, you’ll have way more success with the beneficial develop gentle. To get a fair, dense mat of wholesome microgreens, the sunshine supply must be very shut and instantly above them. Since borage microgreens are grown indoors, develop lights are much more important for creating an accessible microgreens backyard.


Borage seeds seem like some distant cousin of a peanut shell. With that textured shell, you’d suppose borage microgreens seeds must pre-soak, however they don’t! You possibly can bounce straight into planting your borage microgreen seeds.


Earlier than you begin sowing your borage seeds, you’ll must prep the soil. Seize the rising tray with holes and fill it just under the rim together with your selection of potting soil. Barely tamp down the soil floor and clean it out as evenly as attainable.

As a substitute of sowing the microgreen seeds individually, sprinkle all of them throughout the soil floor. The seeds ought to go proper as much as the sting of the tray, as if you happen to had been planting a plot of grass. Though we would like a great amount of seeds per tray, make sure that they aren’t overlapping.

Identical to we skipped soaking, we’ll skip overlaying the tray of seeds with soil. As a substitute, give the seeds a great misting of water and place the second rising tray instantly on prime. Set your small weight on prime to maintain the quilt tray in place. This added weight may also encourage the borage microgreens to develop sturdy stems after germination.

Borage microgreens seeds take wherever from 5-10 days to germinate (some could also be as early as 2 days!). Throughout this time, hold the quilt tray in place. You possibly can peek in once in a while to see what number of seeds have germinated. We’re capturing for a 90% germination fee earlier than shifting on to regular microgreens upkeep. When sufficient borage microgreens seeds have sprouted, they’ll push up the highest tray and weight, signaling to you that they’re prepared for some gentle.


While you first take away the rising tray, your borage microgreen seedlings will probably be white and a bit of smushed. To not fear, although, as a result of we’ve got a develop gentle! Place your gentle a foot or two instantly above the borage microgreens trays and switch it on for at the very least 6 hours a day. The weak-looking borage microgreens will shortly stretch as much as the sunshine and produce chlorophyll, turning them a mild shade of inexperienced.

By this time, your trays of borage microgreens could also be thirsty. If the soil is beginning to dry out, you’ll want to begin backside watering. This technique is ideal for rising microgreens as a result of it wets the tray soil whereas protecting the borage microgreens dry. Plus, you’ll get to reuse your cowl tray.

Fill your stable tray with an inch or two of water and set the borage rising tray inside it. The borage microgreens and soil will absorb water by the drainage holes with out getting a drop on the younger leaves. The result’s totally watering your vegetation with out accumulating soil floor moisture that invitations micro organism development.


Borage microgreens
Borage microgreens.

Your borage microgreens are prepared to reap when the seed-leaves have totally developed. You might even see some true leaves beginning to kind. We need to harvest earlier than these true inexperienced leaves develop in although as a result of the flavour profile will begin to change (to not point out the roots will run out of room of their shallow trays!). When you’re dying to see the blue flowers this plant can produce, transplant among the borage someplace roomier.

Seize your kitchen scissors and clip the borage microgreens in small-quantity bunches. Except you’re planning a giant meal, you could need to stagger your harvesting over a couple of days. Borage microgreens style one of the best proper after they’re harvested and don’t retailer very effectively.

Sadly, borage microgreens solely produce one crop. After accumulating your sprouted seedlings, throw the leftover soil and plant materials into your compost bin. In your subsequent spherical of sowing and rising, wash the trays and use new soil.


As soon as harvested, maintain off on washing your borage microgreens till you’re nearly to make use of them. Use your harvest as a uncooked garnish on prime of salads, bundled in sandwiches, or steeped in tea.

When you harvested a bit an excessive amount of, you’ll be able to retailer the additional borage microgreens for 5-10 days. To maintain them as contemporary as attainable, wrap them in a paper towel, seal them in a container, and stash them within the crisper drawer of your fridge. Each few days, you’ll need to open the container and alter out the paper towel (an excessive amount of moisture within the container will make the borage microgreens harvest go unhealthy).

Steadily Requested Questions

Q: How do you develop borage microgreens?

A: Borage microgreens are very commonplace to develop. You’ll must sprout the seeds in shallow trays, place some develop lights, and backside water with a second rising tray. The top result’s trays of joyful, wholesome borage microgreens with a crunchy texture and scrumptious taste!

Q: Which microgreens shouldn’t be eaten?

A: Microgreens are grown for his or her seedleaves, not fruit, so we often don’t eat any that don’t have edible leaves (this consists of tomatoes and different nightshade vegetation). Nevertheless, some vegetation with inedible leaves are effective to eat on the microgreens stage, comparable to clover microgreens.

Q: What are the highest 5 microgreens?

A: It’s laborious to decide on favorites, however radishes, broccoli, arugula, sunflowers, and peas are among the many best microgreens to develop. Nevertheless, if you happen to’re searching for a extra thrilling crop, we extremely suggest rising purple cabbage or sorrel microgreens from seeds.

Q: Is borage simple to develop from seed?

A: Very simple! These microgreen seeds full germination in a couple of week and produce cute little leaves coated in tiny hairs. In actual fact, you’ll get to reap the sprouted seeds in just some weeks after planting the trays.

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