How to handle attention-seeking barking

There are plenty of occasions the place canines barking is useful. Once they inform us they should go exterior, or they want extra water, or there’s a raccoon digging in your backyard! However what do you do when your canine is barking for consideration? We share useful ideas from our buddies on the ASPCA. 

What does my canine’s bark imply? 

It’s vital to ensure you know the explanations behind your canine’s bark. It might be territorial, greeting, socially motivated – these causes are damaged down right here. 

Whether it is attention-seeking barking, it’s vital to know this behaviour isn’t accidentally. That is discovered behaviour, even when it wasn’t your intention as a pet dad or mum.  

What to do in regards to the behaviour? 

The vital factor with this behaviour is to not reward your canine for barking. Though this can be difficult, the ASPCA advises ignoring the barking .  

To canines, even scolding or speaking to them could be seen as rewarding consideration. As an alternative, use your physique language to make it clear to your canine you’ll not reward their behaviour. This may occasionally seem like turning away and leaving the room. When your canine stops barking, that is your alternative to ask him to sit down, and supply what he was asking for (consideration, play, coming inside/exterior). 

Educating various behaviour 

One other technique of coping with this behaviour might be to show another behaviour. 

For instance in case your canine is barking at you for consideration, work on instructing a sit for consideration as a substitute.  Begin with when your canine is quiet, ask them to sit down. hwen your canine sits, present numerous consideration and even begin a play session. Proceed this a number of occasions a day, solely giving consideration to your canine when they’re sitting quietly. 

Lastly, you wish to ensure you’re usually searching for out your canine to present him consideration when he’s not barking. This might be giving him a deal with, verbal reward, or petting. 

We hope you discovered the following tips useful! For extra info on barking behaviours, click on right here! 

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