How to Make Pothos Fuller: 5 Easy Tips

Pothos, additionally identified by the names satan’s ivy, silver vine, cash plant, and so forth., is arguably the preferred houseplant of all time. With its engaging, heart-shaped leaves (to not be confused with a heartleaf philodendron), trailing vine-like look, and its means to purify indoor air, pothos crops are an excellent alternative on your dwelling or workplace.


Most of us need to know methods to make pothos fuller – giving it that good, bushy vine look. Listed below are 5 care ideas that ought to allow you to out!

Methodology 1: Correctly Prune Your Plant

You may’t beat the best way pothos comes from a nursery – tight, compact, and bushy! Supply: floresyplantas.internet

To get that bushy look, pothos crops require a pruning routine. Should you don’t prune them, the stems will preserve trailing and looking out thinner and thinner. They’ll typically develop into areas with even much less mild, resulting in extra sparse leaves and an general non-sculpted look.

Instruments Wanted

The primary and best methodology is to prune your pothos plant correctly. You may encourage branching, bushiness, and provides the plant the trimming it wants for optimum form.

If you would like a fuller-looking plant from the highest, merely take your pruning shears and lower off the stems which might be rising out and down so new development begins to department out from the highest of the plant.

When pruning your pothos, lower slightly below a leaf node. This manner you’re not leaving any naked stem with out new development on the finish.

If it pains you to throw away these prunings, be certain that to trim the stem a bit and use as cuttings for propgation!

Try my YouTube video on pothos propgation when you’re curious.

Methodology 2: Fertilize Your Pothos

Pothos should not heavy feeders and don’t require fertilizer, however if you wish to spur extra development you’ll want to offer them a bit of enhance. Should you’ve been rising it in the identical container for years, take into account this methodology excessive precedence.

It’s possible you’ll use compost or liquid seaweed answer for fertilizing the soil at the very least a few times a month. This can enhance the foliage development and make the plant look heavier and fuller.

For a strong fertilizer, sprinkle the beneficial quantity on prime of the soil and evenly combine in utilizing a hand trowel. Water the plant to activate the fertilizer.

Should you’re utilizing a liquid fertilizer, combine the required quantity of fertilizer and water in a watering can after which pour the answer within the pot, as when you’re watering it. It helps to dilute to about half energy in order to not burn the plant.

In case you have a water-growing Pothos plant, I don’t advocate including fertilizer to it. It would entice algal development and trigger the plant to rot. As an alternative, changing the water each week can do exactly high-quality.

It’s essential to keep in mind that an excessive amount of fertilizer can harm the plant. Should you suspect fertilizer build-up within the soil, you possibly can take away the plant from the soil after which replant it with new soil. Instead, you can even drench the soil repeatedly with water and let it drain.

Methodology 3: Give it Extra Solar

Moving your pothos into an area with more sun will spur the growth of the plant considerably.
Shifting your pothos into an space with extra solar will spur the expansion of the plant significantly. Supply: Shihchuan

You might need observed that pothos crops which might be saved in well-lit locations look denser and greener. That’s just because they want a great quantity of daylight to thrive. Vegetation which might be left in darkish corners develop slowly, lose their variegation, and have a skinny look. It’s because the plant is stretching in direction of the sunshine, so the gap between every new leaf node is prolonged, inflicting a skinny look.

Nevertheless, there’s a catch. You can not expose them to direct daylight. Pothos requires a cautious steadiness of vivid but oblique daylight.

Place your crops at well-lit areas round your home the place they’ll take pleasure in oblique daylight. The most suitable choice is a few toes away from a south, east, or west-facing window – don’t be afraid to put them shut!

Methodology 4: Maintain Them Properly-Watered

The best way to water container crops 101 from my YouTube channel.

Curled up leaves and browning of leaf edges are basic indicators of a dehydrated pothos plant. Plan a watering schedule on your crops if you need them to look fuller and keep wholesome. Take away any broken leaves from the plant and water it usually to assist it recuperate.

Nevertheless, you need to watch out along with your watering schedule for pothos. An excessive amount of water may also have antagonistic results on their well being.

Take a watering can to water the crops till some water flows by the drainage holes. However earlier than you do your subsequent watering session, make it possible for the soil has fully dried out.

You are able to do a fast sticky take a look at to substantiate this. Simply contact the soil and barely press it along with your fingers. If the soil sticks to your fingers, it means it’s nonetheless not dry. Wait till it’s no extra moist after which water the plant once more.

Methodology 5: Make Certain It’s The Proper Temperature

Pothos prefer to reside in temperatures throughout the vary of 65-85°F (19-29°C). If the crops are uncovered to temperature stress they start wanting limp and the leaves begin to shrivel. Extended and direct solar publicity or intense warmth could even result in leaf burn, which definitely doesn’t assist bushiness!

As you possibly can see, pothos is a reasonably easy plant. So long as you prune correctly after which optimize the remainder of its rising circumstances so it’s in a spot the place it would completely thrive, you must begin to see it bush up and look extra full very quickly.

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