How to Plant Your Live Christmas Tree

Buying and planting a reside Christmas tree is an thrilling endeavor. Stay timber are nice for the surroundings, scent incredible, and evoke a lifetime of candy vacation reminiscences within the backyard. This sentimental plant can grace your yard for years and even lifetimes. 

As a toddler, my father all the time insisted on a reside tree, and so they nonetheless stand in his yard greater than 4 many years later. Naturally, they’re now not the compact pyramids in our lounge. As a substitute, these towering firs and spruce timber solid an imposing determine within the panorama and supply houses for birds and different woodland creatures. 

Choosing the proper sort is important to purchasing a reside tree for the vacation, as is the care you give it main as much as planting time. Equally as vital, or much more very important, is realizing when and plant it after the vacation has handed. Listed here are some simple steps to observe to make sure your tree lives to grow to be a towering evergreen.

Plan Forward

Earlier than planting your reside tree, contemplate your local weather zone and the timing of the bottom freeze.

In lots of local weather zones, December brings a tough freeze if it hasn’t occurred earlier than that time. You will need to contemplate when the bottom freezes in your local weather zone in an effort to put together to plant your Christmas tree as quickly as the vacation is over.

In hotter climates, zones 8 and up, as an illustration, the bottom could by no means freeze, and your soil could also be workable throughout winter. In cooler climates, you have to prep your planting space earlier than you might be able to plant. 

Examine some dependable sources to find out when your space will seemingly expertise a tough freeze, and pay shut consideration to the forecast for any shock chilly fronts. As soon as the chilly units in, digging a gap to plant a big tree might be very troublesome.

Select a Location

A beautifully manicured garden with a lush green grass lawn stretches out. In the background, towering trees provide shade and a tranquil backdrop, creating a serene oasis in the heart of nature.
Be aware of close by crops, because the rising tree could solid a considerable shadow and affect them.

Earlier than you pull out that shovel, be sure to have chosen the correct spot in your reside tree to develop into its mature type. Many types generally bought as reside Christmas timber are younger and can mature into a lot bigger timber over time, so that they must be planted in a spot the place they’ve room to develop. 

Select a spot that may accommodate your tree because it grows bigger. Contemplate the opposite crops across the space and the way they could be affected as your evergreen begins to solid a big shadow. Go away your self some house from buildings as nicely. Giant timber have massive root techniques, and a sizeable tree can injury a house’s basis.

A towering evergreen may go higher in a much less outstanding location than extra decorative and compact timber. An evergreen all the time makes an amazing foundational plant for the panorama and an exquisite backdrop for different, extra decorative crops. 

Put together a Spot Early

Now that you realize the place to plant your Christmas tree, it’s time to organize the positioning. That is the place timing and temperature enter the equation. You wish to accomplish this job earlier than the bottom freezes an excessive amount of to make headway along with your auger, shovel, or post-hole digger, the final being what my husband makes use of after I want a sizeable gap to plant one thing in. 

Take a look at and Amend the Soil

A close-up captures an old shovel caked in dirt and firmly anchored in rich brown garden soil. It's a testament to years of hard work, standing ready for the next gardening task.
For any gardener, performing periodic soil exams proves to be a priceless apply.

Many fascinating reside Christmas timber have particular soil wants. They like moisture however well-drained soil, and most desire barely acidic soil. Soil that’s too alkaline won’t break down the vitamins in a method your tree can make the most of.

An occasional soil take a look at is a priceless device for any gardener. It’s good to concentrate on the vitamins in your soil, the pH, and the soil composition. In case your soil is alkaline or lacks vitamins, it’s possible you’ll must do some amending. 

Nevertheless, do not forget that when you can amend the outlet you’ve dug, you may’t amend the bottom round that gap as simply. The tree’s roots will finally unfold exterior the house you amended, and that’s to be anticipated. In case you can present optimum situations to gasoline the tree’s preliminary development, it buys a while for the tree to adapt to your native soil.

Dig the Gap

A man, wearing sturdy black boots, skillfully wields a shovel, excavating a hole in brown soil. As he digs, the earth's richness is exposed, with vibrant green grasses peeking through the freshly turned soil.
A wider gap supplies flexibility for positioning and free soil for brand spanking new roots.

If you realize the scale of the basis ball that your tree will include, you could be extra exact with this step. If not, no worries; simply dig just a little bigger than you anticipate, and it is possible for you to to regulate the outlet depth at planting time. 

When planting your Christmas tree, dig a gap as deep and twice as large because the tree’s root ball. You don’t must plant your tree any deeper than the floor of the bottom round it, so no must dig deeper. Digging a gap wider than the basis ball gives you some wiggle room for positioning and provides the tree some free soil that may go simple on the newly forming roots.

If potential, make your gap sq. as a substitute of spherical, notably in case you have clay-rich soil. A spherical gap can act very like a nursery pot in tougher soil, and the roots might be extra liable to circle. Nevertheless, in a sq. gap, the roots attain a nook and are much less prone to spiral; their development might be directed outward as a substitute of in a circle.

Retailer the Soil

A close-up of a white sack filled with horse manure, rich in nutrients and organic matter. This nutrient-rich manure is used for fertilizing the soil, enhancing its fertility and promoting healthy plant growth.
Do not forget that the outlet for the tree ought to be wider than the basis ball.

As a result of the outlet might be significantly wider than the basis ball of your tree, you’ll need to backfill the outlet when planting your tree. If you dig, save the eliminated soil in an area the place it gained’t freeze so you need to use it to backfill after planting.

A storage or shed is an efficient place to retailer soil. You possibly can put it in a trash bag or different massive container and set it apart till you might be able to plant. 

Fill the Gap and Cowl It

The garden beds are filled with straw mulch, a golden layer that conserves moisture and suppresses weeds. This organic gardening technique helps maintain soil health and nourishes the plants.
To keep up the outlet’s form in case of rain, fill it with straw or mulch.

Fill the outlet with some straw or mulch to take care of the form in case of rain. Make certain to make use of one thing that gained’t freeze and grow to be unimaginable to take away when the time comes.

Then, in case you are involved that somebody may get harm or fall into the outlet, it’s a good suggestion to cowl it with plywood. This may even assist to stop the bottom from freezing, relying on the local weather. 

Maintain Your Tree Hydrated

A close-up of wet pine tree leaves glistening in water during the rainy season. The rain has saturated the pine leaves, creating a fresh and vibrant image that reflects the beauty of nature during this wet season.
If you deliver your tree inside, restrict its indoor time to every week.

Be certain that whereas your tree is in its container or burlap, you retain it good and hydrated. Pine and different evergreen timber can dissipate a variety of water.

Solely deliver your tree into the home for every week on the most, and place it in a cool spot, if potential, away from any heating home equipment or vents. Most reside timber want the cooler winter climate to stay dormant.

Transition Your Tree to the Outdoor

A close-up of a gardener wearing gloves, carefully examining the condition of the spruce tree branches, adorned with lush green leaves. This diligent inspection ensures the tree's health and vitality in the garden.
To guard the tree, it’s essential to not set off early “spring” by breaking its dormancy.

The target is to not “wake the tree up” or deliver it out of dormancy. It’s a good suggestion to take a couple of days to transition the tree on both facet of bringing it indoors.

A great way to do that is to deliver the tree right into a coated porch space, the storage, or an unheated greenhouse for a couple of days earlier than bringing it indoors. This may create a extra gradual warming, the way in which that temperature would possibly naturally fluctuate all through the winter.

Bringing the tree straight into the heat may set off it to return to an lively development stage. New development is susceptible to the chilly, which makes all the tree extra susceptible. You wish to maintain that tree from letting down its defenses. Repeat this course of while you transfer your tree again exterior to keep away from stunning it with sudden, chilly situations. 

Plant Your Tree

A young man is planting a small Christmas tree in the garden. The tree, with its evergreen foliage, is nestled in rich soil amidst the lush green grass, ready to bring festive joy in the holiday season.
Guarantee the basis ball is positioned barely above the bottom degree, permitting for a little bit of settling.

If you end up able to plant your Christmas tree, uncover and empty the outlet you have got saved. The foundation ball ought to sit barely (two or three inches) above the encircling earth. There’s prone to be some settling. If you have to increase the tree up, fill the outlet in barely with the soil that you just saved from digging the outlet. 

Place the tree within the route that you just desire. Whereas the form of most evergreens modifications as they mature, they may retain a pyramidal form for the following a number of years, so be sure to just like the facet going through towards essentially the most high-traffic space of the backyard

Backfill the outlet across the root ball and tamp down the soil with a shovel or your foot to get rid of air bubbles that would probably lead to chilly injury to the younger roots. End up with a pleasant thick layer of mulch to insulate the roots. Water totally after planting.


A close-up of a hand carrying a white water spray bottle, gently misting the branches of a Christmas tree. The tree's lush green branches, adorned with leaves and ornaments, glisten with tiny droplets, enhancing its festive beauty and aroma.
Maintain off on fertilizing till spring when the bottom has fully thawed.

Your tree will want additional care the primary 12 months after planting. Winter just isn’t the best time to plant a tree, so the primary few months are a very powerful for the tree to outlive and get established. 

Maintain your tree watered often throughout spring and all through the summer season as nicely. It’s also vital to water throughout any heat spells. Any time there’s a likelihood for the soil to thaw, your tree will need water. Evergreens use a variety of moisture, which is most crucial through the first 12 months. Proceed to water your tree, and water it deeply all through the approaching 12 months. 

Resist the urge to fertilize till the bottom thaws for good in spring. You don’t wish to encourage new development till it’s heat sufficient for the brand new development to outlive. If you fertilize, which solely must be annually in spring, use a 10-8-15 full fertilizer. 

So long as your soil is barely acidic, your tree shouldn’t want added vitamins. Over time, the needles dropped by the tree will assist to extend the soil’s acidity, however it’s possible you’ll must amend the soil to provide your tree a superb begin.

Ultimate Ideas

With just a little TLC, your reside Christmas tree ought to deliver pleasure and nostalgia for a lifetime. A shocking evergreen is a wonderful sight within the winter backyard and a welcome residence for birds and different wildlife. Most of those timber produce cones or fruit that assist to feed overwintering birds and create an exquisite backdrop for different crops in your panorama.

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