How to recognize stress in pets

Do you know that identical to people, our furry companions also can expertise stress? Listed here are a couple of pointers in figuring out stress in your furry buddy based mostly on their posture and adjustments in behaviour. 

Widespread indicators of stress and behavioural decline: 
  • Extreme vocalization 
  • Lack of regular self-maintenance behaviour i.e. consuming, grooming 
  • Extreme grooming, probably inflicting harm 
  • Despair, listlessness 
  • Stereotypies reminiscent of spinning or compulsive behaviour 
  • Inappropriate elimination 
  • Feigned sleep 

When you’ve got an animal exhibiting different indicators that you’re uncertain about, please click on right here for a extra detailed listing of indicators of stress.  


Ongoing stressors could cause an escalation of the canine’s state from gentle nervousness to aggressive behaviour, as illustrated within the diagram beneath: 

For extra data, click on right here. 


Ongoing stressors can severely affect or compromise a cat’s immune standing and bodily well being. See beneath for graphic examples of progressive states from gentle nervousness to defensive aggression. 

cat diagram body hunched, recognizing stress, stressors in pets

cat diagram arched back, recognizing stress, stressors in pets

cat diagram showing agression, recognizing stress, stressors in pets

For extra particulars concerning behavioural indicators and postures, click on right here. 

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