How to train cats to do agility courses

In North America, when you consider pet agility programs, chances are you’ll suppose solely of canine leaping over bars and thru hoops. In actuality, many different pets may also do agility programs, and do them properly! 

In at this time’s weblog, we talk about agility programs, and the way your cat might be educated to do them. 

Discovering motivation 

In relation to coaching in agility, canine are motivated by exterior sources similar to meals, toys and social reward or consideration. 

Cats, however, get rewarded for issues they do for themselves and are extra internally motivated. Regardless of this, you must be capable to prepare any animal if you will discover out one factor: what motivates them? 

For cats, that factor might be a sort of meals or deal with, like tuna or hen. It may be a particular toy, or a cat nip toy that motivates them. Remember you solely want to offer them a little bit style for this coaching – you’re going to be giving plenty of rewards, so that you don’t wish to give your cat an excessive amount of. 


As soon as you understand their motivation, you can begin adjusting their behaviour in tiny steps. Cats can get bored simply, so it’s vital to maintain issues attention-grabbing whereas coaching. 

One other factor that’s vital is to offer a deal with instantly so it’s clear to the cat what they’re being rewarded for. If the deal with is given even a number of seconds later, the cat could affiliate the reward with one thing else completely. 

You can additionally use clicker coaching to work along with your cat. Take a look at this weblog for extra info. 

Well being advantages 

There are numerous well being advantages to coaching your animals in agility. The primary profit is cardio; it burns off your animal’s further energy. With this train, you’re additionally preserving their muscle tone robust by preserving the joints shifting in order that they don’t stiffen up. 

That is additionally a terrific exercise for psychological stimulation, which is able to hold your cat happier, and fewer more likely to get into bother in different areas. 

How do I do know if my cat can do agility programs? 

It’s vital to talk to your veterinarian earlier than beginning any train program along with your pet. Nonetheless, usually, most cats can study agility programs, nevertheless it comes right down to the person, and should you’re capable of finding out what motivates them. To assist your cat succeed, all the time begin coaching in a safe space of the house the place your cat feels comfy.  

A key to coaching is to be very affected person and to acknowledge all the things takes time. For instance, should you’re making an attempt to get your cat to run by a tube, you can begin with the tube rolled up, so it’s only a hoop your cat steps by. From there, you possibly can open it an inch at a time till your cat can undergo it. 

For extra info on cat agility coaching, head to the ICAT (Worldwide Cat Agility Tournaments) web site. 

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