How to train your cat to wear a collar

It’s possible you’ll sometimes affiliate collars with canines, however cats can be skilled to put on them. Along with microchipping, a collar with identification tags can help in getting the cat again dwelling if it will get misplaced. 

That will help you, listed below are some suggestions from our Shelter Well being Professional web site on coaching your cat to put on a collar.

Recommendations on selecting and becoming a collar
  • Select a collar with an elastic insert (“stretch” collar) or fast launch mechanism (pop-away collars), in order that your cat can free itself ought to it turn into entangled in something
  • The collar needs to be cosy sufficient to not pull over the cat’s head simply, however unfastened sufficient so that you can match two fingers between the collar and the cat’s neck. Reduce off lengthy collar ends after becoming the collar.
Getting the cat used to the collar:

The cat won’t admire a collar at first, however with endurance and consistency you possibly can educate them to just accept a collar. Select a peaceful time to your cat’s first introduction to the collar. If you happen to attempt to put the collar in your cat when she or he is already burdened, you’re more likely to encounter resistance.

  • First put the collar on the bottom so the cat can examine and play with it.
  • Spray with Feliway, which is a relaxing pheromone for the cat. 
  • One other method is to rub a facecloth gently across the cat’s mouth and cheeks to get among the cat’s personal scent, then rub the collar with the fabric so the collar smells acquainted. Rubbing the collar on the cat’s bedding might also show efficient.
  • As soon as the collar is on, use reassuring phrases and loads of treats to reward the cat, and let her or him get used to it for a short while earlier than taking it off.
  • It’s best to purpose to do that each day for steadily growing lengths of time till it appears the cat is getting increasingly more comfy with carrying the collar.

Quick classes, rewards, persistence and endurance are essential for fulfillment!


At first, it’s possible you’ll uncover that the cat turns into intelligent at slipping the collar off. Every time this occurs, merely change the collar and provides rewards and play. Verify that the collar is fitted correctly. Ultimately most cats will get used to carrying a collar.

Go to this useful resource on our web site for extra tips about selecting and becoming a collar, and getting the cat acclimatized to the collar.

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