Is Christmas Cactus Safe for Cats?

Selecting a brand new houseplant to carry into your property generally is a actually enjoyable course of. There are such a lot of stunning choices to select from. Nevertheless, making the correct alternative may be difficult whenever you think about your pets. Some choices are utterly protected for animals, whereas others are poisonous. Who knew being a accountable pet proprietor and plant proprietor could possibly be so tough?

Christmas cacti are widespread succulents, well-loved for his or her bright-colored flowers that bloom all through winter. Their flattened leaves make up the stems and provides them their stunning draping look. They’re very fashionable houseplants as a result of they’re straightforward to take care of and add colour to our properties when there isn’t a lot colour from our different crops. 

When you’ve got been interested by getting a Christmas cactus or have one already and are contemplating getting a cat, learn on. Let’s study if this plant is poisonous to cats and what you are able to do to maintain each your pets and crops protected and joyful. 

The Quick Reply

Good news for cat house owners: in response to the ASPCA, Christmas cactus is non-toxic to cats! Neither the flowers nor the leaves pose any risk to you or your critters.

The Lengthy Reply

Christmas cacti, protected for cats and canines, carry pleasure to pet-friendly properties.

Christmas cacti are, fortunately, non-toxic to cats, canines, and people. It’s best to really feel very joyful and protected when selecting this plant to stay in your house amongst your furry and not-so-furry household.

After all, cats are curious. Whereas these crops are protected, nibbling on the flowers or leaves could trigger different points. Your crops might expertise breakage. Containers might fall to the bottom, inflicting a multitude… when you have pets, you’ll be able to think about. 

If you’re in search of methods to maintain your crops protected out of your cats, I’ve listed 5 ideas that will help you create a harmonious union between your pets and crops.

Hold Your Vegetation

A close-up of a Christmas cactus hanging basket with pink flowers. The flowers have long, slender petals that curve outwards. The leaves of the cactus are green and segmented, with a slightly scalloped edge.
Hold crops in a excessive basket or shelf to stop breakage and shield crops from being knocked over.

The gorgeous trailing nature of the plant attracts youngsters and animals alike, particularly when it’s in bloom. To maintain your cats protected from this plant falling on them or the container breaking and damaging the plant, contemplate planting in a dangling basket. By holding these crops up and out of attain, you’re holding your cats and crops protected. 

Many kinds of hanging baskets are in the marketplace, from easy plastic to ornately ornamental variations. Whichever model fits you’ll work so long as there’s correct drainage. Use succulent soil or amend your potting soil with perlite to guard the roots from rot. 

For those who can not grasp your plant, attempt putting it on a shelf that’s excessive sufficient that your cat is not going to be all for it. Whereas it’s true that cats are glorious climbers, discovering a nook in your house to set your plant is feasible; you simply must be inventive! Attempt bookshelves, the highest of a fridge, a shelf within the lavatory, or perhaps a china cupboard that will get a number of vivid however oblique daylight. 

Use Plant Protectors

A close-up of a woman kneeling on the ground beside a flower bed. She is using a mallet to secure a black protective mat to the ground, using a long, metal clip. The mat is being used to suppress weeds, conserve water, and protect the soil.
Cowl the soil with a layer of cat-friendly pebbles.

Does your cat wish to dig round within the soil? If that’s the case, there’s a easy answer. Putting plant protectors on the soil floor will assist to discourage any digging. You should purchase mats with small spikes on them on-line or at your native pet store or use a panorama cloth to guard the soil.

Whereas the soil is not going to harm your cat, nor will your cat harm the soil, the digging could cause harm to foliage, flowers, and even the foundation system.

The above options could cause points to your plant or, on the very least, make it a bit extra difficult to care to your cactus. Alternatively, you’ll be able to simply gather some small pebbles out of your backyard or use terrarium rocks and canopy the soil floor with them and get the identical outcome.  The pebbles will enable water to filter by means of simply and received’t require any further upkeep. 

Use Citrus

A close-up of fresh lemons hanging on a branch under the bright sun. Some of the lemons are ripe and yellow, while others are still green and unripe. The contrast between ripe and unripe lemons captures the cycle of growth and transformation in nature's bounty.
Attempt citrus or pet sprays to repel cats, utilizing vinegar and cayenne sparingly.

Cats don’t just like the scent of citrus, so including some citrusy aromas to or close to your crops may also help deter your pets from enjoying along with your cactus. 

Merely use leftover lemon or orange peels out of your kitchen. Place these leftover kitchen scraps on the soil floor of the pot. Alternatively, you possibly can gather the peels in a bowl and place them close to your houseplants for a similar outcome. 

If citrus doesn’t preserve your cats away, there are pet deterrents in the marketplace that may be sprayed in your crops. These sprays usually use a mix of important oils to provide the plant an unlikable aroma that ought to not hurt the plant in any manner. Nevertheless, it’s finest to check a small portion of the plant earlier than making use of it to the entire plant, simply to make sure that you don’t have any lasting harm!

Vinegar, cayenne pepper, and low are different home goods that may deter your cat. Use these sparingly, as they could irritate your cat’s abdomen. 

Give Your Cat a Plant

An orange cat enjoys a snack of cat grass in a green vase in a patch of sunlight. The cat's face is content as it savors the taste of the grass. The sunlight casts a warm glow on the cat's fur, making it look even more plush and inviting.
Cats take pleasure in cat grass or catnip, distracting them out of your decorative crops.

In case your cat appears notably all for your houseplants, attempt giving them a potted plant of their very own. Whereas this plant is protected, you might not need your cat moving into your prized magnificence. 

Attempt planting cat grass or catnip in your house. Each crops simply appeal to cats, are protected, and have digestion advantages. Preserve them in an space the place you’re okay along with your cats enjoying and away out of your Christmas cactus.

You should purchase crops or develop from seed proper in a container in your house. Place your pots in a sunny spot the place your cat likes to loosen up.

Transfer it Open air

A close-up of reddish-pink Schlumbergera flowers with a small bee visible on the side. The flowers have multiple petals that are arranged in a symmetrical fashion and taper towards the tip. The stems are flat and segmented, and they have a zig-zag appearance.
Transfer the plant open air in the summertime to create a cat-friendly surroundings.

Regardless of the place you reside, there’s a level within the 12 months when you’ll be able to transfer your Christmas cactus open air. Be considerate whenever you transfer your cacti open air. It needs to be saved in oblique daylight and shielded from intense warmth

Transferring your plant exterior, if solely quickly, will assist to maintain your indoor cat away, avoiding this subject fully! 

Closing Ideas

As a cat proprietor, you’ll be able to relaxation straightforward understanding the one you love pets are protected with Christmas cacti rising in your house. Whereas these crops are stunning and will catch your cat’s eye, you’ll be able to take easy steps to discourage them. Completely satisfied planting!

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