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Skunks are shy animals, identified for his or her offensive odour and distinctive black and white markings. They’re nocturnal animals however could often be lively in the course of the day.

These attention-grabbing creatures fight monumental hardships as their habitat continues to be destroyed, which is one thing we should think about when studying to co-exist with these animals. Skunks should compete with people for meals, shelter and area. With somewhat understanding, endurance, a couple of precautions and customary sense steps, we are able to co-exist with the wild animals who share our backyards and cities.


The pure habitat of a skunk contains forest borders, brushy areas, and grassy fields. Skunks are burrowing animals. In city areas, you’ll find them below buildings, porches and in culverts.

Eating regimen

Skunks, like raccoons, are omnivores. Their weight loss plan consists primarily of bugs, but in addition contains mice and different small mammals, eggs, fruits, nuts, vegetation, carrion, and rubbish. This assorted weight loss plan is without doubt one of the causes that skunks have tailored so nicely to residing in shut proximity to people.


Skunks breed in late winter to early spring and often give delivery in Could or June. They’ve between three-to-10 younger per litter and the younger stay within the den for six-to-eight weeks earlier than venturing out with their mom.

For more information on skunks go to the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s info web page, Striped Skunk

Widespread questions:

How can I eliminate a skunk that has taken up residence below my porch/shed?

If this downside has arisen within the months of Could to July, the skunk is most certainly a mom with younger. On this case, we encourage the house owner to be tolerant and affected person. Younger don’t depart the den till they’re six-to-eight weeks of age. Don’t put any exclusion strategies in place till you discover the younger leaving the den. 

Owners also needs to not try exclusion within the winter months as a result of it’s a tough time of yr for the skunk to search out an alternate den web site and meals sources. If the skunk is unable to search out meals and shelter, the skunk could perish within the winter climate. One of the best time to exclude skunks is late summer season or early fall. The simplest steps contain utilizing deterrent strategies to encourage the skunk to maneuver after which stopping future entry.

Deterrent measures

When coping with skunks, noise and lightweight are extremely efficient deterrent measures. Feminine skunks choose den websites which can be quiet and darkish as a result of they provide her a way of safety for her younger. Due to this fact, introducing noise and lightweight to the location will encourage her to hunt an alternate den web site. Place a battery-powered radio tuned to an all-talk station close to the den. You can even place a battery-powered gentle shining in direction of the den and exit a number of instances a day and make noise. These strategies will disturb the skunk and make her really feel much less safe and extra prone to transfer out.

The simplest exclusion method is the set up of an L-shaped galvanized display screen across the perimeter of the porch or shed, however leaving the doorway/exit gap open. To do that dig a one-foot-deep by one-foot-wide trench across the perimeter and place the display screen within the trench to kind an ‘L’. The bottom of the ‘L’ ought to be a minimum of eight inches large. Match the display screen tightly in opposition to the constructing then fill the ditch in with dust.

The way to take a look at if a skunk continues to be round

To find out if the skunk continues to be utilizing the den, place a ball of newspaper within the entrance/exit or cowl the opening loosely with dust. The skunk continues to be residing within the den if it strikes the newspaper or dust. Thus, you’ll be able to proceed the above deterrent strategies. You’ll be able to take steps (described above) to completely seal the doorway when the dust or newspaper has not disturbed for a number of days. 

Word: in case you see a skunk pacing and digging frantically to realize entry to the den, assume there are younger inside and instantly unseal the doorway gap.

I’ve a skunk trapped in my window nicely. What ought to I do?

Slowly and punctiliously decrease a tough board into the window nicely, at a mild slope to function a ramp. The skunk can use this to climb out of the nicely. Maintain folks and pets away from the realm and the skunk will use the ramp to flee. 

To stop this case from arising once more, the house owner ought to place a tight-fitting cowl over all window wells round the home. For those who see an injured skunk, don’t help it in escaping. First, contact your native licensed wildlife rehabilitator to find out whether or not rehabilitation is required.

My canine/I received sprayed by a skunk. Do you have got any solutions to eliminate the stench?

Skunks make use of warning indicators earlier than they spray, reminiscent of stamping their toes, fluffing their fur, and elevating their tail. If the skunk’s spray is unavoidable, there are a number of options that can be utilized to assist the odor fade. Nonetheless, solely time can completely remove the odour. Listed here are some solutions:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Answer (discover the recipe HERE)
  • Carbolic cleaning soap – use solely on human pores and skin and garments 
  • Use industrial merchandise reminiscent of shampoos for animals which might be bought at vet clinics

For those who or your canine get sprayed within the eyes, it’s best to instantly flush the eyes with cool water. Skunk spray within the eyes is painful and worsening, however not anticipated to trigger blindness. If irritation doesn’t subside, search medical recommendation.

By paying attention to your environment, maintaining a tally of your canine throughout outside time, and taking steps to scale back denning alternatives and meals sources for skunks, you’ll be able to assist scale back the probabilities of an in depth encounter with a striped customer. 


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