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There appears to be a lot conflicting and complicated (and infrequently outdated) recommendation surrounding what ladies can and might’t eat throughout being pregnant. We’re right here to set issues straight and supply a easy reference information you could rapidly seek the advice of everytime you’re undecided about what being pregnant meals to incorporate and keep away from.

You will be relaxation assured that you simply’re receiving evidence-based and up-to-date data so you will get on with focusing in your rising bump and your individual wellbeing.

A wholesome, balanced weight loss program is significant throughout being pregnant. In fact, relying how you’re feeling, it’s not at all times going to be good and that’s okay. So long as you purpose to incorporate as a lot of those meals as potential, you’ll be giving your child the important vitamins to develop. In saying that, you don’t have to ‘eat for 2’ (sorry). The standard is extra necessary than the amount of meals. Go to the Australian Information to Wholesome Consuming for serving suggestions per day for pregnant ladies.


  • Ensure you keep hydrated, ingesting round 2 litres of water a day.

A rainbow of fruit and veg

  • Eat a spread every single day to get your dose of nutritional vitamins, minerals, and fibre.
  • They are often recent, canned, frozen, cooked, dried, or juiced, however simply guarantee they’re effectively washed.


  • Eat starchy meals at every meal to make sure you’re getting fibre and nutritional vitamins from meals resembling bread, cereal, pasta, rice, oats, noodles, and select wholemeal as an alternative of white when potential.


  • Eat some protein-rich meals every day to offer you power and to assist your child develop. This may very well be meat, legumes, poultry, nuts, fish, and eggs, however see the record beneath on the categories to keep away from and the most secure preparation strategies.

Dairy meals

  • These meals are necessary as a result of they include calcium and different vitamins your child wants, however please see what to keep away from beneath.
  • For those who can’t have dairy, select different calcium sources resembling seeds, sardines, lentils, almonds, leafy greens, figs, and fortified non-dairy milks.

Some cheeses

  • Onerous cheeses are superb, even when they’re unpasteurised, resembling cheddar, stilton, and parmesan. Different non-hard cheeses together with mozzarella, haloumi, goat’s cheese, cottage cheese, and cream cheese are okay to eat so long as they’re constituted of pasteurised milk.

Some varieties of fish

  • Fish is really helpful throughout being pregnant because it’s supply of protein and omega 3s (learn how omega 3s also can support sleep throughout being pregnant), however go for fish with low ranges of mercury together with mackerel, Atlantic salmon, canned salmon and tuna, herrings and sardines.

Another meals to incorporate

  • There’s no want to scale back extremely allergenic meals, resembling peanuts, until you’re allergic your self or your healthcare supplier has really helpful it.

Pregnant ladies have to steer clear of sure meals, or at the least take additional care when consuming them, as a result of they will make them unwell and even hurt the growing child. These meals embody:

Unpasteurised milk

  • For those who solely have uncooked milk, be sure you boil it first.
  • Don’t eat comfortable serve ice-cream (because of the danger of listeria contamination).

Some cheeses

  • Mould-ripened comfortable cheese in rinds resembling brie, camembert, and chevre (goat’s cheese).
  • Blue veined cheese resembling gorgonzola or blue (they will include listeria, which may hurt the newborn. Examine it right here).

Uncooked or partially cooked eggs

  • Solely eat effectively cooked eggs, which signifies that the yolks and the whites needs to be strong, not runny.
  • Uncooked eggs are additionally in do-it-yourself mayonnaise, aioli, and a few desserts resembling chocolate mousse. For those who’re not sure of the components, it’s finest to keep away from it.


  • All needs to be prevented (together with vegetable ones) attributable to their listeria danger. Liver pâté and different liver merchandise must also be prevented as a result of they include excessive quantities of vitamin A, which will be dangerous to foetuses.

Chilly cured meats

  • Keep away from consuming chilly meats resembling cooked chilly rooster, salami, pepperoni, ham, and chorizo from deli counters, pre-packaged merchandise, and sandwich bars.

Uncooked/undercooked meat

  • All meat needs to be effectively cooked. It’s not the time to eat meat uncommon, so prepare dinner it totally till all traces of blood are gone. Though uncommon, toxoplasmosis is an an infection that’s dangerous to your child and is attributable to a parasite present in meat, soil, cat poo, and untreated water.
  • At all times preserve strict meals dealing with hygiene when making ready meat to keep away from the unfold of food-poisoning bugs.

Some varieties of fish and seafood

  • Excessive ranges of mercury can have an effect on the newborn’s growing nervous system, so restrict fish with greater ranges resembling flake, swordfish, catfish, and deep sea roughy. For details about precisely how a lot is protected, go to Meals Requirements Australia and skim their up to date brochure on mercury in fish.
  • Skip the uncooked shellfish for now and likewise seafood that’s smoked and ready-to-eat chilly, or cooked and ready-to-eat chilly prawns, as they’ve a better danger of listeria contamination and bugs that trigger meals poisoning.
  • Keep away from sushi and sashimi, until it’s vegetarian and doesn’t include uncooked egg mayonnaise.

Sure vegatables and fruits

  • Rockmelon (because of the danger of listeria)
  • Bean sprouts eg. alfalfa, soybean, mung bean, snowpea (because of the danger of salmonella)
  • Salads, until you make them your self (since you don’t know in the event that they’ve been washed effectively in clear water).
  • At all times wash soil off fruit and greens.


  • There is no such thing as a protected stage of alcohol throughout being pregnant, so it’s finest to keep away from it fully.
  • Some power drinks include caffeine and different components that aren’t really helpful throughout being pregnant so they don’t seem to be really helpful.


You don’t have to chop caffeine out, however simply bear in mind that it may be discovered in lots of issues, so to be protected, learn our article caffeine throughout being pregnant.

Some remaining meals to restrict throughout being pregnant

  • Meals excessive in sugar. Follow unprocessed meals that include vitamins as a lot as potential.
  • Meals excessive in fats. Attempt to reduce down on saturated fats to keep away from placing on extra weight throughout being pregnant.
  • Meals excessive in salt. Restrict the quantity of added salt in your weight loss program.
  • Pre-packaged sandwiches and wraps.


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