Pumpkin Seeds for Healthier Hair

Attempting to develop your hair?

As top-of-the-line meals for serving to to construct sturdy and glossy hair, pumpkin seeds additionally occur to be tasty, versatile and inexpensively accessible in virtually all supermarkets.


Jam-packed with vitamins: 

Pumpkin seeds are an exquisite supply of zinc, sulphur and iron for follicular well being, and their nutritional vitamins C and E assist to maintain your scalp moisturised with sebum and work to guard your cells from oxidative injury.

The vitamins in pumpkin seeds increase the expansion of sturdy, wholesome hair, and with 15.6g of protein in 1 / 4 cup, their amino acids present a serious increase to hair progress with keratin wanted for sturdy hair.


I are inclined to snack on uncooked pumpkin seeds in entrance of the TV and sprinkle them on smoothies, salads, soups, breakfasts, most important dishes and even desserts.  

Add a few tablespoons to your muesli or porridge within the mornings or give my recipe for Crispy Quinoa Pop Bars a go… they’re studded with plenty of crunchy pumpkin seeds!


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