The 34 Most Intriguing Outfits Justin and Hailey Bieber Ever Wore

Opposites appeal to, particularly in Hollywood fairytales. Justin and Hailey Bieber, who married in 2018, are one such romantic juxtaposition: frenetic pop megastar meets polished model-mogul. They look like very totally different individuals in many alternative methods—but when these two wildly well-known individuals dress to go away their home within the morning, there may be concord within the discord. And with an ever-present pool of paparazzi, we’ve had ample alternative to get to know (sartorially talking, no less than) leisure’s reigning gigantic swimsuit BF and tasteful robe GF.

Karla Welch, Justin’s stylist of over a decade, has additionally often dressed Hailey in recent times; her guiding hand has resulted in a few of their gnarliest pairings. (A demonic Balenciaga swimsuit and an ethereal Saint Laurent gown stroll onto a Grammys pink carpet…) Nowadays, JB and HB can’t get sufficient of throwing some actual head-scratchers our method. Their unbalanced-balanced dualism feels intentional, and we’re in all probability all the higher for it.

However what’s their funky, “he was a punk, she did ballet” husband-and-wife styling making an attempt to inform us? Earlier than we get to the roots, let’s ponder the leaves. Beneath is a survey of 34 of the Biebers’ most intriguing outfits during the last 5 years. Take into account it a census report, or possibly a mirror: how a lot have they modified? How a lot have we?

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