The Best Cameo in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Wasn’t in the Post-Credits Scene

No matter how the web feels about it, Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder was a pleasant method to spend a day. Even in the event you’ve by no means seen a Thor movie there isn’t any likelihood of you getting misplaced right here (minor spoilers incoming!).

Whereas my favourite half was most likely the screaming goats (or possibly it was the right B-movie really feel of the shadow realm planetary showdown which gave me shades of 1981’s Conflict of the Titans), there was just one second the place my ridiculous MCU information made me scream in delight: the sight of Darryl Jacobson as a tour information in New Asgard, merely residing his finest life and loving it.

Darryl (performed by Daley Pearson, aka the creator of Bluey — one thing I positively didn’t know till lately/yesterday probably as a result of I would not have youngsters) first appeared in 2016 in a sequence of MCU brief movies. Daryl was Thor’s roommate whereas the god adjusted to life on Earth within the aftermath of Captain America: Civil Battle. Within the first brief, Thor discovered the best way to ship an e mail (form of) and the best way to reside with another person (ehh, type of). The shorts aren’t in any respect germane to the plot of Thor: Love and Thunder, however that is what a superb cameo needs to be: full fan service. 

There are three shorts altogether, every of them that includes plain workplace employee Darryl and all of which had been written and directed by Taika Waititi, who directed the brand new movie — which I suppose considerably explains why we see Darryl right here. 

The ultimate (possibly) installment is Workforce Darryl, which takes place after the occasions of Thor: Ragnarok when Darryl has relocated to Los Angeles and is in search of a brand new roommate, presumably as a result of Thor is off-world not as a result of he is delinquent. Naturally the Grandmaster responds to the advert, and once more it goes about in addition to you’d anticipate.

In case you subscribe to Disney Plus, all three of those can be found within the Marvel One-Photographs assortment, together with the opposite Infinity Saga one-shots: The Marketing consultant; A Humorous Factor Occurred on the Option to Thor’s Hammer; Merchandise 47; and the unique Agent Carter brief. 

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