The Deeper Story Behind Roman Roy’s Walmart T-Shirt in the ‘Succession’ Finale

There’s a 3rd studying of Roman Roy within the finale, although, which is that he was the true winner all alongside. What seems at first like a person defeated is, on nearer inspection, one who has reached the nirvana of acceptance. Within the moments earlier than the siblings’ warped-but-touching “meal for a King” scene once they’re debating for the zillionth time who must be anointed CEO, Kendall calls it, asking: “Do you even actually need it, man?” Roman’s silence speaks so loudly, even his brother can hear it. He can’t say the phrase, however all of them know the reply.

After the vote and the climatic implosion within the assembly room, when Shiv reveals she has modified her thoughts and Kendall screams “However I’m the eldest boy!” at her (who feels like a toddler now?), the brothers wrestle to the bottom then sit aside panting. Roman then goes on what might be the least articulate, however most trustworthy and insightful, rant in Succession’s historical past: “Cease it,” he tells Kendall. “We’re bullshit. You might be bullshit. I’m bullshit. We’re nothing. I do know this.” 

In contrast to Kendall, Roman has come to know what their father instructed them the final time they had been collectively: They aren’t severe individuals. The ultimate shot of Roman exhibits him ordering a martini and savoring it alongside the style of one thing else—freedom, maybe, not simply monetary (does that even nonetheless happen to any of them?) however from the burden of pretending to be and wish one thing he doesn’t. In psychology, this state is typically referred to as “individuation,” when an individual matures past their persona and the identities of others (usually, household) which can be holding them again and turns into a completely realized human with a transparent sense of their place on the planet. You’ll be able to’t actually get there with out processing your previous. Roman’s little boy T-shirt, then, was symbolic of him confronting his childhood and changing into at peace with it, endeavor the painful development required to strategy one thing like happiness.

Both that, or he simply stole it from the pool boy.

This story initially ran on British GQ with the title “Studying barely an excessive amount of into Roman Roy’s Walmart t-shirt”

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