Tips on caring for your pet rat

Whether or not you’ve had a pet rat earlier than, otherwise you’re a first-time guardian – listed here are some suggestions you have to know on meals, cage dimension, train and extra. 


In each pet provide retailer and feed retailer it is best to be capable of discover high-quality pelleted rat meals. These are nutritionally balanced and ought to be accessible to your rat always.”  

Your rat ought to have entry to water 24/7. The easiest way to do that is with a water-bottle ingesting tube hooked up to the aspect of their cage. 

It’s also possible to supply bite-sized bits of recent fruit and greens each day, similar to peas, broccoli, carrots, apples, and bananas. Keep away from chocolate, corn, sweet, caffeinated drinks, cheese and sticky meals similar to peanut butter. 

Keep in mind the film Ratatouille? Effectively, it’s true that rats love human meals. You may give occasional bits of desk meals like cooked pasta or pizza crust. Make certain to restrict these treats so that you don’t have an obese rat! 

Cage & surroundings 

Rats are very sociable and ought to be stored in similar intercourse pairs at a minimal. 

Present a solid-bottom, powder-coated wire cage in your rat. Absolutely the minimal dimension for a single rat is a 2’ X 2’ X 2’ cage. Pairs require extra cage area to stay as comfy and wholesome as potential.  The perfect location for the cage is inside, away from drafts, direct daylight, and excessive temperatures. 

The cage ought to be lined with bedding, however don’t use cedar or pine chips as they comprise oils harmful to rats. Many rats prefer to make nests, so present them with shredded paper towels or napkins to do that. Your rats may also respect a cave for sleeping and resting, which could possibly be a small flowerpot or field. 

Behaviour and dealing with 

Rats are pleasant animals, however they nonetheless want time to get used to you and being dealt with. It’s possible you’ll begin this course of by feeding small treats by hand. As soon as they’re comfy with that, you’ll be able to choose them up with one hand supporting the underside and the opposite on the again. 

As soon as your rat is hand-tamed you can begin giving them time exterior the cage to play. Out-of-cage playtime is crucial and can maintain your good, lively associates mentally stimulated and bodily match. They do have to be regularly supervised, nonetheless, as a result of rats prefer to chew. 

Train & toys 

Rats are very lively animals! To maintain your rat pleased and wholesome, strive offering PVC tubes, ladders or tree branches to climb, swings and ropes. For those who get an train wheel in your rat, make certain they’ve a stable floor with out rungs, so their tail gained’t get caught when working. 

Rats’ enamel develop repeatedly, so you have to to supply applicable chew toys to assist put on down their enamel. 

Every day care 

To wash your rat’s cage, take away the dirty bedding, droppings and off/uneaten meals each day. Your rat’s water bottle also needs to be cleaned and refilled day by day. As soon as per week, exchange soiled bedding and scrub down the remainder of the cage with heat, soapy water. 

Indicators of sickness 

Some widespread indicators of sickness to look at for embody sneezing, lethargy, weight reduction, uninteresting eyes, open wounds, diarrhea and issue respiration. Contact a veterinarian when you’ve got any considerations for the well being of your rat. 

Why rats make nice pets 

Rats could make for excellent pets as a result of they’re loyal and affectionate. They’re very smart animals and really playful. They may also be taught to observe cues similar to responding to their title and even enjoyable tips!  

For those who’re desirous about adopting, go to to see our animals accessible for adoption. 

For extra sources on caring in your pet rat, go to Husbandry & Well being of Rats 

Additionally, take a look at this Rat Care Information by the BCSPCA. 

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