Tips to deter your dog from scavenging during walks

Do you discover that your canine scavenges for objects to eat in your walks? If each day walks are interrupted by your canine choosing up sticks, grass, or another little treats from nature, that’s as a result of scavenging is a pure behaviour that canine specific – some greater than others. It’s doable, nonetheless, to get your canine to stroll with out consuming. Right here’s methods to assist deter this behaviour.  

Be sure your canine is fed earlier than walks 

It’s a good suggestion to verify your canine has had a meal not lengthy earlier than you head out the door. You’ll be able to even fulfill their scavenging want by making mealtime extra fascinating utilizing sluggish feeders, snuffle mats, or puzzle feeders. These make it tougher on your canine to eat their meals abruptly. Should you don’t have any of this stuff, that’s okay too! Strive scattering kibble round their feeding space as one other alternative to assist fulfill their wants earlier than happening a stroll.   

Select a much less tempting route  

If doable, change up the place you stroll by selecting someplace away from gardens and hedges to assist take away any temptations of consuming vegetation and sticks. Should you can’t change up your route, merely redirect your canine’s consideration by tossing treats up forward whilst you stroll in order that your canine targets these as a substitute of anything on the bottom. 

Practice your canine with “go away it” and “watch me” cues 

Instructing your canine cues equivalent to “go away it” and “watch me” may be extraordinarily useful in the event that they’re liable to scavenge in your walks. It’s finest to work on each of those coaching strategies in your house earlier than attempting them on walks so your canine is about up for fulfillment. Bear in mind to proceed rewarding them at any time when they select a deal with over scavenging outdoors.   

Change up the way you stroll 

Going for a stroll doesn’t have to simply imply grabbing a leash and strolling the identical manner every time. You can also make walks further enjoyable – and distract your canine from scavenging – by bringing alongside a toy, a ball, strolling at a faster tempo, and even persevering with to observe your “go away it” and “watch me” cues. Similar to people, canine prefer it if you change issues up, and doing these items on their walks can stop chomping on that tempting stick or chewing on some freshly reduce grass.  

Should you discover your canine continues to eat issues they shouldn’t on their stroll, even after attempting every part above, it might be time to speak to your veterinarian to verify there isn’t a medical motive behind this behaviour equivalent to an upset abdomen, anemia, diet deficiency, or extra.  

Take a look at the Ontario SPCA`s YouTube channel for extra animal care and coaching ideas. 

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