Troubleshoot and Fix Dieffenbachia Yellow Leaves

Dieffenbachia, also called dumb cane, is among the most typical houseplants because it’s simple to deal with. Nonetheless, the leaves of this plant can flip yellow in shade if it isn’t being taken care of correctly.

More often than not, you possibly can simply inform what’s mistaken and repair it earlier than issues worsen however typically, it’s more durable to inform the place the issue lies. In case your dieffenbachia plant has yellowing leaves, no have to panic.

Learn extra to seek out out why your plant has yellow leaves and what you are able to do to repair it.

6 Causes for Yellowing Leaves on Dumbcane

Preserve a watchful eye for yellow leaves in your dumbcane. Supply: narin

Moisture Stress

The leaves might change shade due to underwatering or overwatering your plant. Since dieffenbachia is a potted plant, it’s vital to provide your plant the quantity of water it wants as a result of it’s not getting it from rain, in-ground soil, and so forth.

If the leaves will not be inexperienced anymore, verify the pot to see if the soil is soaked or dry:

  • If the soil is moist, cut back the variety of instances you might be watering your plant since an excessive amount of water may cause the roots to drown and leaves to yellow.
  • If the soil is dry, begin watering it extra often or your plant will die, leaves turning yellow after which brown.

Growing old

Dieffenbachia is among the hottest houseplants as a result of it lives for a very long time. However like all dwelling issues, it will definitely begins getting older. The inexperienced leaves flip to yellow leaves…this course of is totally regular. Finally, the leaves will merely fall off when the time comes. When all of the leaves fall off, it’s a good suggestion to trim the stems and in the reduction of foliage to spur new progress.


One other frequent motive why your dumb cane houseplant is likely to be turning yellow is the climate. Houseplants desire heat temperature and if it will get actually chilly, the leaves of the plant are affected. In case your houseplant is on a window ledge or close to an air conditioner throughout the winter season, be sure that to position it someplace the place it will get brilliant gentle however doesn’t get too chilly or drafty.

Inadequate Daylight

Not like crops in your backyard, a houseplant doesn’t get the identical quantity of solar throughout the day, even when uncovered to brilliant oblique gentle. Publicity to an excessive amount of solar may cause a plant leaf to show yellow and droop. Earlier than you understand it, all of the leaves will flip yellow.

In case your plant is positioned in the course of the room away from a lightweight supply, it’s greatest to maneuver it to the window sill, the place it will probably get direct daylight throughout the day. Whether it is already on the sill, verify if one thing is obstructing the sunshine. Through the winter season, you can provide addtional synthetic gentle to verify your plant leaves don’t change shade.

An infection

Yellow patches on the leaves can be a results of an an infection. An an infection is not going to solely make the leaves yellow, however it’ll additionally discolor the flowers and deform the stem. If the an infection has unfold all through the plant, it’s best to maneuver the plant container away from different crops or change the pot completely. Ensure to chop the leaves which have turned yellow and sterilize the instruments earlier than utilizing them on different crops.

Nutrient Deficiency

This one could also be a little bit laborious to crack because you may not even notice that is taking place. Your dumb cane plant could also be altering shade as a result of it isn’t getting sufficient vitamins, particularly nitrogen. Ensure to fertilize your crops with a diluted houseplant fertilizer often to forestall the leaves from yellowing.


Does overwatering have an effect on dieffenbachia?

When you water the plant an excessive amount of, your plant can endure. It could develop into laborious for the roots to soak up all the water, which may result in the demise of your plant by way of root rot.

Can brown or yellow-ish leaves flip inexperienced once more?

As soon as your dieffenbachia plant is dry and the leaves change shade, they won’t flip to their unique shade once more. Merely reduce them off in order that they don’t have an effect on others.

When you don’t give your plant instant consideration when the leaves begin altering shade, you’ll stunt the expansion and well being of your dumbcane plant, so regulate it!

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