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For those who scour the web for child sleep data you’ll uncover all types of suggestions for size of naps, variety of naps, and the way a lot sleep they need to be getting. However most articles fail to issue within the high quality of sleep your child wants. Based on a examine performed by a nationwide analysis crew, sleep high quality is superior to sleep amount as an index for assessing sleep, and that restfulness obtained by sleep is a helpful index for assessing sleep high quality.

Sleep high quality is subjective for the sleeper, however your child’s demeanor throughout wake can provide you a good suggestion of the standard of your child’s sleep. Is your child completely happy and energetic? Are they having little to no sleep disturbances at night time and through nap time? Then your child is probably going getting good high quality sleep. However generally, even one of the best of sleepers have bother reaching good sleep. 

How you can Decide Your Child’s Sleep High quality

Owlet’s Dream Duo is the one monitor that helps mother and father perceive their child’s sleep high quality and information them to assist higher sleep for his or her child, which implies higher sleep for the entire household. Utilizing eight completely different sleep high quality indicators, your Owlet ecosystem will help you pinpoint a attainable downside space which may be stopping the highest quality sleep to your child.

Dream Duo offers you a holistic image of your child’s sleep atmosphere. Sleep high quality components embody

  • Coronary heart fee
  • Common oxygen
  • Sleep state standing
  • Motion
  • Wakings
  • Humidity
  • Noise
  • Room temperature

Sleep Help Prompts from the Owlet Dream App will inform you when to make changes that may assist higher Child’s sleep high quality.

Being conscious of your child’s sleep standing will help you intend the proper wake time to your child, figuring out once they’re about to finish a sleep cycle main into a mild get up and avoiding sleep inertia, that groggy feeling after sleep.

Environmental sleep components can enormously have an effect on your child’s sleep high quality. Monitoring humidity, room noise and room temperature will aid you arrange and preserve the proper sleep atmosphere to your child. Having a darkish, quiet and funky room will assist assist your child’s sleep studying course of by supporting the event of their circadian rhythm, their organic clock that helps them acknowledge day from night time. 

Monitor What Issues Most

The Dream Duo is the one monitor that not solely connects you to your child whereas they’re sleeping, supplying you with peace of thoughts, however it additionally helps to enhance your child’s sleep. With steerage from the Dream Duo, you’ll be can assist your child’s sleep improvement and studying by growing the quantity they sleep whereas additionally ensuring it’s high quality sleep.

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