What is an X-pen and why is it a good idea? 

An X-pen is a pen for rabbits (or puppies) that offers them room to maneuver about freely and safely. Every part they want is contained in the pen. “There’s merely not sufficient room in a cage for a rabbit,” says Shelby Harmathy, Adoption Coordinator on the Ontario SPCA York Area Animal Centre. 

An X-pen permits rabbits area to play safely or stretch out all day, even when their adopter isn’t residence. Harmathy strongly recommends an X-pen to supply the perfect enrichment, each bodily and mentally, for rabbit companions. 

Meets your rabbit’s wants 

Contained in the X-pen are all of the issues a rabbit will want: a spot to cover, a litter field, toys, water and meals dishes and a mounted water bottle. Rabbits can grow to be chubby in the event that they don’t have sufficient room to maneuver, so an X-pen additionally permits them area to play and transfer round. 

Supplies required for an X-pen 

FLAT SHEET– Use a flat sheet to cowl the X-pen flooring. Rabbits could be nervous of slippery flooring. 

LITTER BOX– Place the litter field of their most dirty nook. Line the litter field with recycled paper/bedding or aspen shavings. Place their hay inside half of litter field. This promotes litter field use! You may also place a hay internet instantly above their litter pan. That is simply as efficient. 

PLACE TO HIDE– Rabbits want a spot to cover to supply safety. You can also make enjoyable cardboard castles. Cardboard can also be secure for rabbits to chew and safely put on their enamel. 

CERAMIC DISHES– Use two ceramic dishes for his or her kibble and water. Rabbits like to maneuver their dishes and the burden of a ceramic dish discourages this. 

WATER BOTTLE– Place a full water bottle on the X-pen. This offers the rabbit with a alternative of utilizing the dish or the bottle. If one empties, the rabbit isn’t left with out water. 

ENRICHMENT– Place a ball with a bell inside, wood chew toy and/or small stuffed animal within the X-pen for the rabbit to play with. Rabbits will likely be interested in chew laborious options on stuffed animals just like the eyes or nostril. It’s vital that the plushies not have any laborious options. Rabbits additionally like to scratch and dig at flattened cardboard bins and chew rest room paper rolls full of hay. 

CLIPS– Be sure that all of the clips that connect the X-pen are closed and safe so the rabbit doesn’t escape their secure play space. 

“We additionally advocate that they’ve a minimum of one hour outdoors of their X-pen each day for enrichment and bonding with their adopter,” says Harmathy. 

Along with offering an X-pen on your rabbit, it can be crucial they spend time outdoors of the pen. Rabbits are social creatures and wish exercise. For his or her well being and well-being, it’s vital to provide them sufficient room to stretch out and play.  

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How a lot firm does my rabbit want? 


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