What Should I Add to Christmas Tree Water?

There are lots of tips about what you’ll be able to add to your Christmas tree water to protect it and hold it trying recent all through the vacations. However do any of them legitimately work? I’ve accomplished some analysis, and I’d like to share my findings with you all.

It’s troublesome to consider something that may compete with the recent, piney scent of an evergreen tree in the lounge at Christmastime. Some large candle corporations have come shut, however that actual tree scent simply can’t be replicated. 

I’ve fallen sufferer to the tragedy of a scraggly tree and a carpet of brown needles on Christmas Day. So, preserving the freshness of my tree is all the time excessive on the very lengthy record of issues to maintain in the course of the vacation season. Let’s have a look at some issues individuals add to their tree water and focus on what works and what might go away you with an excellent larger mess

The Quick Reply

You don’t want so as to add something to your Christmas tree water to maintain it trying recent. Whereas some components gained’t damage the tree, others, like bleach or alcohol, can hurt it. Clear, recent faucet water or purified water and a freshly reduce trunk are all it wants to remain recent by way of the month.

The Lengthy Reply

Christmas tree water components differ broadly, from vodka to aspirin.

From vodka to aspirin, there are lots of completely different theories on what might be added to Christmas tree water to protect these aromatic needles. The large debate on-line is whether or not the tree advantages most from a hangover or its treatment. 

Some beneficial components might be downright dangerous, whereas others could also be innocuous however unlikely to have a constructive impact. We’ve damaged down the completely different suggestions into classes to assist decide what it’s best to and positively shouldn’t add to your tree stand this 12 months. 


A hand holds a white spray bottle, misting water onto a decorated Christmas tree. The tree is adorned with charming decorations, including sliced lemons nestled among its branches, adding a unique and fresh touch to the holiday display.
Components for Christmas tree water can hurt relatively than protect.

A few of the beneficial components for Christmas tree water might be downright damaging and even shorten the tree’s lifespan. Listed below are some issues that it’s best to positively not give your tree this season


Rows of Clorox bleach bottles neatly displayed on shelves in a brightly lit supermarket aisle. The labels feature vibrant colors, and the bottles gleam under the fluorescent lights.
Meant to forestall bacterial progress, including bleach to Christmas tree water truly damages the tree’s tissues.

The thought behind including bleach to tree water is a reasonably easy and easy one. The thought is {that a} little bit of bleach within the water will kill any micro organism which will have infiltrated the reduce finish of the tree, thus extending the tree’s life and defending it from mentioned micro organism. 

In actuality, bleach could cause a breakdown within the integrity of the tree’s tissues, resulting in an early grave. It will probably additionally inhibit the tree’s water uptake, resulting in dehydration, which is able to spell a sure dying for a dwell or reduce tree of any form. Save the bleach on your washer.


Boxes in a neat formation display multiple bottles of vodka, reflecting through their clear glass. The bronze lids atop the bottles gleam, contrasting with the transparent elegance of the containers.
Including alcohol like vodka dehydrates the tree with out decreasing water micro organism.

One other treatment for eliminating micro organism in water is so as to add vodka or different sturdy spirits to the water. Simply an oz. or two every time you water is rumored to do the trick. It sounds believable, however is there any information to assist this concept?

Sadly, this isn’t primarily based on any actual science. Including alcohol to the water could have an analogous impact that it does on the physique. It should dehydrate the tree and have little to no impact on the quantity of micro organism within the water. Go forward and make your self a stiff drink, however don’t share it along with your tree, and you’ll want to keep hydrated your self!


Rows of small pine trees, each in a red pot, create a festive display at a market. The rich green of the trees contrasts beautifully with the bold red containers, offering a charming and seasonal arrangement for holiday shoppers.
Christmas tree water components will not be dangerous, however some are unlikely to boost preservation.

Whereas we will safely say that bleach and vodka are a no-go for tree preservation, there are different suggestions that, whereas they will not be dangerous, aren’t prone to do a lot good both. It gained’t damage to attempt these for experimentation worth, however don’t anticipate them to miraculously hold your vacation tree trying its greatest into the brand new 12 months. 


Four white aspirin tablets lie on brown soil, contrasting against the earthy background. The pharmaceutical pills appear evenly spaced, awaiting use in a gardening context. The neutral tones emphasize the health-related aspect of these aspirins in a natural setting.
Aspirin’s influence on tree preservation seems minimal, making it a secure however probably ineffective experiment.

Aspirin has a number of makes use of by way of the human physique. It will probably assist relieve a headache, forestall blood clots, and even exfoliate the pores and skin for a clearer complexion. However what does it do for a Christmas tree when added to the water? 

Not a lot, it could appear. The idea behind this modification is that the aspirin will act as an exfoliant to the tree trunk and enhance its porosity, facilitating higher water uptake. Whereas this isn’t confirmed to be the case, aspirin is unlikely to trigger any hurt, so if you wish to give it a attempt, you’re secure to take action. 

Corn Syrup

A close-up reveals corn syrup being meticulously poured into a small, transparent bowl resting on a white countertop. The viscous liquid glistens as it fills the container, capturing the light.
The effectiveness of corn syrup is questionable and will result in a sticky mess.

Corn syrup is tasty on pancakes, and right here within the South, it’s generally used as an alternative of maple syrup for this function. Some say it has a spot in Christmas tree well being as a method of feeding the tree glucose to help in water uptake. 

The difficulty with that is merely {that a} reduce tree is now not residing, so feeding it gained’t have a lot of an impact. There’s little probability that including this to the water might be useful, but it surely in all probability gained’t damage to attempt. Don’t overdo it; you can find yourself with a sticky mess or, worse, ants.


A close-up reveals sugar cubes resting on a wooden spoon atop a weathered table, with a mound of sugar nearby. The blurred background shows additional sugar cubes, conveying a scene that’s sweet and rustic.
Regardless of its prompt advantages, sugar is unlikely to profit a reduce tree.

Sugar might make your cookies tasty, however will it do something on your Christmas tree? The thought right here is much like that of including corn syrup. Some will say that including sugar to the water helps present the tree with carbohydrates, serving to it to soak up extra water and keep hydrated. 

As soon as once more, that is unlikely to have a lot of an influence, as it’s now not residing. You will notice an analogous impact with sugar as with corn syrup, little or no, if any. Skip including sugar to the water or threat drawing ants.


A woman in a cozy white sweater stands proudly, holding a bare Christmas tree she carefully selected from the market. The tree's naked boughs hint at the anticipation of being adorned with shimmering lights and cherished decorations.
Concentrate on established tree care strategies for a longer-lasting reduce tree as an alternative of unproven components.

With all of those ideas for water components, it may be overwhelming. In terms of confirmed tree care, just a few elements can considerably enhance the lifespan of your reduce tree and hold these needles hanging on so long as potential. 

A Recent Lower

Lined neatly in rows, a variety of bare Christmas trees stand on display in a rustic farm market. On the other side are trees enveloped in protective netting awaiting their turn, preserved and ready for someone's festive celebrations.
Recent cuts on tree trunks earlier than buy goal to boost water absorption.

Some of the vital elements in tree longevity is how simply it could actually soak up water. With out water, it would fade rapidly. When out of water for 4 to eight hours, the sap can gum up the reduce finish of the trunk, sealing it over and stopping it from consuming. 

Whenever you purchase a tree, a recent reduce is usually the very last thing that occurs earlier than it’s loaded into your automotive. The aim of this recent reduce is to take away the sealed-over finish of the trunk and reveal a brand new portion of the trunk that might be higher capable of take up water

In case you plan to convey your tree straight house and place it within the stand, this reduce ought to be completely superb. Nevertheless, you probably have an extended drive or go away it sitting exterior for some time earlier than bringing it in and setting it up, it would want some consideration. It by no means hurts to take an additional inch off the trunk simply earlier than putting it within the stand, only for good measure.

Scorching Water

A close-up of a glass filled with steaming hot water, condensation forming on its surface. A blurred teacup in the background adds warmth to the scene, emphasizing the contrast of temperatures and textures.
Revive a dry Christmas tree trunk with occasional scorching water on the primary day.

In case you query whether or not or not your trunk has a recent sufficient reduce and put it up anyway with out making a brand new reduce, utilizing some scorching water can assist skinny out the sap and even assist re-open the earlier reduce. 

This doesn’t must occur each time you water, however if you happen to get your tree arrange and it doesn’t look like taking in a lot water over the primary 24 hours, give it somewhat shock by including some scorching water to the stand. If nothing else, this may’t do any injury, and it simply would possibly do the trick with out having to chop the trunk of a embellished tree. 

Clear Faucet Water

A close-up of a single droplet of water glistens as it falls from a polished faucet, catching the ambient light. The reflective surface of the droplet hints at the pristine nature of the water.
A Christmas tree’s longevity is greatest ensured with plain faucet water.

When it comes to components, there’s nothing that can dramatically enhance longevity. All of your tree actually wants is an sufficient quantity of plain, clear faucet water. A tree will want about one quart of water per day per one inch of trunk diameter. 

Figuring out the quantity of water a tree wants by top just isn’t all the time correct. A tall, skinny tree might not want as a lot water as a brief, large tree. Measuring the trunk diameter is one of the best ways to inform how a lot water is required. 

One other useful consider offering sufficient water is the scale of the reservoir within the stand. Select a stand that can accommodate at the least at some point’s value and ideally a two-day water provide. A trunk that’s 4 inches throughout will want about one gallon of water day by day. 

Don’t be alarmed if the tree begins to drink much less because it ages. That is regular. It should soak up extra water within the first week than within the third or fourth. Simply make it possible for your reservoir by no means dries out. If there’s no water for 4 to 6 hours, you want a recent reduce or a shock of scorching water. 

A Cool Spot

A well-lit white room featuring expansive windows, bathing the space in natural light. A beautifully adorned white Christmas tree illuminated by warm yellow lights captures attention. Nestled beneath, a collection of wrapped Christmas presents awaits joyful moments.
Preserve Christmas bushes in a cool room away from warmth sources to extend their lifespan.

The final vital issue within the longevity of a tree is the temperature. Preserving it away from warmth sources will hold it hydrated for longer. Place in a cool room away from a hearth, heating vent, or radiator. 

Changing incandescent string lights with LED lights may even cut back the quantity of drying warmth publicity. LED lights initially emitted a cool, bluish mild relatively than the standard heat white of standard string lights. Nevertheless, these lights have come a great distance in recent times and look higher annually, now typically resembling their hotter counterparts.

Last Ideas

Making an attempt out numerous fads for including completely different substances to tree water might be tempting. However one of the best factor to do is hold it easy. Select an excellent stand that holds sufficient water. Give your tree a recent reduce earlier than putting it in your stand. And eventually, be sure that it will get an sufficient quantity of water to fulfill its day by day wants.

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