Why Do Babies Knock Down Blocks?


Kids, particularly toddlers, like to play with blocks, however for you a query would possibly come up: why do infants knock down blocks? It might probably generally be annoying for you or his/her siblings. However for them flattening blocks is a matter of enjoyable. In addition they study completely different abilities throughout this stage of their life. Whereas Enjoying with and flattening blocks, youngsters not solely study to destroy issues and create a multitude, however in addition they study some necessary and superb abilities of their lives. 

Advantages of Enjoying with Blocks:

Blocks are the essential toys to begin enjoying with for the youngsters they usually’re a supply of studying for the youngsters. They’re universally entertaining and could be a good way to make coordination between you and your little one. Enjoying with  constructing blocks is usually a supply of creativeness, creations, and destruction abilities in your youngsters. Your child would like to stack a tower as excessive as attainable after which watch what occurs when he knocks them down. 

By means of this exercise, youngsters develop tremendous motor abilities and study ideas like geometry, early math, problem-solving, and trigger and impact. This toy has been round for hundreds of years, and it is one thing your little one ought to have of their toy field.

Then Why do Infants Knock Down Blocks?

Infants knock down blocks for enjoyable and amusement. Infants of their rising age, particularly from 6 months to three years, like to play with toys and carry out different actions. There’s a pure urge in youngsters to knock down blocks or throw them off. Whereas they do it for enjoyable, they’re additionally studying completely different abilities unintentionally. Kids like to destroy issues and create a multitude throughout their early childhood. 

These abilities might be worthwhile for them sooner or later. Your youngsters will study completely different facets of science whereas enjoying with blocks and knocking them down. 

What do Infants Study When They Knock Down Blocks? 

Infants begin exploring the world round them whereas they first open their eyes within the lap of their moms. Through the first six months, this exploration is often unintentional and pure. However after the primary six months, their explorations turn out to be extra specified and intentional. 

Why do babies knock down blocks exactly | GIGI Bloks

Infants study completely different abilities once they knock down blocks whereas enjoying with them. They find out about bodily actions, languages, coordination, and pondering capability. These will assist them of their upcoming life. A few of the necessary data infants achieve by means of this block knocking exercise contains:

Trigger and Impact

One of the vital necessary issues youngsters study whereas enjoying and knocking

Why do babies knock down blocks cause and effect | GIGI Bloks

blocks is the  “Trigger and impact”. It’s the concept that a particular motion results in a particular response.

When a toddler knocks down a block he involves know the  “Trigger”of this knocking. He involves know concerning the drive he applies by means of his hand whereas knocking it down. Then he involves know concerning the  “Impact” which is attributable to the utilized drive. So he merely learns the bodily phenomenon present on this exercise. By means of this exercise, your little one learns scientific data.   


Why do babies knock down blocks gravity | GIGI Bloks

When infants knock down blocks whereas enjoying with them, they study the pure phenomenon present round them. i.e gravity. Gravity is the particular  drive of attraction of the earth on each object with which it attracts every little thing in the direction of its middle. Infants knock down blocks whereas enjoying with them and study the existence of gravity and its impact on each object. You may train your little one why the block drops downwards when he/she knocks it down or throws it away. So on this method, the youngsters find out about gravity and its impression on pure and bodily objects.


Advantageous Motor Expertise

Why do babies knock down blocks fine motor skills | GIGI Bloks

When youngsters play with blocks and like to knock them down, they study tremendous motor abilities. These abilities contain the  coordination of small muscle groups in actions. Infants study to synchronize their arms and fingers with their eyes once they play with blocks. A baby knocks down or holds a chunk of a block together with his fingers and throws it away for recreation whereas he learns the abilities to coordinate his arms together with his eyes. Advantageous motor abilities assist the youngsters to find out about how the human physique works in coordination with the mind. That is once more a precious supply of information. 

Working Collectively

Whereas enjoying with blocks infants can learn to work collectively or in coordination with one another. Working collectively or working in  coordination is necessary for society to work effectively. Both you or your little one’s siblings play along with your child or are concerned with him on this leisure exercise. Your little one helps you in constructing a block tower after which listens to your directions earlier than breaking or flattening the tower, he learns to work collectively.

Why do babies knock down blocks teamwork | GIGI Bloks

“We’re solely as sturdy as we’re united, as weak as we’re divided.”

-J.Ok. Rowling

Object Permanence

Why do babies knock down blocks permanence | GIGI Bloks

When youngsters play with and knock down blocks, in addition they study an incredible ability of object permanence. The kid can know that objects exist even when they’re now not seen or heard by the kid or when an object is hidden from sight. When a toddler performs with blocks at an early age, he develops the ability of object permanence. When he can not see the blocks he may even cry to get them again and play with them. This capability helps the youngsters in later life to acknowledge and keep in mind objects. 

Colours and patterns

Why do babies knock down blocks colors | GIGI Bloks

Whereas enjoying with and flattening blocks, infants additionally find out about completely different colours and patterns. They’ll differentiate between  colours and even separate and accumulate blocks of every coloration. In addition they study to separate blocks of  completely different shapes like square-shaped, cubic, or circular-shaped blocks. This differentiating capability for colours and patterns will make a optimistic impression on the training skills of your little one. This ability could be useful for the long run studying skills of the youngsters. 

Drawback-solving and making observations

Why do babies knock down blocks problem solving | GIGI Bloks

When a child learns to make block buildings and has to attempt time and again to suit the items, he learns to suit and repair issues by repeating the motion by means of completely different views. He additionally makes observations whereas knocking it all the way down to know the way the world round him works.

Academic and Enjoyable “Block Knocking” Actions for Infants 

Block knocking actions could be enjoyable and academic on the similar time. Your little one learns completely different abilities when he knocks down blocks whereas enjoying with them. This contains each  bodily in addition to psychological studying. Your little one learns the sizes, shapes, colours, and different properties of the blocks. Studying these numerous properties whereas enjoying with blocks will assist him in setting up numerous architectural constructions.

What Does This Do? How Does This Work?

Enjoying with blocks and exploration go collectively. When youngsters play with blocks and knock them down, a number of questions can come up of their minds. They study which objects and forces go collectively once they fill and dump. In addition they learn to clear up issues by means of trial and error whereas stacking the blocks in a tower. 

Knocking Down a Block Tower 

Why do babies knock down blocks tower | GIGI Bloks

Constructing a block tower could require abilities your child will study with age however knocking it down is as straightforward as he enjoys at any age particularly as a toddler. Your little one enjoys stacking a tower of blocks as excessive as attainable. He then notices what occurs when he knocks them down. That is one approach to develop tremendous motor abilities and study completely different ideas like early maths, geometry, trigger and impact, and problem-solving strategies. When a child knocks down blocks, it may be enjoyable and leisure for him. 

  • Directions for Block Knocking Exercise:
  • Making a block tower and knocking it down by your child have to be a leisure exercise for you and the kid. You may instruct your little one easy methods to construct a block tower. 

  • Find out how to make a block tower:
  • Place a single block on the ground or a low desk floor and stack extra blocks on high, one after the other. Depend the blocks whereas stacking them on the tower. Construct the block tower as excessive as it’s good in your little one and let him/her knock down the block tower together with his/her hand or ft.  

  • Expertise to show in the course of the knocking of the block tower:
  • After constructing the tower, ask your child to attend earlier than you say,“Prepared, get-set, go!” or another anticipatory phrase. Your little one will study to attend for and hear throughout actions.  

    Flattening a block tower helps your little one develop tremendous motor abilities, listening abilities, language abilities, early math abilities, sensory abilities, and social-emotional abilities. 

    Dropping Blocks

    Why do babies knock down blocks dropping | GIGI Bloks

    Dropping blocks is an act by which a toddler drops blocks stacked within the type of a tower. The kid knocks a tower down and watches what occurs within the course of. He then enjoys repeating it time and again. There may be one other case by which a toddler drops down blocks. He merely lifts a block and drops it down from a sure peak. A baby learns the drive behind this dropping down of blocks. This might be an important supply to find out about  gravity

    Throwing Blocks

    Why do babies knock down blocks throw | GIGI Bloks

    Throwing blocks is yet one more method infants like to play with blocks. A baby holds a block in his hand and likes to throw it away, removed from him. After masking a sure distance, the block finally drops all the way down to earth as a result of gravity. So, by means of this act, he can even find out about gravity. He desires to repeat this motion time and again. This can be a great way for a kid to study whether or not he’s right-handed or left-handed. A child loves each dropping down and throwing blocks throughout a play. 



    Perfecting the Pincer

    The  “pincer grasp” is a ability to select up very small objects utilizing the pointer finger and thumb. This exercise takes complete muscle coordination within the fingers. Infants at all times start choosing up smaller objects. The kid can even use this technique in his approach to ask questions or request objects. 


  • Repeating the identical motion:
  • A baby begins to study and repeat actions at an early age. When a toddler repeats his actions time and again, this will likely not at all times be satisfying for the mother and father, however infants of this age like to do it. Repeating the actions helps infants study and develop new abilities. Repeating an exercise additionally helps infants perceive the idea of trigger and impact. That is the concept that a particular motion at all times results in a particular response. This offers your child an opportunity to determine how a course of works. So, let your child repeat the enjoyable actions.  

    Finest Blocks for Infants to Knock Down 

    There are various kinds of blocks for infants to stack in a tower and knock them down. These could be:

    Remember that there are various different types of blocks to stack within the tower and knock them down whereas enjoying, and if you wish to discover the precise blocks for you, then try ourfinest constructing blocks for toddlers information.

    Huge Constructing Blocks 

    Why do babies knock down blocks big building blocks | GIGI Bloks

    These are probably the most broadly used  blocks for youths and toddlers. These blocks are available variable shapes and colours and could be piled up in a tower, constructing, bridge, or animal. Infants can construct completely different buildings and constructions utilizing these blocks after which knock them all the way down to study superb abilities and data. However out of all the  massive constructing block varieties, we advise the extremely  light-weight cardboard blocks from  GIGI Bloks, due to their unimaginable measurement and inter-locking skills, whereas nonetheless remaining ultra-safe for kids.

    Foam blocks

    Why do babies knock down blocks foam blocks | GIGI Bloks

    Foam blocks could be stacked in numerous shapes. They’re sturdy, non-toxic, and constructed from high-density foam. These blocks can be utilized whereas bathing and may stand up to the water. They’re straightforward to scrub and dry. 

    Wood blocks

    Why do babies knock down blocks wooden blocks | GIGI Bloks

    Wood blocks are yet one more kind of block generally used to pile up within the type of a tower, constructing, or bridge. These blocks are of varied shapes, sizes, and colours. In addition they promote persistence for constructing and rebuilding and selecting the most effective appropriate block in keeping with the necessity. 

    Some Bonus Block Play Actions 😉:

    Block performs could be of various varieties and a single set of constructing blocks can be utilized for various block performs. A few of the most used block-plays embrace: 

    • Tote and Carry: On this block play, blocks could be piled up or moved round. This block play teaches about weight and steadiness. Children rapidly study the idea of gravity by means of this block play.
    • Stack and Row:Throughout this play, the child makes use of blocks to tie in numerous constructions and patterns. These could be introductory math like fractions.
    • Bridging:In such a block play, the child learns to assemble his imaginative constructions by placing blocks on the bottom and forming a bridge by placing different blocks on high. It teaches steadiness and introduces symmetry and group.  

    Selecting the Proper Blocks:

    Alternative of the most effective blocks modifications with age and because the little one learns to play with them. Open-ended blocks are the most effective to begin with, that are adopted by people who are available a set to make a construction. Massive foam blocks with completely different shapes, colours, and sizes are the most secure for younger toddlers. Older toddlers take pleasure in a set of huge constructing blocks. With the rising age, the extra advanced blocks could be good for the rising little one. 

    Block Storage

    Why do babies knock down blocks storage | GIGI Bloks

    Blocks could be saved in a big container, a plastic bag or could be stacked neatly on a shelf. Completely different formed blocks could be piled up by stacking them right into a construction in keeping with paper pointers. 


    Few ideas for the mother and father: 

    1. Discourage your youngsters from throwing blocks away as it will possibly stop them from creating a multitude in later life. 
    2. Be certain your child doesn’t climb onto an unstable block construction or bridge.  
    3. By no means discourage your little one from flattening block towers or throwing them away, because it’s part of their studying course of. 
    4. Give your little one extra alternatives to play with blocks, make connections, study extra, and discover the world round him. 



    Enjoying with blocks and knocking them down is an incredible leisure exercise for youths to study with enjoyable. It may be a useful technique for you as effectively to make a robust connection along with your child. Assist him study abilities at an early age with enjoyable. 

    And keep in mind:

    Dream massive!

    Construct Huge!

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