Why does your dog whine?

All canine mother and father in all probability hear their canine whine every now and then, however some hear it extra usually than others. 

On this publish, we are going to share some useful ideas from the ASPCA, with useful insights on why your canine whines, and tips on how to handle extreme whining.  

Why do canine whine? 

Appeasement Behaviour

Some canine whine excessively when interacting with individuals and different canine, often whereas adopting a submissive posture (e.g., tail tucked, physique lowered, head down, gaze averted). 

Greeting Behaviour

Some canine whine throughout greetings. This type of vocalization is often motivated by pleasure and could also be directed at canine or individuals. 

Searching for Consideration

Some canine whine within the presence of their caregivers in an effort to get consideration, rewards or desired objects. 


Some canine whine in response to annoying conditions. On this context, whining generally appears involuntary. 

Different Issues That May Trigger Whining 

Separation Anxiousness

In case your canine solely whines simply earlier than you permit or throughout your absence, they might have separation anxiousness. If that is so, your canine will often show at the least one different symptom of the dysfunction previous to your departure or when left alone, corresponding to pacing, panting, extreme drooling, destruction (particularly round doorways and home windows), urinating or defecating indoors, melancholy or different indicators of misery. 

Learn the Sfr-Recent’s weblog on How you can assist a pet with separation anxiousness. 

Damage or Medical Situation

Canines usually whine in response to ache or a painful situation. In case you discover that your canine vocalizes steadily or has all of the sudden began to vocalize, it’s essential to take them to the veterinarian to rule out medical causes. 

Learn the FULL ARTICLE to be taught what to do about extreme whining and tips on how to educate hand concentrating on. 


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