Why is my Christmas Cactus Dropping Leaves?

The Christmas cactus is an excellent houseplant. Its foliage stays enticing year-round, however the plant shines in winter when it bursts with colourful flowers. This succulent has gained a status for being simple to look after. Nonetheless, this makes it much more regarding when one thing goes fallacious together with your cactus. 

Leaf loss might be distressing! The easiest way to keep away from it’s to know the perfect rising situations so you’ll be able to present for the plant’s wants.

When you’ve got leaves falling out of your cactus or need to forestall it from occurring, learn on! The causes your Christmas cactus is dropping leaves are widespread and sometimes simple to treatment. 

The Quick Reply

There are various causes leaf drop might happen. Typically, it means that you’ve both uncared for or (extra seemingly) over-loved your cactus. Both manner, there are steps you’ll be able to take to proper your wrongs.

The Lengthy Reply

In case your plant has begun dropping leaves, let’s take into account what may very well be inflicting this to occur and what you are able to do to stop or repair it. 

Poor Soil

Christmas cacti require well-draining soil like succulent potting combine to stop root rot.

Essentially the most essential consider your success is the soil. Christmas cacti are succulents that want well-draining soil, comparable to a succulent potting combine

You’ll be able to succeed with common potting soil, however provided that you follow excellent watering. In any other case, this soil can compact the roots and result in root rot. Rotting roots can not assist the wholesome progress of foliage or flowers and can consequence within the dropping of leaves. 


Repotting Christmas cacti shouldn’t be taken frivolously. These vegetation like to be confined. Nonetheless, it could be essential to take away the cactus from the pot it’s rising in and refresh the soil.  Make sure to choose a succulent soil. These usually embody perlite and peat moss combined with a primary potting soil and generally embody sand to enhance drainage additional. 

Improper Watering

Close-up of a woman spraying a blooming cactus on a light windowsill. The woman is wearing blue jeans and a white blouse with black patterns. This plant has long, cascading, flattened, segmented stems of green color. These segments resemble leaves and have scalloped edges. Bright pink tubular flowers bloom at the tips of the stems.
Leaf loss in Christmas cacti may result from improper watering.

Leaf loss with Christmas cacti seemingly signifies overwatering or underwatering. Improper watering mixed with poor soil situations could be a recipe for catastrophe in a houseplant. 

Journaling your watering and even utilizing a plant care app in your cellphone is a good way to find out if you’re watering too little or an excessive amount of. 

Indicators that your leaves are dropping because of overwatering embody: Indicators that your leaves are dropping because of underwatering embody:
Weak or limp foliage
Rotting roots
Saturated soil
Wilted leaves
Dry roots
Dry soil


Modify to watering as soon as per week to right any watering errors you could have been making. When you’ve got been overwatering, permit the soil to dry out earlier than you start watering once more. 

When you’ve got found that your cactus is affected by root rot, take away the plant from the soil and trim away any rotting roots. Replant your cactus in recent succulent soil and start a correct watering routine. 

Whereas planting it, make certain that the container will probably be residing in has a drainage gap. This may help with plenty of drainage points. 

Too Heat Temperatures

Close-up of a cactus flower against a blurred background of green segmented stems. These stems are succulent, thick, glossy green, and have scalloped edges. The flower is large, double, tubular in shape with star-shaped petals of bright pink color.
Present cooler winter temperatures for Christmas cacti, avoiding sudden strikes to stop leaf and bud drop.

Present cooler temperatures in the course of the winter months. Whereas these succulents are very tolerant of the heat in the summertime, in addition they want the cool climate they might expertise in nature throughout fall and winter. 

It’s also vital to not shock your vegetation by shifting them too all of the sudden. This alone may cause leaf drop in addition to flower bud drop.

Typically, don’t let your plant stay in temperatures above 90 levels or beneath 50 levels. 


Present cooler temperatures in the course of the fall and winter months by shifting the cactus right into a cooler room of your private home or maybe close to a drafty window. 

Improper Gentle 

Close-up of a blooming holiday cactus on a bright windowsill illuminated by sunlight. The plant produces vibrant, tubular flowers, displaying shades of pink.
Present Christmas cacti with shiny however oblique mild, avoiding direct daylight and shade.

As a result of Christmas cacti are succulents, it’s a widespread false impression that these vegetation have to be in full, shiny, and direct mild. Such a mild, particularly in scorching summer time, can harm your plant.

After all, there may be the problem of not sufficient mild as properly. An excessive amount of shade, and also you’ll seemingly discover weak and shedding leaves. 

Christmas cacti thrive in shiny but oblique mild. It might take some trial and error to seek out the right spot. If you’re rising your plant indoors, place it in a shiny room however away from the window. 


Transfer your plant! That is the best answer on the market. Christmas cacti want shiny but oblique mild all through a lot of the 12 months. As soon as the autumn rolls round, nonetheless, it wants about 12 midnights. It will assist with flower manufacturing in addition to wholesome foliar progress. 

Last Ideas

It may be disappointing when a beloved plant begins dropping leaves. Strive to not be too alarmed. Christmas cacti are powerful vegetation that can rebound when you give them an opportunity. The above causes for dropping leaves are simple sufficient to treatment or forestall! Pay shut consideration to how you take care of your plant and the place it’s rising. Upon getting all that info, you’ll be able to simply discover out what may very well be inflicting your Christmas cactus to drop its leaves. 

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