Why Isn’t My Christmas Cactus Flowering?

Christmas cacti are stunning flowering houseplants. These colourful blossoms sometimes seem round Christmas, often by the top of December. So what does it imply if yours doesn’t bloom?

One of many important causes Christmas cacti are so beloved is as a result of they fill our houses with flowers when not a lot else is blooming. The flowers are sometimes white or magenta and can bloom for a couple of days at a time. 

When you’re apprehensive your plant gained’t flower this season or are already coping with a non-blooming plant, let’s have a look at the most typical causes it seems to be taking a break.

The Brief Reply

It may be such a letdown when you’ve gotten waited all yr in your Christmas cactus to bloom, and the colourful flowers by no means seem. The excellent news is that most of the causes your plant isn’t flowering should do with its rising circumstances. Sometimes, these circumstances might be altered to get your plant again to blooming subsequent yr!

The Lengthy Reply

These are low-maintenance vegetation, however incorrect rising circumstances can result in points. Mild, water, and some different circumstances could trigger your plant to skip a blooming interval.

Let’s take a deeper have a look at why your plant will not be flowering and what you are able to do about it! 

What vacation cactus do you’ve gotten?

An absence of December blooms could point out a distinct vacation cactus kind.

In case your plant will not be blooming, there’s a likelihood that you’ve got a distinct kind of vacation cactus. Yep, you learn that appropriately. There may be multiple kind of vacation cactus, and so they all bloom at totally different instances. 

Let’s check out the several types of vacation cactus:

  • Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera russelliana) will bloom towards the top of December with both white or magenta flowers. The leaves are rounded and flattened with notched edges. 
  • Thanksgiving Cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) blooms in a broader vary of colours on the finish of November. Thanksgiving cactus flowers might be orange, pink, purple, pink, or white. Their leaves are flattened however have claw-like projections on the ends of their leaves. 
  • Easter Cactus (Rhipsalidopsis gaetneri) will bloom anytime from March by Could in related shades to Thanksgiving cacti: peach, pink, purple, pink, and white. These flowers are extra star-shaped, with pointier petals than the opposite vacation cacti. The leaves of the Easter cactus have clean edges with fewer ridges than the opposite vacation cacti. 


Close-up of a blooming holiday cactus in a large blue pot indoors. The plant has segmented, flat, and cascading stems of gray-green color. These stems have leaf-like segments that are grey-green in color with scalloped edges. The flower is large, double, tubular, star-shaped, with pointed petals.
Repot sparingly for optimum blooming, ideally in spring after flowering.

Don’t repot too often. When repotting is required, timing is essential. This plant prefers rising in tight areas, which promotes flowering. 

Pointless transplanting can hinder blooming and foliar development. When crucial, repotting ought to be completed after blooming has ended and the flowers have dropped. Spring is an effective and protected season to repot as a result of your plant will shift right into a dormant interval.  


Earlier than repotting, search for indicators that it’s wanted: 

  • Roots are making their approach out of its pots drainage holes.
  • Brown, mushy roots, indicating root rot. You’ll have to repot with new soil. It is a life-saving transfer. 
  • Indicators of mould or pests within the soil. 
  • Stunted foliar development. 


Watering from a blue watering can on a light windowsill among other potted plants. The plant produces long, segmented, cascading stems that have a drooping appearance. The stems consist of flattened, succulent leaves with scalloped edges.
Keep away from overwatering, treating it as a succulent with a choice for drought-like circumstances.

Overwatering is a standard mistake made by houseplant mother and father. Whereas referred to as a cactus, this vacation plant is a succulent, and it is very important deal with it as such. It can take water up by its roots and humidity within the air by its leaves. 

Christmas cacti reply effectively to drought-like circumstances. These vegetation thrive in these circumstances on the subject of forming buds and flowering. 

Relying on how a lot daylight your plant will get, you have to water each one to 2 weeks. Permit the soil to dry out about midway earlier than watering once more. 


Give watering a break. Permit the soil to dry out a bit earlier than watering once more. If in case you have been religiously watering, this break can typically set off blooming.

Don’t let the soil fully dry out. This may put the plant right into a little bit of shock. Test the soil recurrently, and when it seems to be much less water-logged, you may water it once more in a smaller dose. 

Overwatering can result in root rot. To test root well being, gently take away the plant from its pot and search for darkish or mushy roots. When you discover them, trim them again to wholesome development and repot your plant in contemporary soil. 

Too Heat

Close-up of a holiday cactus with tiny flower buds in a small brown pot indoors. It is a succulent plant with succulent, fleshy, segmented stems that droop downward. These stems have leaf-like segments of green color, with distinctive scalloped edges. There are tiny flower buds at the tips of the stems.
To induce blooming, expose your plant to periodic cooler temperatures or drafts.

Whereas Christmas cacti love heat, they should expertise a temperature drop to supply flowers. With out publicity to cooler climate, corresponding to a chilly draft from a window, your vegetation won’t bloom.

In nature, Christmas cacti develop into uncovered to shorter days and cooler temperatures, which set off their dormant interval. This era can last as long as a month however will lead to a lush blooming interval. 

To stop this from occurring, think about shifting your plant to a brand new location in your house. It is a nice alternative to make the most of that draft window or entryway the place the door will open extra often, letting in chilly air. These vegetation don’t should be chilly. They only want publicity to decrease temperatures. 


Sadly, this subject can’t be resolved in the identical rising season. However the excellent news is there’s at all times subsequent yr! Rethink your plant’s location. Is it close to a heater or within the kitchen? These areas generally is a bit hotter. Hunt down drafty or naturally cooler areas of your private home to develop this succulent. 

Too A lot Mild 

Close-up of a blooming cactus on a windowsill with dappled sunlight. The plant produces long, flattened, segmented stems with distinctive scalloped edges. These stems are gray-green in color. The plant displays vibrant, pendulous flowers of bright pink color.
Present Christmas cacti with 12 midnights on daily basis in a dim, unused room.

Like receiving an excessive amount of heat, Christmas cacti can even obtain an excessive amount of mild. Starting within the fall, these succulents want about 12 midnights per day. 

Along with needing the darkness, Christmas cacti don’t reply effectively to synthetic mild corresponding to overhead lights and lamps. This may make it particularly tough to seek out darkness in your plant. To attain this, I counsel discovering the least used room in your house and permitting your cactus to get comfy in there for the following few weeks.


Transfer your plant into the darkish beginning in October to arrange for the upcoming blooming interval. Sadly, whether it is Christmastime and there are nonetheless no blooms, placing it at midnight now gained’t produce flowers this yr. Name this season a loss, and be prepared to maneuver your pots within the fall. 

Ultimate Ideas

Be affected person together with your vegetation, and take note of your take care of them. In case your plant seems in any other case wholesome, chances are high it’ll bloom ultimately. The above ideas are a tenet to provide help to assess your plant’s well being and inform you of some issues you would do in another way. 

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