Wordle Tips: More People Should Try This Winning Starter Word

I’ve written quite a bit about Wordle, the New York Instances’ hit on-line phrase puzzle — from finest starter phrases to a useful two-step technique to controversial phrase adjustments. I’ve even written a roundup of what I’ve realized from enjoying for a full yr. However I have never written a lot about Wordle lately, as a result of I am not making lots of adjustments to my technique. You see, I’ve discovered a favourite Wordle starter phrase and I simply cannot give it up.

Wordle starter-word methodology may be very private. One individual advised me they simply go searching no matter room they’re in and select a five-letter object to make use of as their starter phrase — good day, COUCH or CHAIR. Early on, I adopted many Wordle gamers and selected ADIEU, as a result of it advised me the place 4 vowels is perhaps. 


The New York Instances, which purchased the sport from creator Josh Wardle for seven figures in 2022, examined consumer knowledge from the summer season of 2022 and located that ADIEU was one of many prime 5 guesses, utilized by a mean of 5% of customers every day — thousands and thousands of gamers. However I made a decision it was the consonants I actually wanted to slim down early. The vowels deal with themselves, principally.


Microsoft co-founder Invoice Gates loves Wordle, too, and says he and a bunch of associates share their every day scores to see who comes out on prime. In a video, Gates exhibits his technique of play and talks via it, and he begins with AUDIO — similar to ADIEU, simply subbing within the O for the E. Gates could also be a billionaire, however E exhibits up extra in English phrases than O does. So actually, he ought to select ADIEU over AUDIO if it is vowels he desires to seek out.


However then I began digging into the science of letter frequency. There is a splendidly geeky clarification on Reddit about why ROATE is the perfect phrase based mostly on letter reputation (however it can by no means provide you with a win-in-one, as a result of it is not on the listing of 2315 authentic Wordle phrases — a listing which has since been barely edited by the Instances). Many individuals know Wheel of Fortune gamers like to decide on some mixture of the letters RSTLNE attributable to their excessive frequency. These are high quality methods, however they simply did not click on with me.


This all led to my favourite Wordle starter phrase, TRAIN. It makes use of three of these Wheel of Fortune letters, plus two well-liked vowels, it is certainly on the Wordle 2315-word listing, and it is easy to recollect. It additionally places some letters in prime spots. T is a standard first letter (perhaps THE commonest first letter), and R is sweet within the second spot as a result of many phrases start with BR, TR, CR, DR, and the like. N is a reasonably acceptable end-word letter, too.

I might argue that there is no objectively finest starter phrase, and that makes it extra enjoyable. ROATE and ORATE might need some tremendous well-liked letters, however I’ve discovered that TRAIN typically nabs me two or three letters, normally with not less than one within the correct spot. TRAIN can be a satisfying phrase to recollect and sort, and the outcomes are fairly stable, time after time. (A buddy prefers TRAIL, and that is high quality for her, however N exhibits up extra continuously than L.)

One more reason I like TRAIN? In line with a number of lists, T is essentially the most used first letter in English phrases. So there is a better-than-most likelihood that not solely will the phrase have a T, but it surely’ll flip up inexperienced, which means T is the primary letter of the phrase. The sooner I do know the answer is first letter, the higher.


I am nonetheless not completely proud of my customary second phrase, which is CLOSE. It definitely pulls in 5 extra well-liked letters, with none repetition. However I do not find it irresistible. Many occasions, it provides me no appropriate letters, which does nothing besides eradicate 5 letter selections. That is useful, however type of discouraging. Possibly I want a greater second phrase, one which makes use of E, O and S, however hits extra typically. The jury continues to be out.

Winging it

However since I found TRAIN, I’ve determined my second phrase is way much less essential than easy second-guess technique. 

As soon as TRAIN has nailed me some letters, my gameplay technique instantly shifts. If any letters are inexperienced, which means they’re in the appropriate spot already, hey, that is an enormous assist. However it’s the yellow letters, which means they’re within the phrases in a special spot, that basically assist with that second-word alternative. I mentally play with these yellow letters, searching out spots the place they appear to belong. 

So long as TRAIN gave me a few choices, I am normally capable of advance my recreation by juggling these letters on my second guess, typically scoring a win on guess No. 3.

Two classes to recollect

Should you’re in that spot — have a couple of yellow letters in want of appropriate placement, however can not seem to discover a phrase utilizing them — listed below are two ideas. 

Vowels can begin a phrase

First, do not forget that many phrases do begin with vowels, and Wordle appears to decide on these continuously.

Inexperienced letters can repeat

Additionally, observe that letters could seem twice. So even when a phrase has a inexperienced T (or no matter) in a selected spot, do not cease desirous about that letter. There might be one other T (even two extra). Greater than as soon as in my early enjoying days, I’ve made the error of ignoring a inexperienced letter, figuring I already nailed that one, and forgetting it is perhaps within the phrase once more.

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